[Judy Ann’s Kitchen 9] Ep 2 : Grilled Fish, Salad Grains, Egg Noodles | Media Noche Handaan

[Judy Ann’s Kitchen 9] Ep 2 : Grilled Fish, Salad Grains, Egg Noodles | Media Noche Handaan

Good morning everyone! Welcome to Judy Ann’s Kitchen! It’s almost New Year, it’s going to be 2019! How’s this guys? Is it possible to have the New Year a month after Christmas, just to have time to save for media noche? What we’re going to do today is grilled fish with mango salsa. We’re gonna make salad grains and egg noodles. All of that has meaning. All of that has meaning. Because we Filipinos are fond of superstitious beliefs, right? We believe in what our elders say. It’s not bad to believe, it’s free. You don’t pay anything, there’s no tax. We’re here outside our house again. Because for me, personally, when it’s media noche, we grill together. There’s just such a festive atmosphere, right? You see the people having fun, getting drunk, falling, laughing… This is filleted blue marlin. If you can find a blue marlin belly, the better, because it has a creamier taste. They say that when it’s New Year, you’re supposed to have fish. So I’m thinking, why fish? Correct me if I’m wrong. But it’s because the fish always moves forward. Why, have you seen a fish moving backwards? No, right? Have you seen a fish going sideways? No, right? It’s just like letting go of your past and you’re just actually moving forward. Soften butter. You can also melt it if you want. Just a bit of salt because this is unsalted butter. Pepper…I can’t see it What are your superstitious beliefs when it’s New Year? Don’t sweep the floor when it’s New Year. Sweep the floor before the year ends. It’s to remove the bad luck from your life. What else? They say, cut your hair before the year ends because it allows you to let go of your past the previous year. I’m putting sesame oil. The flavor of our mix is a bit Asian. We’re gonna brush this on our fish. You know what I recently learned? What the grapes our parents feed us during New Year’s Eve symbolize. It turns out that each grape represents each month of the year. You need to note which grape you ate tasted bitter or sour. Let’s say that your 4th grape was bitter. January, February, March, April.
Take note that something bitter will happen in your April, that’s one. Or you’ll meet someone bitter about life. He’s a Bitter Ocampo. Just take note of it. And even if it doesn’t happen, at least you’re prepared. Okay, we’re gonna flip it over to the other side. You can add more flavors to it if you like. You can add different spices–paprika, or whatever you like. Set this aside. And we’re going to make our mango salsa. Because I want it to have a strong mango flavor since it’s called mango salsa not slightly mango salsa I’m going to use a whole mango. Criss-cross, and if possible, straight rows. It’s cute, right? It’s like pixels. A pixelated mango. Put it in. And voila! Tada! But when you separate the pieces, do it slowly because it might get crushed. Diced tomatoes. Red tomatoes for color and texture. Before you dice it, remove the seeds because that’s what causes it to be watery. Diced cucumber. I didn’t remove the skin because I like its green color. And again, we just want to highlight the– My hand is slippery. My onions is almost gone. But it’s not dirty, so we can still use it. It’s not dirty, It’s not dirty, It’s not dirty. When it’s the New Year, you’re not supposed to waste ingredients. Dill and cilantro. It seems like I used the wrong knife. KNIFE. You want that mint flavour from the dill and the Asian taste of coriander, and then lemon. Just a little bit. Just a tiny, tiny amount. Pepper. And salt.
And gently, mix or fold. So that the mango doesn’t get crushed. Mmm, it’s fresh. Like it just took a bath. Now you have mango salsa! And now we will make our salad grains. They say that the grains represent good fortune. Portobello mushrooms or it could be white mushrooms. Balsamic vinegar And olive oil. Let’s grill this—ah! It’s jumping again. We’re going to grill this very very lightly. Corn on the cob. So this is what’s going to add to our grades. Because I want it to be slightly healthy, I won’t put butter over it. We’ll use coconut oil because it doesn’t have saturated fat. Salt, and pepper. Actually, you can just use one or three, depending on how many you are in the family. Let’s just grill it together with these. It’s heavy. Quinoa. It could be brown rice, it could be barley, it could be couscous, or whatever you guys like. I just find this the perfect partner for blue marlin because the fish is firm, so you want a lot of texture. Red bell pepper. I didn’t cook it because I want the crispy texture. Yellow bell pepper. You see, you just mix it all. It’s not really difficult to make. They say not to cook chicken during New Year because it will delay your prosperity. Because the chicken pecks like this, right? So do you want to be pecked? And because I have grapes here, I’m going to eat these while I cook. Let’s see which months will be bitter for me. Mm, it’s sweet. My January is sweet. But there’s a little bitterness. What if all the grapes were bitter? Basil. Just a rough chop.
Isn’t it fun to cook outside the house? You have fresh air, unless you live beside the train. Then it won’t be fresh air. Honey. Just a bit. Lemon. Olive oil. Always have equal parts of acid and oil. Okay, now I’ve eaten January. Let’s see how my February will go. Let’s have another one because February is just 29 days anyway. It’s almost rotten. My February is going to be rotten. Aw, sad. My February is going to be rotten. Aw, sad. Oh, it doesn’t have salt yet. Pepper. When it has emulsified like this, you can mix it in with your grains. Everything. You can also add nuts. I just don’t know if eating nuts for the New Year has meaning. Nuts that are—nevermind. Pistachios are delicious, or pine nuts, cashew nuts… Mmmm…I’m overreacting. Let’s add grapes here. And you need to take a bath before the year ends, okay? You don’t want to smell bad the whole year. Let’s try my March. Mm, perfect. This is so good, and when you eat it, there will be an explosion of grapes. Is it heavy? Did it carry me? Did it drag me? We have feta cheese. If you find it expensive, you can use white cheese. You can put some chilli flakes. Oh! I’m supposed to put mushrooms in this! And because it’s hot, I’m not gonna hold it. Duh. Hey, the mushrooms are crispy.
And there. Where are you going? Say hi everyone! Okay, bye bye. She’s wearing a watermelon bathing suit. It’s okay already. I’m happy with this. If you have vegan friends, just take out the feta cheese. Just replace with tofu. That’s okay, too. Just replace the feta cheese with tofu. That’s okay, too. A black bruise! What’s happening to me? I’m going to make our egg noodles. They say that noodles extend your life, so you shouldn’t cut your noodles. Warning: this will need a lot of butter. So if you’re on a diet, this is not for you. But if you’re okay with ignoring your diet, why not try it? Butter, unsalted. So that the butter doesn’t get burnt, we’ll add our oil. This is egg noodles, which we’ll first soak in warm water. It’s necessary that you don’t soak it for too long because it gets soft easily. Just from smelling it, you’ve already gained 10 pounds. Allow this to go brown a bit. Let’s lessen the heat. Spring onions. Add the chicken stock so that our garlic won’t get burnt. Hoisin sauce. Soy sauce, for saltiness. Just gradually add saltiness because if you go overboard, it’s hard to adjust. Pepper. I said we’d use a lot of butter, right? I meant that. Here. The egg burned! The egg—the corn. Now I’m going to cook the fish in full heat. Turn it off for a while. So that, folks, is the wrong way to grill. The butter used in the fish feeds the fire. So let’s wait, because if I forcefully remove it, our fish will be broken. Well, it still doesn’t want to be removed, so let’s put in these noodles. You can use any type of pasta noodles you like. But since it’s New Year, I recommend using the long ones. Not the pasta shells. Do you want your life to be small? Incorporate everything there. Don’t worry if your noodles don’t get soft immediately. In the heat of its own sauce, your noodles will become soft. Just wait a while, guys. We practice patience for 2019. Let’s take a look here.
Hey! It’s okay! There, our noodles are getting soft. You’ll be surprised at how delicious this is and how simple it is to make. When it’s the New Year, you can prepare pork, because the pig eats everything. How does that connect? Onion leeks. If you have young people in the house, you can make a separate batch that’s spicy, and another that’s not. Just let it soften. Like your softest gay friend. Do you have those kinds of friends? Me, I have so many. You have to touch it. If it’s really firm, that means it’s overcooked. So you want it to be kind of bouncy. Hey! Why are you being chase by the fire? While we’re grilling it, I’m going to add salt. Why didn’t I just bring all the salt here? I’m the one adjusting for you, salt. Let’s mix this. It’s saucy now. But just because it’s saucy, doesn’t mean it’s soft. Hey, it’s like there’s a meaning there. I knew it, I’m supposed to flip it. Aw, it hurts so much! The year’s about to end but this griller can still make me cry. So that you can catch all the corn’s kernels, use a big bowl and small bowl to catch them. I grilled the corn because I like the charred taste. Charos. I’m hurrying up because I can hear my noodles. Ahh! So because Luna doesn’t like spicy, I’ll set aside some for her. Sriracha. Garlic. Taste. For the corn, we’ll add it to our salad grains. The salad is so full of grains, so this should fit for the New Year, right? How do you plate noodles? Wrap and turn. I didn’t cut it. It got cut on its own. For single serving, this is okay. Just so you can excite your kids. Garlic and spring onions. That’s one! And our salad. Can we have it just like this? You can add mint, if you like. To add texture. We can add dill. My mussel is big, right? When you’re grilling fish, don’t keep moving it. Cos me, I like to keep bothering it. So before you turn it, you make sure that you wait for 3-4 minutes to achieve the grill marks. If it doesn’t have grill marks, just put it under. Salt. Then we add our mango salsa on top. It’s ready! We’re done! Okay, let’s try it. I’m happy, but I thought it wouldn’t taste good. It’s good! Mm, I missed fish. We have our Asian garlic noodles our salad grains and our grilled blue marlin with mango salsa. Don’t forget to like and subscribe here on Judy Ann’s Kitchen YouTube channel. Bye guys! Happy, happy New Year to all of you!

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