Japanese Millennials Review Instant Noodles

Japanese Millennials Review Instant Noodles

hi my name is Ali tequila hi everyone my name is Hannah no Akiyama I’m hito me and i Maya so today we’ll be reviewing two kinds of cheap instant noodles chip Nando’s let me try it before yeah I feel like I don’t know being Japanese you grow up on instant noodles that’s right that’s like a quick snack cheap I eat instant noodles a little more than I liked I will admit I love the spicy ones I am all about the Shelob young for me I used to go out and then like drink and they come back home with your friends and the like eat like share a one cheap noodle I do find that the ones with a little oil packet in them tend to be a little more tasty the more packets it has inside there’s just like it’s another yeah it’s like another yeah so this brand I’ve never heard of it before it’s called nongshim yeah like that classic instant noodle okay okay that’s dry head round it with a fork alright let’s do this alright chicken chicken of flavor that’s it also is it usually like this curly no maybe right it’s using extra curly yeah okay okay you do noodle M&E soup let’s show the show it’s like no flavor oh how many packets were in this one just wanna see like that’s how you know I’m pretty sure this like the first song that you’ve eaten like wrong and just like instant noodles in general mm-hmm well the fork I don’t it’s not good it’s like a sponge yeah got a noodle shape that’s what yes it’s fun and just soaked up always liquid I would not pick this one up again no I love it I also would not pick this one up although I do like this brand I’m all about no machine but not this one I guess you’re like so hungry and it’s all dying and there’s nothing but in here in shelf you’ll take it they’re really relying on the corn for the flavor it’s like it’s so bland I know it’s just there’s no flavor and heat yeah it’s like I want more I want that like I want to feel like I’m eating a lot of sodium like yeah they’re like taking it so they want it coursing in my veins moving on yeah now have the mud itch down instant noodles much the medic John emerge this is like where it all started I think I like the shrimp flavor when I usually take out like the little tiny shrimps cuz I’m not take them out yeah those are my favorite part it’s just gonna throw them out and there’s so many flavors now – mm-hmm shining you like the perfect bite oh god it’s too much that whatever is so America but this for me of its flavor yeah I got it because I think the soup – it’s like if you were to try the chicken like these cup predominant and they’re brought this soap yeah so good even me is ie 3-dimensional you know it is so good yeah you wouldn’t like doubt like you know maybe it’s a real meat I know it’s none what color on this I think I like this one more I think there’s a little bit more it’s just like salt or whatever it is just in general yeah that’s not bad I mean that’s not good I think American people eat like beef chicken and a wild shrimp shrimp will have shred the shrimp in light flavor I thought that was this bad thing I would probably go with like the shrimp no that was like garbage probably yours poach the shrimp which would you eat if if the world was gonna end this one probably this this one’s the way to go the mark my to channel one called nongshim no no no no Jim Oh yourself okay so Japanese granted it’s great really yeah okay now you need that one ever again so Japanese cup noodle or toxically good they’re so good so good so that’s like ramen [Music]

100 thoughts on “Japanese Millennials Review Instant Noodles

  1. It hurts seeing them eat noodles with A FORK!! They’re eating instant ramen, that’s already a sin. The least they could do was use chopsticks.

  2. This is why most Americans don't eat instant noodles unless you're really down on your last dollar. The ramen we get is so awful. What noodles are Japanese people eating because I've only had these horrible ones.

  3. Buzzfeed you need a mulligan on this video or at least a part 2 showcasing more than 2 of the "bottom out the barrel" ramans.

  4. First of all they let the noodles sit and swell up 🤦🏾‍♀️ All of the noodles were very dry

  5. I thought these were supposed to be Japanese people. Only 1 even has an accent. If you aren't born in Japan, how are you Japanese. I don't call myself Russian, Mongolian, Turkish, Norweigan, German, English, and Italian. I was born in the United States.

  6. I live in Japan and let me tell ya the girl in the black girl is exaggerating. The cup of noodles here are good, don’t get me wrong, but Maruchan cup of noodles is so delicious, too. Lol home girl needs to relax

  7. Wow, thank you for correctly referring to them as instant noodles, and not just generically referring to them as 'ramen'.

  8. I’m not Japanese (I’m Persian) but I probably like instant noodles more than I like breathing

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  10. for years i thought i didn't like ramen but i only had tried instant so last week, so i went to an oriental market and i bought all the proper ingredients to make ramen from scratch (i even made chicken broth from scratch)and after i made it and tried it, i was like: now i understand why people love ramen, this is delicious

  11. I've watched this more times than i care to admit…but Aoi. He's probably the tastiest thing in this vid.

  12. I would like the next video is American millennials review bidets…. or interns review horrible content made by their seniors.

  13. I feel like this was a missed opportunity to have Japanese people try their favorite JAPANESE instant noodles.

  14. I was hoping to see the wei wei bowl one with actual meat in broth packet.

    How about trying exotic instant noodles? Ive had one with an entire century egg in vacuum sealed packaging.

  15. That Ayaka girl is kinda annoying me. Idk why… she just seems kinda… disabled?? Idk why it just seems like that. She seems like one of my moms students. Like, no hate at all. Just ;-;

  16. Buzzfeed: "Japanese Millennials Review Instant Noodles"
    Everyone else: "Japanese Millennials Review 2 Noodles of the Same Flavour"

  17. Bro every morning I’m fueling up for work with the spicy chicken nong shim bowl 👏👏👏 best bowls on the planet 😊

  18. Ugh. I can’t stand when Japanese pronounce Japanese names in an English accent. Whenever I pronounce my middle name, I sound like any other Japanese national…but when I say my first name, I sound like any other American.

    PS – why would they get Japanese to try Korean noodles, Nong Shim.

  19. My dad is Japanese, I spent 10 years of my childhood in Japan, we didn't grow up on instant noodles we grew up on rice.

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