Is Bob’s Family Dead? Crazy Bob’s Burgers Theories That Change Everything

Is Bob’s Family Dead? Crazy Bob’s Burgers Theories That Change Everything

these days Bob’s Burgers is one of the
biggest and most popular adult cartoons and with good reason
the cast of wacky characters and their relatable adventures keep people coming
back episode after episode please don’t ask us to help please don’t ask us to
help but what if I told you that there were some downright freaky theories
about this household comedy that will blow your mind because that’s what we’re
exploring today wish you get going Hugo who you gonna harass next what’s going
on I’m Brad with wicked binge and these are crazy Bob burgers theories that
change everything let’s get started each Bob’s Burgers episode takes place in a
different universe anyone watching this video was already well acquainted with
the opening sequence to Bob’s Burgers showing tragedy before the restaurant
time and time again from rat infestations to fire damage really sets
the mood for the show what’s a Burnie however observant fans
will have also noticed that the intro was a little different each time
specifically the exterminator ban shows a different company main with each intro
one shows a tongue-in-cheek pun no more mister my sky while another shows rats
all folks but what if this is deeper than just an attempt to use every rodent
pun known to man that’s crazy you just carry around bags of rat turds in your
pocket a theory by reddit user psychopathic tree is that this proves
each episode of Bob’s Burgers takes place in a different universe where they
called a different exterminator Oh God don’t come here no no no no welcome the
theory says that the Bob’s Burgers Timeline splits at the exact point where
the family calls any one of the multitude of exterminators each episode
therefore is the direct result of having called that exterminators it arrived
aquila changes the course of the family’s lives you can think of it as an
eerie twist on the butterfly effect that even the smallest of decisions can make
a huge impact on the world it’s definitely a weird thought what’s under
Louise’s bunny cap this one poses some food for thought Louise’s signature
bunny cap has been a staple throughout the whole series however her reasons for
wearing it are still a huge mystery to the fans but reddit user Tarek 15 has a
thought-provoking theory about she’s so attached to the Hat well
without it she looks just like her mother she does it’s no surprise to
anyone that Louise does not have the best relationship with Linda their
mother-daughter bond has always been strained in Louise like many girls her
age seems to be harboring some resentment and frustration towards her
mother mom it’s over you ruined it okay your mom did all up oh she has two
steaks for Linda’s actions and associates making things boring with
momming it up and a flashback she even refuses to call Linda mama as a baby
Louise would obviously resent being compared to her mother and looking like
a mini Linda would definitely frustrate her to some interesting fashion choices
it’s possible that when she grows matures a little her bond with her
mother might improve and then she might lose the Hat and appreciate their
connection Linda’s alcoholism Linda is shown to be
fond of alcohol in many episodes with wine and mixed drinks being her poison
of choice at a glance there’s something to alarming about her drinking habits
the theory reddit user King Tut 14 puts forward however suggests there’s
something darker to be read into it the theory is quite sinister in fact and
suggests that Linda’s drinking is to blame for the initial fires that befell
the business the fire is alleged or broken out due to her negligence in
furthermore the theory claims she left her children behind afterwards they go
on to say that it’s possible Tina froze in the pandemonium and not helping gene
and Louise is the true reason behind their lack of respect for her as an
older sibling Bob may have ran back for the children but not before Louise was
burned which may be a far darker reason behind her need to cover something up
with that funny hat the theory gets more elaborate from then on claiming that Bob
and Linda lost custody for a while she has to attend a therapy program while
bob gets the run of the mill office job he’s shown working in a flashback
episode it’s further claimed there not only was she drinking while pregnant
with the children but that she cheated on Bob with Jimmy pesto and Bob finding
this out is the real reason for the animosity between them both this is
killing me a lot of this theories based in conjecture it’s far more likely after
all that the fire was caused by the faulty fryer
complains about and eventually replaces there’s no other signs that Linda’s
alcohol usage negatively affects her family get it Rach
however it’s not beyond the scope to imagine Linda as a high-functioning
alcoholic who can maintain her life and family relationships while still being
sadly dependent on the bottle either way it makes her unhappy food-for-thought
piled on mr. fischoeder might be an old god mr. fischoeder is Bob’s landlord an
enigmatic and wealthy man his attire consisting of a white suit and eyepatch
already kind of give him a creepy vibe but what if there was something even
more ominous about him oh well done that’s the money shot
reddit user code samurai suggests that in fact mr. fischoeder is an old God was
lived in the town for hundreds of years as some sort of local deity possibly he
arrived with one of late Erikson’s expeditions to Iceland and traveled
south to Seymour’s Bay where Bob’s Burgers is said I enjoy you Bob your
mustache it’s fascinating thank you do you mind if I not much is
known about the local history of Seymours Bay but appears to be a growing
town with steadily increasing infrastructure perhaps over the last 50
years or so perhaps the growth of this town gave the God a new lease on life
causing him the show his face once more there are many odd things about mr.
fischoeder that give this theory some credence for starters in season 7
there’s a gallery begins stealing Bob’s jack-o’-lanterns when he’s confronted
about this his response is stealing no I thought we had an understanding you’ve
carved them and leave them out and then I take them it’s like how people keep
giving me bikes where do you want these bikes mr. fischoeder around the back
Freddy at face value this seems like a typical comedy clip but people do leave
offerings outside for their gods and an expectant but perhaps outdated God could
logically assume that anything left outside must be a gift in his honor you
have to admit it’s funny either way hello Bob I’m taking this
jack-o’-lantern home to put with the others wait you’re the one who’s been
stealing my jack-o’-lanterns mr. fischoeder is also notably missing an
eye this could be a shout-out to Norse mythology or specifically Odin
in the myths Odin has his removed as a sacrifice so he could gain the knowledge
of other worlds quickly enough mr. fischoeder Zhai is even said to be
removed by his own brother finally he’s known for dropping tidbits of wisdom
some of these imply is a different grasp of time for example in season 1
he tells Bob rollercoasters come and go but Bob’s are once-in-a-lifetime I
admire you rollercoasters come and go but Bob’s are
once-in-a-lifetime is it possible that he’s met many Bob’s over his lifetime
and each and every one has managed to surprise him Bob’s Burgers is about Bob
coping with the death of his family this theory is by far the darkest out of
the list what did the series is actually about Bob coping with the tragic loss of
each member of his family this nightmares theory originally
proposed by reddit user Gere girl five years ago states that Bob opened the
restaurant during a mental breakdown following Linda’s tragic death one he
feels responsible for this is actually why the restaurant is located next to
the funeral home stricken with grief he opened the restaurant and began to act
as though Linda was still with him the incident and the children are dead too
thanks to each of the restaurant accidents this makes sense
mathematically as the restaurant is on his fourth opening when the series
starts as you may remember the accidents happen in the following order one fire
two rats and three telephone pole the fire kills louise bob has already stated
that he doesn’t trust her with fire which is why Tina is the grill cook I
totally get it gene is killed by the rats while
collecting and releasing the rats into the restaurant as a joke
he’s bitten and dies from the infection and finally Tina is electrocuted to
death when the telephone pole crashes through the window the first three
episodes in fact support the theory that bob is in some way unstable in episode 1
hugo tries to have the restaurant shut down with the accusation that it’s
serving human flesh don’t tell me how to do my job i don’t tell you how to grow
your corpses this is another example of how bob deals with death and also
arguably presents that hugo blames bob for Linda’s death
I try it in Episode two Bob spends several days in the false walls of the
restaurant and is clearly unstable in Episode three Bob uses Melissa the cow
to help him move through the stages of grief but this backfires when she’s
killed in a car accident Bob hallucinates that he’s in heaven
with her at the end showing that he does have a prescient for these vivid
fantasies Bob I’m a castrated steer yeah I’m a married man although some of this
theory is far-fetched Bob’s Burgers wouldn’t be the first cartoon to have a
dark and sinister underbelly like this one it’s not unfeasible that the rest of
the series is simply Bob’s slowly making his way through the grieving process and
coming to terms with the death of his family regardless this story is
definitely one of the more disturbing ones out there but what do you think do
you have any crazy theories about Bob’s Burgers do you think any of these make
sense let us know in the comments section below don’t forget to like this
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stay wicked

100 thoughts on “Is Bob’s Family Dead? Crazy Bob’s Burgers Theories That Change Everything

  1. I think everyone is dead but Bob killed them and fishowner thought they tragically died so he gave Bob a similar family that Bob has wanted to murder but not be caught

  2. I think the reason Louise has The hat is because she’s balding like bob

    Edit: holy shit, i’ve never gotten this much attention!

  3. Fishoder's similarities to Odin is the only one that's remotely impressive.
    All the other ones are "everybody's dead" or "it's all in somebody's head."

  4. I think bob is just crazy he never had a family he made it all up his seeing ppl and everybody in the town know that’s his crazy so they act like he haves a family

  5. OMG. Stop trying to look into shows. You know what they are.. people making shows. They're trying to make it interesting. Period. Do you like the show? Yes) then stop with the analysis.
    No) then stop with the analysis.

  6. The intro of Bob's burgers the kids in that die just cause of the stupid things that happen in the intro, fire then the rats and electric pole, that is messed up and I thought i was insane but nope this theory in the video is more insane than me

  7. 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

  8. 1. how can every episode be in a different universe if the only thing that changes is the names of the companies? a lot would have changed
    2. louise has shown affection to her mother many times, it's also clear that she likes her father very much but doesn't show it all the time. for me, it's clear that she is just attached to the bunny hat and that's all
    3. it might be some true to that (even tho it's a little to far) but bob's job was not a flashback but his imagination.. and come on? they're business rivals, linda cheating on bob its ridiculous
    4. ??????????????????????????????????????????
    5. okay but how would everyone else see the rest of the family? hallucinations are not that complex in rl and really? what relation is that to hugo being jealous of linda to blaming him for her death? bobs allucinations are not NEARLY as complex for him to create a fantasy world where his family is still alive
    i mean that's just stupid
    bob sees a cow in a clowd and talks nonsense to her = OMG HIS FAMILY IS DEAD HE IMAGINES IT ALL
    oh please let's just make jimmy jr gay and messes around with zeke that's why he doesn't like tina, it's a much more fun theory

  9. They can’t all be dead if they have shadows and people interact with the “dead” family. It just doesn’t work that way.

  10. The Mr. Fischoeder theory is the only one that is even remotely creative. All of the rest are just lazy theories that are applied to almost every show out there.

  11. Well seeing how the office job wasn't a flashback, it was a freaking nightmare that Bob had… Really, have you even watched the show?

  12. Hi I agree with the Linda as a high functioning alcoholic theory because if you wanted to add a dark unbelly to the show which is already pretty realistic for a network adult cartoon then this theory would have add a flavor only meant to be seen on a cable or streaming service. You see the hints of the theory possibly working especially with the Linda and Louise relationship in that Louise along with the other theory of looking like Linda, resents Linda for tearing the family apart and forcing then to live apart and that unlike Tina who is really forgiving and Genie who's just plain Genie then Louise would be the only one to out right resent Linda. Then add to the fact that even then Tina who more forgiving would still have her own resentment issues like not wanting her to be around and trying to make up for her short coming of being scared by tagging along with Louise. Bob would have to allow this behavior because he doesn't need the added stress of at least two of his children outright hating their mother, he can live with then not trusting her and disliking her but the line for him is hating because he saw how him hating his own father Big Bob has affected him negatively and that is why unlike Big Bob, Bob can put up with more of the children antic's and see then as expressions of feelings but he also doesn't see them as the cry's for help that they are meant to be.

  13. They're not dead, Season 10 is still in making and the first three episodes are aired, Plus if they were in a different universe, then the other people will act different.

  14. next bobs burgers theory linda and bob are siblings and kenny is their grandpa. !: if linda died then how does she look the same? 2: if kenny keeps dying then maybe bobs burgers take place in the future, NOT A THEORY JUST A JOKE taffy butt

  15. Cc. %. 👪🏃🏻‍♂️👩‍❤️‍👩👯‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🧶👘👨‍👦👨‍👨‍👦👯‍♂️👩‍❤️‍👩👯‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️👩‍❤️‍👩🏃🏻‍♂️

  16. Why does everyone think that every cartoon character is dead or all of his friends are imaginary? Seriously, it’s kinda getting old at this point.

  17. I think Bob's Burgers is an Alternative Universe: Bob is really Billy Joel, a version of BJ who never learned to play the piano. This is what his life would be if he never became a rock star…

  18. I think Louise is just infatuated with her hat like a security blanket. The series of accidents are due to the Fischoeders being oblivious and bad landlords who squander their money on expensive alcohol, bad women, and ridiculous designer wear.

  19. All u gotta do to make a creepy cartoon theory is make one of the main characters seem like she or he thinks everyone’s alive while in reality everyone’s dead 🤷🏾‍♂️

  20. Yes, Bob is located next to the funeral home because everyone who has a family member die moves next to a funeral home.
    These theories stupid as shit.

  21. The holiday episodes I can take being alternate versions of the first year but not every episode being alternate timelines due to the continuity of the show.

  22. the charm of bob’s burgers is them being a regular degular family that runs a burger shop. wholesome mishaps MAKE the belchers. and why is every cartoon theory the same lmao

  23. Fun fact bobs burgers was actually going to be about a family that sold burgers made from human meat but fox was like psh nah we already have to many dark shows so they compromised and made it more wholesome

  24. All I'm going to say is how are you going to have a multiple universe theory with no mention of the store next door,though the store next door would invalidate the cause of universal change unless it changes the second they call an exterminator….it could work as a theory but the cause would have to come probably long before they make the call

  25. The first one is incorrect because of the bathroom. After Felix changes it, it stays that way. Also, the one-eyed snakes are still friends with them, etc.

  26. soooo…. Bob's dead child Louise, somehow, from beyond the grave, spread the rumor at school, that they serve human remains?

  27. I can't believe I watched this…. The only one that made sense was Louise wearing her hat so she didn't look like Linda. There is continuity and they occasionally make nods at past episodes so the conspiracy one is half-baked. I mean the biggest one is Tiny and Jimmy Junior being on-and-off throughout the seasons. Linda is an alcoholic, sure, but even you admitted the Pesto one was ridiculous. And the rest can really be explained away by "ALL FIVE MAIN CHARACTERS INTERACT WITH OTHER! PEOPLE" I feel like these were written by people who don't watch the show.

  28. I think they’re cannibals and kill their neighbors next door that’s why the store is always changing and the funeral home always stays. They kill the neighbors and put them into burgers and sell them to unsuspecting customers. Hints that’s why in one episode they were almost busted when they were accused of human meat until the end of the episode they just said yes we’re selling human meat.

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