Kids Share Their Favorite Snacks with Their Grandparents | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

Kids Share Their Favorite Snacks with Their Grandparents | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– Ah. – Woo. (crew giggling) You sweatin’? – Can we get ice cream
after this? (inhales) – No, be a man. (crew laughing) (coughing) C’mon, nah, nah, nah, no. (crew laughing) I’m not drinkin’ water. (whimsical instrumental music) – This is my grandfather. – This is my grandma, but I call her Nene. – We are doing. What was that for? – I’m, will tell. (crew laughing) – No, I can tell them. – No, I don’t wanna do it now. – No, you can do it.
– No you go ahead. – I’m gonna show you one
of my favorite snacks. – Oh boy. – Yes, because he doesn’t
seem to love anything. – So close your eyes. (package crinkles) (package scraping) (utensils clang) (container scraping)
– [Ernie] I hear it. (bowls thud) – Open your eyes. – Oh my gosh, I am so glad
that’s your favorite snack. (crew laughing) ‘Cause I like that a lot myself. – It’s not trail mix, it’s merry mix. – Merry mix, exactly. I love it. – Open your eyes. – I shoulda known. – Top Ramen.
(package crinkles) (package thuds) – What?
– Very spicy Top Ramen. (Preston laughing) – What is all this stuff? – Cranberries! – Have you ever had the
very spicy Top Ramen? – I’ve never had Top Ramen period. – Ooh really? – Even though it’s always at our house, wonder why is it always at our house. – For me. – Okay. But I’ve never had it. – When did your love
for cranberries begin? When did you start liking ’em so much? – It is a beautiful story. That I have no idea about. (Linda laughing)
(crew laughing) – You know, what I think, since I so often see it around Christmas, I’m guessing it’s merry Christmas mix, or merry mix for short. That’s my best guess. – That’s a good guess.
(crew and Ernie laughing) – Can I eat it now? – Mm-hmm. – [Ernie] Mm I love this stuff – [Clara] I love the Cheez-its. – Just drop it in.
– Want me to do it? – Yeah, please just drop it in. (package crinkling) (ramen plops)
– All of it. What do you do, just stir it up like this? – Yeah, maybe do that a little bit. – Cheers to cranberries. (glasses clink) – I think it tastes mostly like pineapple. (glass thuds) – What? (crew laughing) – Do you have a favorite thing in the mix? – You know, I think, probably
like anybody the salt. What’s your favorite part? – I like the Cheez-its, and the pretzels. – You know, this would
be my really first time trying ramen noodles. – [Cavalli] What do you
think it’s gonna taste like? – Spaghetti? I have no idea. – Crank. – You’re not gonna keep it on the– (can thuds) Oh. We have it open. (Linda gasps) – It’s thing of beauty. My dad would love that. (crew laughing)
Oh! – [Justin] Oh! This is fun. – This is gonna make it turn out right? – That looks really good. Now, here’s where the magic comes. (Sriracha splats) – I’m gonna put a little bit more. (Sriracha splats) I think that’s enough. You like Sriracha? I don’t even think you ever tried it. – I like hot sauce. – (laughs) Get your water, get
your water, get your water! (crew laughing) – It’s warm. – It’s warm? – Do you like cranberries as much a I do? – Yes, I like cranberries. A lot. But have you ever eaten a cranberry that doesn’t have sugar on it? They’re very, very, tart. – There’s sugar in this?
– Cranberries that– (laughs). I bet it’s the second ingredient. – 22 grams of sugar! – Five, four. (both slurping) – No, already.
– Give me some more Sriracha. – Okay. – I can’t, (clears throat)
I can’t let you out do me. – You mushed it. – That’s good. It’s super good. – This is good. I could eat this, but it just
got too much sodium in it. – All Sriracha. – (sniffing) Man. This is hot Cavelli. (crew laughing) I dunno how you do this all the time. – Are you gonna finish it? – Yeah, I’m gonna finish it. I got you to eating spicy food. – No, my mom did. – Well I got her to eating it. (crew laughing) – This is not how it regular tastes. (crew laughing) – Bam. First time eating spicy ramen
noodles with my grandson. Gosh. – Ooh. – Thank you for coming on the show. (Linda smooches) – Look at your nose runnin’ (laughs). – It’s not running. – It is running. Snot all on your nose. – Don’t touch it. (crew laughing) – Thank you buddy. – Bye. – Bye bye. Ha.

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  1. 1:15 oh my gosh, cavalli’s favorite snack is basically just like mine but instead of hot sauce, I add special spices to mine though.

  2. 1:20
    Grandma:what is all of this stuff

  3. Y'all should be thankful not only to have grandparents, but also have this type of bond and relationship with them. I lost my grandpa 2 1/2 years before I was born, and my other one suffers from memory and hearing loss related to aging so I can't have conversations with them or see them a lot

    Be thankful people

  4. Hahaha they really fought their way through the spicy food! 🔥😂 The Merry eaters were so peaceful in comparison, get the grandpa was happy about the kid's selection there 😂👏

  5. The relationship between the kids and thier grandparents remind me of my grandparent.
    R.I.P grandpa, will never forget your pleaseant smile 🙂🙂

  6. I like Sriracha
    We buy it in the store
    And my dad always said you almost Finish the 1bottle
    So we buy agian
    I think we have 3 bottles but the first one i finish it cuz its good

  7. I feel like whenever grandparents even do the gentlest telling u off, it feels like a at gun point and that u will never do it again because u feel that they are super serious

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