KRAKEN Burger Challenge REMATCH in BRISTOL!!

KRAKEN Burger Challenge REMATCH in BRISTOL!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of! Very very excited tonight I’ve been looking forward to this one for a long long time I am back in Bristol, England on at The Hobgoblin a lot of you guys watch me lose it the first time the Kraken challenge here at The Hobgoblin it’s basically I calls it a Kraken burger challenge long time but really it’s the the dirty fries here that is a challenge, but we’ve got a triple stack bugger with three burger patties each or about 200 grams along with some stringy bacon and then hash brown we’ve got seven double wings here with their hot sauce we’ve also got some coleslaw we’ve got the darned chipotle mayo I think sauce that i hadn’t finished they gave me some troubles last time but really all this right here is like three pounds of their dirty fries and with about there’s a 45 minute time limit and during my last attempt so I ended up getting sick with just a few bites left of this but I’ve got a little bit of a different strategy today like I said I’ve got 45 minutes to finish if I do win I will get the meal free and I’ll be only the second person up on the wall of fame so let’s get this challenge started! All right now this is special today this challenge is actually discontinued a few months ago because not many people have been trying to be so frickin massive and they switch to a hot wing challenge but luckily because I lost last time I wanted to get a rematch they let me have that rematch and as the sign says here table reserved for the last ever “Kraken Challenge” so got to do this for mankind we got to go out with a bang and have man win on the last time as I said my friend Rich Woodland he finished the challenge in 28 minutes and 56 seconds a couple years ago going to try to beat that record but most importantly just got to get the win. 1, 2, 3. . . Boom! All right wing’s first attempt all right I’m gonna get some this damn mayo stuff down. Last part of the burger! Last bite of burger! 16 minutes in exactly so we’ve got 29 minutes left let’s get all these damn fries in there too C’mon Randy! dedicate this last bite to the a-hole the raised his hands and celebration last time! We’ll say that I let my buddy rich keep his record since it’s the last time this challenge will ever have been defeated, but 36 minutes and 56 seconds so well ahead of the 45 minute time limit don’t know what it was last time I wasn’t, I don’t know what it was, but excellent challenge today I loved the burgers even I don’t know why but the blue cheese was a little bit better this time but that mayo was good and everything was awesome but very very excited that on the last challenge of man versus the Kraken, man was able to dominate! I’m the second person to get the meal free, I’ll be the second person up on the wall of fame and is there a t-shirt with it so I’ll get to add that to my sweet t-shirt collection but most importantly thank you guys all for today thank you to The Hobgoblins here in Bristol, England and then thank you guys for watching! Overall win number 412

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  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching and thanks to The Hobgoblin for letting me rematch the challenge!! On Friday we will post video #3 of 3 from my trip to Oklahoma City earlier this year. We appreciate everyone supporting our channel!!

  2. Loud and Proud Win, Randy!!!! I was thinking the same thing about that jerk👹 who was celebrating last time. Where is HE now?!? Notice, he probably never tried the challenge.😒😶

  3. One thing I really like about you is that u dont waste anything, u eat everything even the smallest thing which is left! Good Job !

  4. Congrats!!!  Loved how you dedicated it to the Arse that raised his arms last time.  lmfao, you know he is sitting home right now being a miserable POS, scratching his fat arse, wishing he did something, ANYTHING with his miserable life. lol  Awesome Job !!!

  5. Im glad you dedicated your win to that asshole who celebrated your previous defeat he really pissed me off too, great to see you get the win Randy l love watching your videos mate keep up the great work 🙂

  6. What country has your most amount of losses? Because I seem to get the impression that the UK is one of the places with the toughest challenges.

  7. That mayo looked DISGUISTING! I'm glad you were given a second chance and was able to win. Yay Randy!

  8. I watch you while eating lunch and I feel so full after eating, even though I ate only a few hundred calories. You are a beast bro.

  9. Didn't you eat the mayonnaise by itself last time? Just a huge spoonful. Maybe that messed you up. I hate mayonnaise lol.

  10. I love randy shouted out the A’hole who raised his hands from the previous challenge, what a cucked hipster douchebag that dude was. Randy you are awesome. Your attitude and your kind nature is awesome to watch. Another victory for the food challenge ninja. We salute you

  11. Wrong randy not the win first it's the record you have beat first then you go for the win come on buddy I have been watching you 4 a long time you used 2 be the record breaking machine & you still are for I have alot a trust on you get the record not the win

  12. Yessss!!! I watched this after watching the first kraken challenge and the guy raising his fist in celebration made me angry. Fun to see to whom randy dedicated his last bite 😆

  13. I got to watch these 2 episodes back to back. I call it Santel's REVENGE. Only better sequal is Avengers End Game.

  14. My neighbor and I were joking about how we love to grill and could make a challenge….then we watched you destroy 9lbs of bbq. Man I wanna send my kids to college 😂

  15. Yeah boi!! You mad Randy! I dunno why but I was at the edge of the seat with this one, feel the action like any sport and you did it. Made my meal look like a smurf's dinner too! Hahaha…

  16. What is with the DAMN kids all the time with the challenges? They should be at home watching Sponge Bob!!! 😩

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