100 thoughts on “Iron Pan Chicken by the BBQ Pit Boys

  1. One of the best birds I have ever had was cooked in a dutch oven in a fire pit low and slow with a quart of apple juice

  2. Well that's why when you make your own you can add more SPG if you want. If the Pit Boys like just a little, then they can put a little… so what's the problem?

  3. I wish you guys would do a video just talking about the best grills and smokers to buy and things to look out for when buying a grill or a smoker. Also things like, which woods are best to smoke different types of meat with. Tips on how to get your grill hot quickly and how to keep it that way until your finished cooking or the best grill accessories to buy and why… I think those kinds of informative videos would be good for beginners!

  4. i have Said for the last couple of years…i may jump on a plane and come to visit you guys, just for the sake for chilling out with the BBQ pit boys… ill bring the beer! 🙂
    Love from the UK

  5. Definitely some tasty-looking bird! I liked the addition of coffee to the drippings – a little bit like good old red-eye.

  6. That's actually more common than you might think, at least down south. Fried country ham and "red eye" gravy – a bit of black coffee boiled up with the fried ham drippings – is an old southern classic. I've mostly had cream gravy with my roasted or fried chicken, but I'm betting this one is pretty tasty too.

  7. I made this about a week ago.
    There's a pretty good chance I won't be allowed to cook anything except this on the grill ever again…
    If we could've eaten the bones, we would've.

  8. I love cast iron cooking. The skillets I have cooked many meals for me as a child… One of them cooked meals when my dad (who just turned 67) was a child.
    When you get it right, you don't have to make it again.

  9. You guys need to do a recipe involving duck, because that is a classic bird and you can have to have a video on a recipe involving it.
    Also duck is good.

  10. Black Iron Chicken is what's for dinner TONIGHT!! Perfect timing! I like the gravy recipe as the BIG Bonus, here! Just heating my skillet on the coals right now– woot woo!! Thank you, BBQ Pitboys!

  11. Made this today.  It was goooood.  I make my own rub but spiced it up a bit with some extra paprika and ancho chile.  Prolly the best advice you gave was making sure you let it rest.  I took it off the grill (it was really pretty), loosely wrapped it in foil, and went and finished chores for the next hour.  I sort of forgot about it, walked in the house and saw it waiting.  Cut it up and served with mashed potatoes and gravy made earlier from the pan.  Can't believe how juicy and delicious it was on the first try.  I have to give 100% credit to your great video.  Your directions and tips were so good it made me look a pro on my first try.  Now I'm trying to get my dad to watch some of your vids now (hope it helps him out, heh).  Thanks again!  Can't wait to try some of your other stuff out.

    You know… it's really easy and relaxing way to cook too.  Get the grill and coals ready… prep the chicken… by the time your done the coals are good… start cooking… make the taters and do some work… drink a beer… take the chicken off… make the gravy… wrap and finish working around the place… by the time your done workin you walk in and supper's just waiting.  Get the kids and nothing left to do but enjoy it all.  Sorry for the long post.

  12. When I season my birds I like to mix the seasonings into some butter and then rub the butter around under the skin. Helps to crisp it up more and adds to the juiciness.

  13. me and my family have been enjoying this recipe for years now including the coffee gravy and different combinations of spices and wood chips. love it.

  14. How often do you treat (or as my grandma would say season) your cast iron pans to keep them in shape? Do you have a video on doing this by chance?And how often do you recommend doing this process?

  15. You guys are the best !
    Ive tried many of your recipes and they always turn out great.
    Im wondering if you would do a VIDEO on how to season a cast iron pan ?
    ive watched numerous ones on You Tube but trust you guys more. Besides still can' t get it right..
    one more thing. Im getting a cast iron grill grate and would like to know even though it's preseasoned do i still season it regularly

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