Learn About Vegetables with the Baby Shapes | Noodle Kidz

Learn About Vegetables with the Baby Shapes | Noodle Kidz

Learn about vegetables What is this place, and why are we here? This is a vegetable farm, and we are here on a school trip to learn about vegetables Wow, after our trip to learn about planets now we get to learn about vegetables? AWESOME!!! well, let’s go in then Bell Pepper Bell Pepper Hi, I’m a bell pepper, I grow up on a plant Bell pepper have different colors, such as yellow, red and green we are rich in Vitamin C, and we taste differently from green to red try us, OK? Broccoli Broccoli I am Broccoli, I look like a tree, but I’m very yummy I have high amount of fiber, vitamin C and vitamin K Eating broccoli helps you lose weight, improve digestion and boost immunity eating broccoli helps you heal your wounds and makes your bones stronger too Cabbage cabbage I am cabbage, I grow on a plant you can find me on salads most of the time eating cabbage is very good for your heart and prevent cancer I lower blood pressure and keep your heart healthy I’m also good for your concentration so you’d do well at school Carrot carrot I am a carrot, I grow underground most carrots are orange in color I am very rich in taste I am sweet and a bit bitter at the same time I am rich in Vitamin A so eating me will make your eyes better and you can see better I’m also good at fighting leukemia Corn corn These are corn stalks I am corn, I taste very sweet because I have a lot of sugar eating corn helps you keep healthy skin lower blood sugar and cholesterol level I am very yummy, but don’t eat too much eating too much corn could cause bloating and cramping so, eat corn in moderation, OK? Cucumber Cucumber I am a cucumber I grow on vines I have lots of water and fiber I promote hydration, so if you feel thirsty all the time you should eat cucumbers cucumbers are refreshing and nutritious some people also use cucumbers to soothe irritation and swelling especially swollen eyes Lettuce Lettuce I am lettuce, I am a leaf vegetable I provide calcium, potassium, vitamin C and folate I am used mostly in salads, soups, sandwiches and wraps if you have trouble sleeping, eating lettuce may help to induce sleep don’t skip your lettuce when you eat your sandwich, OK? Mushroom Mushroom I am a mushroom, I grow on soil some mushrooms are rich in Vitamin D some mushrooms are good to boost immunity and help you live a longer and healthier life BUT, be careful if you see mushrooms out in the wild or on your yard DON’T EAT IT!!! some mushrooms are toxic and can poison you instead Onion Onion I am an Onion, I grow underground I am rich in taste; I can be used to heal infection and prevent cancer eating onions can help you sleep too if you have trouble sleeping Potato Potato I am a potato, I grow underground I have high amount of carbohydrate, vitamins and fiber people usually eat me as potato chips, french fries or mashed potatoes I am very yummy, but don’t eat too much you could overeat, because people usually are hungry again after eating potatoes Radish Radish I am a radish, I am a root vegetable which means I grow underground too I am high in nutrients I am packed with Vitamin E, A, C, B6 and K Radishes are being used for both food and medicine I am crispy, zeisty, and a little bit spicy Tomato Tomato I am a Tomato, I grow on tomato plants my color is red I am a great source for vitamin C, Potassium and Vitamin K I taste sweet, that’s why people add me in sandwiches and soups people also make me into tomato sauce that adds yummy flavor to your spaghetti and meatballs you like tomatoes, right? that was fun, did we learn enough about vegetables? yes, it is time to go home now thank you for watching and learning with Noodle Kidz

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