I never thought I’d be making this video just because I never thought this day would come but as you may know if you are a long-time viewer, I live with my parents right now and they have, when I say they I actually just mean my mom, my mom has a very strict rule of, “you can live here for as long as you need to but do not bring a snake into this home.” Now this is something I’ve never even tried to argue like I’ve never really pushed it because I just knew, with all that my mom has already allowed me to get, that I just have to deal with that one rule. It honestly made me want to move out a little quicker because I love snakes like ridiculously. I love them. And I want one so bad. And a question I always get asked on my channel. Yeah. People always want to know why I don’t have one. Some people think I might be scared of them. People just can’t figure out why I don’t have a snake. Yeah. My parents- my mom is just, “nuh, no snakes.” and I already pushed it by bringing a tarantula home; she was never cool with tarantulas I just brought it home and was like, “sorry.” She nearly killed me. And we, ya’know, went back and forth for about two days about you know returning it but my mom is an animal lover so since it was already mine she ended up just being like “Just, just keep it.” So that has been something that I just never really tried to argue Well something amazing and terrific happened the other day I was running errands with my mom the other day because I was out of snails which is something my blue-tongue skink loves to eat. and I jokingly tweeted out on my way to the reptile store that I never know what I’m gonna come home with when I go to the reptile store but it’s never the thing I actually go to get. In my mind I was thinking maybe I was gonna look at some bearded dragons or something, because I’ve always wanted the white bearded dragons I think they’re awesome but I knew the store wouldn’t have them so I really wasn’t expecting anything. And we were driving there, and then something amazing happened. Pretend I’m crying. Pretend there’s tears. My mom told me I could get a snake. ♪ The best, the best, the best, the best ♪ My very own spaghetti noodle My very own floppy noodle! My very own danger noodle. My little spaghetti. My very own hissing machine. I know it only took her like six years, but she came around. I had to go out the minute she said I could get one. And I had to get a snake. I don’t know, you know, what she was thinking. If she meant, you know, I could get a snake, you know in a few months. Or in a few weeks. Or to go out in a few days and get one. But I got one within that hour of her saying I could get one. I was like, “You can’t take this back. I’m going to go get my own spaghetti noodle before you can say nevermind.” So now for the big unveiling. I’ve been… s-so ready to show you guys this. Dun-dun-dun-duun~ Wait. Just kidding! That’s not my snake, that’s Mushu’s dinner. Oh, it fell behind you, girl. It-It’s behind you- turn around. Tur- D-do you need help? Do you need help? Here you go. Love you. So that was obviously a joke. The funny thing is, is I don’t know what you’re expecting from my snake. I don’t know if you’re expecting like a huge monster, scary – People always think snakes are so scary and I am here to help end that stigma. I am here to try and help put your fears to rest because here is my very scary danger noodle. [As snake, deep voice] Hiss, hiss. [Taylor, normally] This is my snake. As you can tell, he is very spooky. [As snake, deep voice] Hiss, hiss, hiss. [Taylor, normally] He is full of danger. [As snake, deep voice] Hiss. [Taylor, normally] He is here to destroy. [As snake, deep voice] Hiss, hiss. [Taylor, normally] Let’s see if we can get a close-up of that spooky, spooky face. [As snake, deep voice] Hiss, hiss. [Taylor, normally] So I was in the car with my mom trying to decide on a name for my new Kenyan Sand Boa. We went through a lot of different names. I saw so many great name suggestions online – some of them had really cool meanings and some of them were just, y’know, silly. I wanted it to be a Disney name though to keep my Disney theme going ’cause a lot of my animals have Disney names because I love Disney. So I tell my mom this and we first come up with Jafar from Aladdin. Now I promise you, a lot of you are gonna like that name better than what we actually chose. So, we were tryna decide on a name and I said I wanted it to be Disney. My mom comes up with Jafar from Aladdin and then she goes “Wait, no! Brave Little Toaster!” My mum wanted me to name my very first snake Brave Little Toaster. Which, if you don’t know, is an old Disney movie which I actually really loved growing up. So I laughed and I tweeted about how stupid it was and I laughed some more. And then I said “You know what? I’m gonna name him Toast.” So this is Toast but my mom is gonna call him Brave Little Toaster. And that is his name, his name is Toast. We all know about Cheese, my cowfish, well now we have Toast. And cheese and toast together make grilled cheese. Look at his spooky little snake tongue. [As snake, deep voice] Hiss. [Taylor, normally] I have seen a video going around of Kenyan Sand Boas playing in like a sand box and I thought it was super cute and I wanted to watch it again now that I have Toast. So I looked it up and get this, his name is Waffle. Mine is Toast-ER. And that one’s Waffle. What goes in a toaster? Waffles. I just wanna point out I did not mean to do that and I was not trying to steal Waffle’s spotlight. I had no clue his name was Waffle. It’s just a coincidence that now Brave Little Toaster AKA Toast exists. Like I said, he is a Kenyan Sand Boa, I will make a video more about that later. But today I just wanted to introduce Toast. Now what does a spooky snake like Toast like to do with his life? Kill humans? No. Terrorise the city? Bite people? Draw blood from innocent victims? Kill? Murder? Let me show you. So here we have Toast. Now if we put Toast on something like, say, a dog bed he does some interesting things. There you go, Toast, do your thing. Show them what you do best, being Toast. You see Toast likes sand and Toast really can’t tell the difference between a dog bed and sand. ♪♪♪ So he often tries to dig his way into the dog bed. Spooky! Toast is truly a spooky snake. Now what happens if you grab Toast? Nothing. He just flops like a little noodle. And then he goes back on his way, doing noodle things. Now, let’s give Toast some sand. This is a bowl. Now let’s give Toast some sand. Well, I tried. There’s a book called “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” this is called “If You Give a Toast a Sand.” ♪♪♪ Yep. This is what it’s like having one as a pet. So much fuuuuuuuuun! ♪♪♪ Are you going to that sand that I spilt on the ground? Mmkay. Playin’ in the sand I spilled. Alright, thank you guys so much for watching, that’s the video for today. I hope you guys enjoyed, I’m super glad I have toast in my life now. I love snakes and this has been something I’ve wanted for a long time. There will be, of course, more videos of Toast and more videos of all my animals coming very soon. In the next few days I will be back in California and doing more collabs there. Can you say bye, Toast? Goodbye. Thank you guys so much for watching, I love you guys. Bye! Say bye, Toast. It won’t focus! Hey Cheese, you wanna tell everyone about your new tankmate? Introduce everyone to the new tank mate. No? Okay, I’ll just do it for you. It’s an Electric Maroon Clownfish with her anemone, which is right there! Yaaaaaaaaaay! ♪♪♪


  1. Just keep giving them attention and love and they’ll be super friendly X3

    Toast is a beautiful snek!

  2. 🤣🤣🤣 gaaaad! Hahahaha…I don't know why but when she raised the little (worm?), it made me laugh hard hahaha…plus her reaction. So priceless…

  3. Ok um I really want to get a Kenyan Sand Boa because I hear they are good beginners pet. I would like if some people can give me tips like
    1- how to set up a cage for the snake to be in
    2- where can I get food for the snake
    3- what name do you think I should name it (it will be a boy because I never really have pets that are boys)
    4-and any other tips that would be nice

    That you for the tips if you do know any

  4. My mom has the same rule, so I was like alright that means I gotta move out in like a week darn. But then I was complaining to my best friend and he said I could keep it at his house and my mothers exact words had been “no more living things in this house, especially a snake” therefore, I am getting my very first snake in just a little less than a week 😁

  5. Snakes are cute little noodles that hiss and people shouldn’t be afraid of them
    Thank you for coming to my ted talk

  6. Mine is named Pasketti.. he's adorable but a slippery noodle! Whenever I'm outside with him i think im gonna drop him..
    He's a Corn Snake and has spots and stripes!


  8. You should name another one of your snakes Duck. Since duck is a Disney name too 😂😂
    It will confuse the flip out of people
    Why would you name a snake after a different animal??!!!

  9. I have 3 danger noodles a ball python and to corn snakes and I'm trying to get them to switch to frozen how do I do that Taylor please help me

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  11. I went to a reptile expo, and the guy said, “What snake are you interested in seeing?”
    And i said, “Kenyan TOAST Boa.”

  12. 4:23 my sister got so annoyed with me coz i watched that movie multiple times every day that she had to hide the CD from me😂

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