100 thoughts on “Japanese BIZARRE RAMEN INSTANT NOODLES Taste Test

  1. I saw the Mexican style and I remembered – there's a restaurant here in town and the sign along the side of the place says "Indian Style Chinese Food" – my mom finds that the funniest thing and looks for it every time we go downtown 🙂

  2. You can find authentic mexican food the closer you get to the border without going into mexico. That's because a lot of the people cooking in the kitchen and owning restaurants in the area are immigrants, especially the workers being first gen.

  3. My dad always called things mystery meat when it tasted like the meat product in it was made from animal discarded parts, and soy protein based stuff

  4. Strangely enough the few times a year I eat ramen noodles i buy them in a plastic package the most plain ones with the ingredients separately packaged and I prefer them without water and eat them dry like crisps.

  5. I've got to find a cup man, I mean everyone needs at least one. I've recently discovered you guys and love your videos. Thank you.

  6. Hi TabiEats, You should try paanipuri, a typical Indian street food / snack. You can also refer this video, to know how its made / eaten – https://youtu.be/OIn3IRLLch4
    I think it is available in Japan by Haldiram's

  7. I have so much fun watching your guys videos😊. Now, I am hungry. I'm with you Shinichi…I think that I would like the crazy sounding Mexican tacos cup noodles. Add that 1/4 teaspoon of Tabasco sauce in it for that little kick. Mmmmm…yummy😋. Thank You guys🤗💖.

  8. could you imagine trying to make these flavors into gourmet ramen? like, get your ceramic bowl, your good noodles, broth from scratch… and then put a whole happy meal in there.

  9. I would like to see a 'best Japanese instant ramen' video! I am from the US but I would like to see what you have for great options, as some of them may be available for US viewers. 🙂 Great videos!

  10. I want to shake both your hands and an autograph. Ya’ll keep me up all night binging your videos but I thank you.

  11. "actually asked siri what this mystery meat actually was" my initial reaction = "please dont let it be cat…"

  12. some of those flavors, ehh, not really.  cuttle fish, octopus, I like that with real stuff, not dried.  most of those flavors sound good, my taste buds might say otherwise.  french onion sounds good, probably tastes good.  I would like that.  taco flavored, err, have to try it first.

  13. More evidence that the taqueria tsunami will one day overtake most of Eastern Asia like so many blue jeans and piano lessons.

  14. I love ramen when I come to Japan we need to link up so you can have an American view of the flavors lol 1/3 native American 1/3 German 1/3 Irish

  15. The last cup noodle sounds like they took an american omelette and put it in noodle form. Sounds very interesting!

  16. I have no clue why I’m watching this, but I’m glad I did.

    The dude on the right is awesome. Such a happy looking guy.

  17. Im about 6 videos in, on the day I found you guys channel. And Im hooked! I always like to try new flavors, from around the world! Maybe I can send you guys some stuff to try!

  18. Is it wrong that the very first thing i noticed when the video started, is that lighting washes out their faces, and makes them look like they've come straight out of one of the twilight films?

  19. Taco-flavor Doritos are the greatest thing…EVER…

    I don't know what it is with Maruchan, they release all kinds of SUPER weird shit. Here in the states, though, all the weird shit they release is awful….the chedar cheese ramen being a perfect example of that.. It is literally the most vile instant ramen i've ever eaten.

    8:33 – Hey man, don't worry…. L.A. is basically Diet Mexico these days anyway. PLENTY of authentic mexican food spots there.

    French fry and chicken nugget? Seriously? I had to rewind 2 or 3 times, to make sure i heard right. Man……that's just weird..

    "Mystery meat"? Just that would be enough to make me steer clear.. for all we know, it could be bits of human ear.. And the purple color of the cup.. i dunno, there's something unsettling about it. it kinda says to me "there's something illicit in this cup".

  20. Yo i watched one episode and now i watched this 2nd one and I'm tripping out how much changed.. Idk maybe it's weed.. 😅😂

  21. Probably been said by some other mongoloid already, but french onion is just a savory beef broth with onions floating around in it, so pretty much just beef broth, of course if you take into consideration that this was made by an Asian company, then the beef broth is just much lighter, so its not really a french onion per say…. but dont expect onion flavor from french onion, you dont get much

  22. I love these videos! Maruchan makes a cup o noodles in the flavor chicken tortilla, and I really have been obsessed since last year when I was pregnant. I wonder if its similar to that taco one, but chicken.

  23. Shinichi your hair looks PERFECT in this video. When I was a kid I used to say sukiyaki sock it to me. My 1st name is Sumi so my friends used to call me chop sumi. 🙄 🤣

  24. i sent you an email asking questions about how much the ramen costs and where i can buy it from online cause i cant find any good ones around here

  25. I wish cup noodles would sell all the Japanese varieties of noodles all over the world. most countries you can only get the most basic flavors with very few ingredients. 🙁

  26. Being hungry makes everything taste 100% more amazing too….also fyi: 'mystery meat' usually has bad meaning in America haha.

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