Korean girls tried Ramly Burger for the first time! l Blimey in KL2

Korean girls tried Ramly Burger for the first time!  l  Blimey in KL2

100 thoughts on “Korean girls tried Ramly Burger for the first time! l Blimey in KL2

  1. Please if want to recomend something let them know.. Place, name, time and so on …
    lot of great food here at night especially Burgey " it definitely better then McD "

  2. if you had ramyeon whenever feel hungry at the late night… similar with us… just buy burger as much till full satisfying.
    sorry for my broken english… anyway, keep it up..

  3. hmm..makes me wonder if they r actually living and working in malaysia..or often visit malaysia when they r on leave..

  4. i agree that ramly burger at street more tasty than mc donald…just my opinion…maybe bcoz im malaysian…lidah melayu..haha

  5. My favourite Ramly burger will Brother John (food truck) at Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya.. http://www.vkeong.com/eat/brother-john-burger-damansara-uptown/

  6. Malaysians buy Ramly’s burger at night. If we dont wanna take heavy meal during dinner time, street burgers like that really hit the spot!

  7. You should try Brader John burger. One of the best street burger in Klang Valley. It is so famous you can search it on google maps.

  8. Watched this again cause it came up on my recommendation! Thinking about the places that I know, I really wanna bring u guys on a street burger tour!

  9. double special (double beef plus egg) is only MYR 5 in Johor Bahru. Best time to have it during supper time or you are watching soccer!!!

  10. Ramly burger stalls are usually open at night. Lols. Kinda rare to find them during the day. Try 6pm onwards, there would be alot of those Ramly burger street stalls.

  11. When you write 'lembu' it means COW..it is yet to be dead..lol.. It should be daging…For Malaysian..we call beef meat as DAGING…even though direct translation daging means 'meat'. But we still call beef as DAGING. But for others we still call them 'daging' too like for example .. Daging ayam for chicken meat..daging ikan (fish ikan) ..daging kambing (goat meat) …etc..

  12. They cook like a master
    When chef see me :
    Chef : meh no need show my skill
    When chef see blimey :
    Chef : omg they're coming I will show my skill!!

  13. You can eat the burger, anytime u want. Its can be for ur breakfast or lunch or dinner or snack. Ahahaha. No specific time. As long as ur tummy is happy 😂

  14. Fot those who are wondering the song at beginning was by Bert Lown`s orch- please don't talk about me when im gone 😊

  15. those who havent heard of malaysia or been to malaysia!you are welcome to enjoy our uniqueness! and thanks blimey for showing another beauty of my country..

  16. at my place its near Taman Permata, Kuala Lumpur, Ramly burger with caramelized onion …so good and tastier.. i love double Benjo with cheese..

  17. You can have the real RAMLY burger at their on restaurant, they have variaties of food. For me, oblong is the bestttt. You can find it at RNR bukit merah perak , shah alam ( idk the exact location) and RNR pagoh.. Happy food hunting guys!

  18. Ada sape2 perasan x.. burger lebih sedap di mkn waktu mlm…hahaha… perut aku dh lapar tgok dia org mkn burger..😋😋

  19. Should try oblong, you can choose either chicken, beef or lamb. Also can try roti john if you go to pasar malam

  20. If you girls make a trip to Kuching Sarawak i reccomended Burger Cheezy Lejend Abg JJ.The best burger in town besides Fish Fillet from its local fast food chain Sugar Bun.

  21. You can actually find ramly burger anywhere you go..because all burger stalls are using burger ramly brand…from patties to buns..

  22. Ramly burger for rm8 is pretty expensive. You can get rm3.50 somewhere else if youre lucky. But the usual price would rm4-5 if it has all the ingredient

  23. For me Ramly burger more delicious than a Mc'd burger…otherwise Ramly burger more cheap,1 more think Roti John Cheese also so delicious

  24. I hope you can come to kelantan too,,there's many food like nasi kerabu,,nasi lemak,,nasi dagang and other kuih traditional,,I'm your fan blimey,,fighting

  25. You're making me hurgry for Ramly Burger!! Anyway thank you for complementing Malaysian's burger..I''ve started to watch your videos..you guys are cute😘

  26. Rm8 for a special + cheese are quite expenseive thoo …you can get it just for rm5 or rm4 is you choose the right stall

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