JUNK JUNCTION DUMPSTER DIVE | Tomato & Burger (Fortnite Animation)

(brassy orchestral music) – Okay, looks like my duos
partner landed somewhere in Junk Junction.
(exasperated grunt) He’s gotta be around here somewhere. – [Burger] Tomato? Tomato! – Oh, you’ve gotta be be kidding me! – [Burger] Think fast! (glass smashes) (Tomato sighs) (bright orchestral music) – Dude, you definitely saw
me drop at The Volcano, what are you doing all the way out here? – Getting meds and guns, silly. – What, where did you get that? – In The Junkyard. Ah, nothing left over there, pal. Except for a common pistol
under a rusty Honda. (rustling) – Gah! – Ooh, (blood squelches) Ketchup! – And look, I’ve arranged
a nice place for you to rest your big, red head. – What, eww, no! I am not living in here. – But I put all this hard work in to making you a nice space. – This couch smells like a
bunch of dogs peed on it. – It’s got character! And perhaps the best part of the property, a big stack of cars that don’t work. – [Tomato] Why would anybody
want that near their property? – I can get rid of it. – [Tomato] Dude, I’m not
even living in Junk Junction, so it doesn’t even matter to me– (metal crashing) – Hmm, we’re gonna need more French Fries. (bouncy music) – Aah, this is more my
style, Lonely Lodge. (wood shattering) Apparently not lonely enough. – Oh man, the great outdoors! I wonder where I can find some firewood. Hey look, there’s a
tent for us to sleep in. – No, I’m not gonna
sleep in some random tent that God knows who set up. My parents used to own
a cabin around here, I bet I can find it. – Oh, come on, that’s not real camping! – Forget “real camping”,
I’m not wait out here to be attacked by a bear or something. – (scoffs) There’s no bears out here. (gun bangs)
(groaning) – Okay, there’s one bear out here. (bouncy orchestral music) – Wow, I can’t believe it, here it is! So many irreplaceable memories. – [Burger] All right, let’s go. (bricks shatter) Wow, it’s nice in here, what’s this? – That’s Tomato Town,
my old Grand-Pappy built that fast food chain with his bare hands. This photo is really the
last thing we have of him. (flames roaring) – Whoops.
(chuckles) – All right, I think coming
in here was maybe a bad idea. – What, no, this place is great! I especially love all
the opened ammo crates. – What? – Yeah, somebody’s been
going through all your stuff. – Oh my God, you’re right,
we’ve gotta be on high alert. – Sit tight pal, I’m gonna
head to that overlook, that way I can spot ’em. – Dude, no, let’s stick together. – All right, I don’t see anything. I’m gonna clear some trees
to get a better view. (rocket whistles) (bricks explode) – [Tomato] Dude! – Wow, buns for brains
over here, my bad, pal. – [Tomato] Wait, there he is! (fast moving footsteps) – I’ve got visuals on him, Tomato. He’s behind the house, let’s
hope I can through that far. (Burger grunts) Phew, we made it over the house. (grenade thuds) (big explosion) I think we’ve found us some firewood. (bouncy orchestral music)

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