Kizuki Japanese Ramen Noodles Challenge DOUBLED!!

Kizuki Japanese Ramen Noodles Challenge DOUBLED!!

100 thoughts on “Kizuki Japanese Ramen Noodles Challenge DOUBLED!!

  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching!! This normally doesn't happen that often, trying a second challenge meal because of a "dare," but it was the day after a big loss and I love ramen, so this was a fun and free way to redeem myself. Thanks to everyone at Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya for the wonderful hospitality and to everyone who came to watch and meet Magic Mitch and I that day!!

  2. Hey Randy….can you do a little add on to a future video and show all the "Sweet T-shirts" you have won ?? Also… how many food challenges have you done in total?

  3. hi randy i enjoy your videos ! sorry to say this but i think all this eating is starting to catch up with you ! your starting to get a bit thick ! [i am a food lover to and past a bit thick] so please keep track of your health as we want you to stick around to post more ! all the best !

  4. One, but did it twice. He plugged it i and 1 …2 …3 BOOM! He broke the light.
    If they don’t give him a free T-shirt he takes one off the nearest customer. Randy is known to piss in Molly Schuyler’s purse. She deserves it…his words not mine

    Just read what I wrote. It makes no sense. Rather than delete it, I’ll keep it up to make sure people know I’m 100% certified usda retarded

  5. Yo randy I must be missing something. Which challenge did you lose cuz you won the last videos challenge or did you just not upload it? Love the videos man. Great attitude and like most people say, you are a clean eater and literally eat every bit. Your videos keep us all watching and pulling for you. Keep it up bubba.

  6. I'm the manager of a Jersey Mikes in OKC, would love you to come down and try our 3 Italian challenge. 3 Giant Italians, dressed Mike's way, with choice of Chips and a Cookie. 30 minute time limit

  7. I think if Randy had started with his usual utensils, he could have given The Garbage Disposal a run for his money at 3 minutes!

  8. I would not eat ramen again for months if I finish one of those. Lol you're awesome!! I wish I could have came and cheer when you came to AK.

  9. Randy…when are you coming to Ethiopia for our 8 pounds shoe fly-bye challenge? We have many food challenges over here.

  10. HECK YEAH RANDY!!!!  That was awesome!!!  742 wins and a double win today!!!!!  Great stuff!  Glad you're enjoying Indiana!  We love having you here in our state!  You da man!!

  11. That looks so good I wish I could travel to get decent ramen here in the uk it just isn’t anything like that hope u enjoyed x

  12. How is it possible to want a autograph from a dude who is just eating lots of food? Just blow my mind lol, but gg 4 u, it seems to pleased a lot of people 👍

  13. That is not a Ramen challenge, you need to go to Japan for the legitimate ramen challenge. From what I see that is a tiny bowl compared to the challenges I've seen in Japan. What a joke.

  14. Monster Ramen challenge Akihabara…Google it. Amazing challenge. Amazing food. My question is where are those noodles from in this challenge?

  15. I think my brother can finish that too lol
    Lmaoo awesome of u to do 2 bowls! And why r u eatting on ur knees? 😂😂 love how u switched to a huge fork too hahahaha

  16. The 1st challenge I seen you do was a pho challenge. Congrats the W. You smashed this one! 💪🏾💪🏾. I was typing this as I thought the video was over. 😮Omg you smashed both bowls. Congrats again on both W. 💪🏾💪🏾 Brandon will for sure be back to do three or four. 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Love watching all of you guys.

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