Ink Cartridges Are A Scam

Ink Cartridges Are A Scam

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  1. Merriam-Webster backs me up, you goobers.
    “plural; mouses : a small mobile manual device that controls movement of the cursor and selection of functions on a computer display” ✌🏻

  2. Yeah, what a stupid little scam. Those printers, they suck, those damned little plastic junkware, their drivers, their replaceable ink, their cartridges, their warranty, their servicing, OMG ! And then get a new one & repeat it all over again !

  3. my printer has said that i have no ink for like 5 months now. i can still use the printer after fiddling with some settings, but honestly until my paper is coming out with jack shit on it, i'm not buying any new cartridges.

  4. I was gonna get new inks for my HP C7280 for making diagnostic test for fixing printing problems and now i won't! Thanks a lot!

  5. Epson EcoTank printers have refillable ink tanks built in and the printer comes with about 2 years of ink. I've used them at work and they're great! So, there is your solution!

  6. Well…… the companies and where they are located and I'll get my glock and do the dirty work for you

  7. is this accour on epson and hp only?? cause my canon can print black even colour already finish.. i also use same cartridges and injecting it with 5dollar ink and it work flawlessly

  8. I pay $5 for hp ink cartridges and I try to see if it still had ink in by tricking the chip but it still said empty

  9. I don't think that a video had to be made about this, it has been known for a while, I didn't see at cost prices for it to know it was a scam, people just need to not go in and buy a printer themselves, and get sold a printer by someone at a store like a Best Buy or a staples, or people are just stupid and don't realize that they have to "replace" ink so often when they only print like one time a month.

  10. My Printer: Ink Is Low Would You Like To Print?
    Me: Print.
    ‘’Printer Printing’’
    Page: LICK MY NUTS
    When I see That the Fuccin Page Has Nuthing.

  11. Never owned a printer in my life. Just like the vast majority of the human population. It isn't something anyone actually needs. There are places you can go to print shit off for you, and virtually nobody is doing the kind of mass printing that would be required for this to even be profitable except for corporations, not public consumers. Let the CEO's worry about this shit, and believe me, they will.

  12. I learned not to use printers in the 90s, i bought 3 printers, they all worked like shit so i just dont use it, if someone asks for something printed i just send the file and tell the person to print it herself. I dont give any money to the ink mafia

  13. I switched from HP inkjet to Brother cheap mono laser printers and it seems to have worked out. Toner doesn't evaporate as liquid ink does and if you pick the right device you can get cheap toner.

  14. It's so funny. In my post-soviet country literally no one buys new cartridges, it's a common knowledge that you refill them at a one of million local "print shops". We don't have that much money to just flush it into scams. xD

  15. you are supposed to deliver the solution in the end ……you just freaked everybody and vanished….sooo mean…!

  16. When i change ink cartridge on my HP 1515, it always tries to print a "test" page which is, of course, full of ink patterns. Why ? TO WASTE THE FUCKING INK I JUST BOUGHT !!! And i cant find any cheap replacement for my ink cartridge. I used to have Epson, and i only had to play 2 euros per cartridge ! Let me repeat… 2 FUCKING EUROS !!!

  17. Make a 3D printer hold a Sharpie Pen, and draw with that. It would be like the old printer plotters I used in drafting school about 30 years ago, that never seemed to stop working, through years of work by countess students daily.

  18. So you basically pay for something you already bought so that it keeps working?
    Sounds a lot like EA to me

  19. You know I wanted to print something and after 1 page had been printed, the printer told me that there was no paper left.
    …after pulling the paper in and simply not printing on it…
    I then used my other printer which also didn't work. Up until this point it just didn't print. It said that the ink cartridges are about 20% filled. But I really had to print something so I just bought a cartridge (Ink for 190 pages for 19.99€. F you HP). So I plugged in the brand new cartridge and…suddenly it told me to replace the color cartridge. I just wanted to print a B&W page but it wouldn't let me because now – all of a sudden – the color ink cartridge allegedly had to be replaced. BUT: I just took it out and now the printer is operating in "one cartridge mode".
    Kiss my ass HP or any other printer company.

  20. I've actually been out of black ink while printing something but it still printed in a very light cyan/blue color because i had no black ink so i can confirm they mix colors when printing

  21. I bought a wireless printer for $30… wireless didn't work, had to buy a cable that was $30 just to connect it.

  22. Get an ink-tank printer or a typewriter. Highly recommend the later, ink ribbons last for ages, and are fairly inexpensive to replace.

  23. It's cheaper and more efficient to buy a new printer and throw out the old one every time you run out of ink.

  24. If printers are sold at a loss, and cost as much as the ink, then just buy a new printer each time you need ink and slowly the Printer manufacture will go broke ^__^

  25. instead of buying a new set cartridge i change it to sledgehammer thanks man! and oh! thanks chinese manufacture for having has cheapest ink alternatives!

  26. I've only had 2 printers in 10 years . Both were great. But I did go through a ton of ink. The price of cartridges bites! Tried that refilling the cartridge think but never got good results. Now I know why! lol

  27. Funny, if you search for "Ink Scam" on youtube, there are no results…

    It smells like a cartel agreement between Google and Ink-Sellers… ehö ehö

  28. Oh boy, you've just found out how Post-Modern/Neoliberal Capitalism works IN EVERY SINGLE AREA OF THE WORLD'S ECONOMY

  29. This was my climet change carbon problem, I try to tell my liberal friends lets stop corporation that do this not go after small ppl that have cars to go to work, you know them with the Toyota Honda Volvo, not the electric ones that cost 60k, and they say no, the ppl are the problem, hes a vegan that has 4 dogs that eat a cow a week. Good job I seen this problem before but it's good to see ppl explaining it like a pro.

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