Keto Naan | Keto Paratha | Keto Uttapam | Keto Coconut Flatbread | Headbanger’s Kitchen

Keto Naan | Keto Paratha | Keto Uttapam | Keto Coconut Flatbread | Headbanger’s Kitchen

Horns up and welcome to a brand new episode of Headbangers kitchen! Now, very recently, I put out a vegetarian Keto blog and many of you watch that and you saw a paneer paratha in the Keto paneer paratha And you guys said show us how to make that. So here I am today to do just that. Now think about the naan. The Indian flatbread. Think about paratha ,a flat bread that’s a staple in Northern India. And think about the Uttapam, which is a staple in Southern India. One recipe to rule them all. One recipe to find them. One demon stealer to bring them all. And in Headbangers kitchen bind them. What does that even mean guys? Basically all these things are the same because it’s all a simple coconut flatbread. And we’re going to be making that today. And I’m going to show you how to make a paneer paratha from it. A plain simple naan from it and also an Uttapam from it. And guess what ?My friend Matt and megha have done something similar and they made a Garlic Naan the same way make sure you check out their recipe as well. Anyway, enough jibber-Jabber Let’s go and make this delicious coconut flatbread! So to make our flat bread we are going to need a half a cup of coconut flour two tablespoons of psyllium husk Half a teaspoon of baking powder 1 cup of warm water just heat it up for 30 seconds in the microwave mix all the stuff together Don’t forget to add salt like I did But all this should come together into a smooth dough ball. If you feel it’s a little dry, you can always add [more] water. Add your water in two batches because where you can’t remove water from this, you can add water to it if it’s too dry. Once that’s done, I am going to cut it up into four balls because, well, I feel this makes 4 good-sized parathas. And you [can] of course make whatever you like out of it. Now we are going to leave this to rest for about 15 minutes and while that’s happening I’m going to make the paneer filling for my paneer paratha so I’m going to take some paneer. I’m gonna season it with some salt and some cumin powder. I’m going to put in a teaspoon of dice onion, chop it very finely, and some coriander. And then just give all of that a good mix and our paneer stuffing is ready Now it’s time to roll out our coconut flatbread. And I’m going to use parchment paper to do so. So squish it squash it, Flatten it, roll it. Then you can cut it for a nicer, more even shape. And that’s how we get the regular coconut flatbread or the Keto Naan as people are calling it. Justl get your pan on the gas. Heat up some butter, or olive oil, ghee, whatever you have and fry the Naan in that. You want to wait till it gets nice and Golden brown on one side and then flip it over. [and] I am adding some butter just so you get that sort of tasty taste to it. you know the butter naan? Oh, yeah, butter naan! Love it! And that’s it! The naan’s ready. Now to the paneer paratha. So just press out the dough a little bit and then stuff it with your paneer stuffing. And then fold everything over so you get like a big stuffed (momo), almost-or a dumpling. And then you squash that and you roll that out until you get the desired thickness. Don’t get a little panicky if some of the paneer starts to show or come out of the dough because that is going to crisp up on the pan and will be delicious. Anyway, get your pan on the gas and heat up your ghee I say ghee because ghee has got a tasty twist to it. But otherwise butter, olive oil, anything works. Same procedure fry it on one side. It will be lovely and Golden flip it over Let the same thing happen, and then it’s done. So for the uttapam you flatten your dough, and then you add your toppings which is tomato a little bit of green pepper and some regular Red onion. And then I’m going to mix this into the dough almost, like mash it in, and then just roll the dough out like you would for the longer one Between two sheets of parchment paper or just squeeze it out with your hand, and that’s it. The uttapam is ready for cooking. Now ideally use coconut oil if you can because that will enhance the coconut flavor But otherwise regular oil you will do. Just spray it on there Place your uttapam in the pan And then if there are any empty spots where you see no filling you can put some filling in there And you can press that down into the dough then all you got to do is flip [it] over and Yeah, that’s pretty much it you can throw in a little coriander because that cooked coriander is the sort of hallmark taste of the uttapam and yes, that’s pretty much it. Your uttapam is ready and There you [have] it Your Keto flatbread done three ways as a naan, as a paneer paratha and as uttapam. Anyway guys it’s time to taste and boy I’ve been sweating it out in the kitchen making these. It’s so hot in Mumbai. Anyway, let me taste the uttapam first Oh, yummy totally reminds me of my south Indian but I’m not south Indian but Delicious-it’s soft- the onion that (caught me) of course if you like spicy food chop up a Green Chilli add it too now the (panil paratha) Oh yeah, I love these little bits of paneer that have sort of got caramelized on the stove. You know which was sticking out a little bit. Delicious! I’m not going to take the plain one because I don’t have anything to taste it with. Anyway, this is as close as you’re going to get to a naan or a paneer paratha or uttapam and you know what? This is spot on and I hope you guys really like this recipe. I hope you make it. Remember to tag us on instagram or on Facebook anyway, it’s too hot in Mumbai right now So I’m going to go back to the air conditioning And I will see you on the next episode of Headbangers kitchen. Cheers and keep cooking

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