Incredible Baked Hatch Chile Macaroni and cheese recipe fast and easy!

Incredible Baked Hatch Chile Macaroni and cheese recipe fast and easy!

love you everybody welcome back to the channel
I’m Todd you know it’s Deborah the Sassy Kitchen queen you know they’re
having a great Saturday night hopefully with bacon as you see she just decided to cook and I just
decided to eat it so oh yeah this is gonna be some delicious
hatch chilies inspired mcafee and cheese welcome back guys okay so this is
actually a little bit more than just year around the guild macaroni cheese
we’re doing this for Shane and the collaboration that
started actually about four weeks ago and somehow I just never heard about it
just not paying attention to folks and I should be hashtag cooking against cancer
so it’s Saturday night here and I’m counting over 12 or a dozen or more
people in the uploaded video and so so we’re going to go ahead and jump in the
ring and support the effort and then we’re gonna leave a link to Shane’s
channel down below as you see shots of kitchen cleaners picking up a nice
little monster macaroni cheese thing here she’s got some cheese cream creamy
cheese that she’s making she’s got some bacon what else you got going on babe I’m going to actually melt all my
cheese’s together so I found this in the cupboard pour the mixture over the
macaroni some of you might know a lot of you don’t we have a personal experience
with cancer debra about ten years ago was diagnosed
with stage 3 colorectal cancer it was a it was a big scare we we had a lot of
our own little trials and tribulations and we got through it we took out the
heavy hitters we got them on board and here you know seven years later she’s
cured so not a lot of people can say that
shame I know you had a rough time with your son
my condolences to pre-loss so since this is my favorite dish hey we’re gonna go
ahead and make it as a tribute to everyone that might have have had a
little bouts of cancer okay so we’re going to get busy here look forgive me
if I don’t get involved and not too vocal I guess some I was watching all
the food channels today watching all these awesome Cubs make all these lots
of dishes and I start being all emotional and then I just stopped
watching because I started crying and you know my heart goes out to the men
and women’s that are fighting cancer and I just really wish they’d kind of here
already you know I mean some of it we’ve got survivors we’d have lost loved ones
and we have people that are fighting for their lives
and I happen to know some of those people and you know it’s I just started
cooking that’s what I do when I when I get all sad and feeling bad I cook
that’s what I do so he just kind of caught me in the kitchen all night
Russia so shut up so we’re gonna she’s gonna get cooking all right what you doing but not too
much actually I’m just warming this stuff and then I’m gonna put some pinko
in it I just want to kind of get on with you knowing that butter coconut butter
don’t really want them to brown in here has just been a brown in the oven
that’s gonna go and talk to the macaroni cheese so sorry about the sound fan got
a lot of hot dishes here cheese sauce ready to go it’s really delicious
let’s go I’ve got goat cheese in here goat cheese
I’ve got some sharp cheddar Tillamook my favorite I’ve had a brick of cream
cheese in here got some heavy cream and a little bit of milk all melted and then
just pour the cheese mixture over it and then mix the chili in maybe this much
because this stuff is a hot Oh parsley yes just for color color okay
now I’m just gonna put a small portion of it that’s chilly and that you thought
yeah good stuff yeah I’m not gonna put it all though because this stuff is like
really hot it’s hot just really really hot mix it around good there I mean I’m
sure that I think I want to taste it to see how the what the heat is like hmm going for it because I think that
this pasta and the cheese mixture here I’m going to just suck it up go for it
yep okay good then I’m just gonna pour it over our macaroni so let’s just get
this but this is a special cook obviously and definitely all joking
aside is very serious thing so we’re going to drop a link to the Ronald
McDonald House down the description which is the the charity of choice for
this collab so please visit it give what you can even if it’s just a small
donation I think actions speak louder than words and you might help somebody
that is in desperate need okay I’ve got my oven preheated
pretreated preheated to 400 degrees I’m gonna put some of this yummy bacon just
pepper this is a black forest peppercorn bacon I found this at this little store
then I thought I had to try it so and it tastes really delicious
but we’re just gonna put all this bacon here and save a little for the top and
mix it on it yeah you like this tiny it’s gonna be my senior you didn’t think
I was cooking tonight did you I just want the crunchy topping I’ll be
fine with just that well I’m gonna put those on there’s a garnish after this is
done and Marvin is ready how’s it look let’s take a peek it’s brown in it’s
starting to bubble on the edges yay you know if you’re looking you ain’t cookin
you say no smoker okay I love you honey thanks baby I love you
my cancer survivor where’s my macaroni and cheese oh yeah little smoke it well
that’s okay it’s that pink oh I’ve been huh the butter spilling over into the
trash oh she okay that’s all right so we just turn on the
fans a little bit a little here going here it’s not really smoking anymore I
don’t look bad at all it looks delicious and I’m just gonna put a little bit of
green onion garnish just a little bit just to give it some greenery don’t
wanna put too much snow night in dish they do any piece of his bacon cheer hmm
I pickens frigging good that’s good bacon right let’s dish this up I don’t know about you but I like
macaroni and cheese and that’s too high oh yeah it’s looking hot oh yeah it’s gonna be really hot though Oh those taste my freakin goodness
oh my god it’s so delicious you don’t let this hang how do you like it oh I
love it oh my god is so good here we go it’s delicious the hats chilly oh my
gosh my panko topping that cheese blend cheese the blend of cheeses I put
together that yummy bacon it is good poop on the back row any cheese kid by
the way the noodle head blow blow that’s outstanding everybody really
tasty well I just want to say thank you for joining us and viewing our channel
you know was it gonna cook today but I got sentimental and I felt like I really
needed to contribute and with that being said here is my patch mac and cheese
with bacon and it’s really delicious so does try out the links in description
to Shane’s website Ronald McDonald House hashtag cooking against cancer they
dedicate this dish to every survivor every loved one whose past all right
guys take care we’ll see on the next one you

30 thoughts on “Incredible Baked Hatch Chile Macaroni and cheese recipe fast and easy!

  1. So awesome that you kicked cancer Queen!!! (((hugs))) But yeah you got my "allergies" messing with me a little bit with that at the beginning. lol Awesome looking mac n cheese!!! THANK YOU for sharing and being a part of this collab…

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  10. OMG YESSSS!!!!!! My favorite couple is back! Love you both!! Loved this video guys. NOT only did the food look absolutely amazing. Cause I KNEW IT WOULD, MY queen cooked it! 👸🏻 💗 She always kills it in the kitchen! 😋 🔥 But.. most importantly I am so happy that that BEAUTIFUL AMZING GORGEOUS SWEETEST INCREDIBLE STRONG lady is here with us all!!! (Yes I’m crying 😭) 7 years thank you and GOD BLESS!!! ❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
    Then laughing at Todd’s remark. “I make sure she gets sad a lot”! Lmao 😂 🤣
    Ok. I have to dry these tears so I can finish watching you my love (Sassy). Ok and you too Todd! 😉 I love ya both and I’m am so happy and privileged to know you both and be in my life now!!!! I’m one lucky lil Rexy!!!! Thank you both for this beautiful video. #FUCKCANCER
    PS Sassy that Mac and cheese was KILLER!!!!!! 🔥 🤤 💋👸🏻

  11. Every day this savage disease takes someone’s life. So unfair and heartbreaking but then we have the Fighters and survivors that give us hope. I’ll make this short there was a point when I felt like I just couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to give up because I knew the irreversible damage all the treatment and surgeries were going to leave me with. I met this sweet little boy he was playing with his toys in the dr office he was happy and laughing and I turned to the mother and said your little boy is so adorable she looked up at me and said thank you tears with in her eyes and said he’s only 6 and he will most likely live out his life this way but lam so grateful his life was spared. This boy had the same type of cancer I did 6 years old with a colostomy bag. I lost it I had to leave the office for spell. That day I had a new prospective a new lease on life if you will and a grateful heart. “For the Taken🙏 💝the Fighters 💪🏼and the Survivors 👊🏼 💜🧡💛💚💙❤️.

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