How to tip in the USA: Tipping for dummies

How to tip in the USA: Tipping for dummies

34 thoughts on “How to tip in the USA: Tipping for dummies

  1. no offence but I'm glad I live in Australia, no nonsense.. just pay the amount and no extra. it's so annoying to do when visiting the US, been there 4 times and is always confusing. Restaurants, Bars, Taxi's, Tour Buses and so on.

  2. People need to be paid a living wage, but it seems in the US it's okay to pay people not enough and expect the consumer to pay the tab. Only in the States in the Western world. And I see huge complaints if one doesn't tip (read as: make up that person's wage).

    Not the fault of the service worker with whom I can sympathise, but some other level of obvious self-interest.

    It's awful to watch, and then to see it's also the only Western country with out free health care as well, what a bunch of cruel bastards. Anyway, whatever, my country is far from perfect as well, but as to tipping advice, well, I won't be told what to pay by anyone, ever, as a spending tourist the need of tips should not be my concern, it's the weirdos of self-interest you elect, who donate money to bastards of self-serving like your monstrous Republican Party. The truth is, the art of those with money have always billed those without money. That's tipping. It's bullshit, it's evil, it's immoral and bollocks to your advice.

    As for your pushing of "culture" and why this shouldn't be challenged, well, your culture here is a mess. A culture of not paying a living wage and of not defending that basic level of humanity, oh great – nice one. Great culture. I'm far from anti-American, but this pisses me right off and I will not apologise for it.

  3. 20% everyone!!! Unless they are terrible

    2 Dollars an hour is average for serving staff and they need every penny

  4. What do you think about some airports that don’t even have waiters at their restaurant to take your order, just iPads. Are you supposed to tip then?

  5. Good information!

    I have two questions, what's the standard for tipping when ordering takeout? Chinese places, sushi places.. You show up and pay at the counter and grab your food to go. Do you tip, and if so, is it lesser than 15% since no waiter service was provided?

    My other question is places where you pay before receiving service/food, like Sizzlers. If you pay by card, you can tip on the receipt but you haven't even received service or food.

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  7. Protip: you don't

    I mean, any extra amount you give out of your pockets is the tip. In the rest of the world you only tip for an excepcional service and not for everything… that doesn't make sense :/

  8. Ooph. Confusing. $50 plus 15% is NOT $65. Lol. $57.50 yall. 50 plus 7.50 tip. Grab a calculator if you are unsure. Or just double the tax on the bill. That will be close.

  9. Rant:
    usa's tipping culture is filth on so many levels it needs to stop.
    USA has among the highest taxes and oppressive laws on the planet yet that socialist gvnt revenue does not go to making infrastructure better or benefiting the population that are forced to live in predatory capitalism whereby customers have to tip simply out of FEAR of not getting good service or not having spit in their soup or GUILT TRIPPED for disagreeing with this custom. This is but one of the many reasons I will never travel to or even pass through the usa (others include its police surveillance state and its bogus fees and taxes like a "TSA 911 security fee”, its obnoxious arrogance that still like to claim theyre #1 like a failing empire, and overly commercial look that makes everywhere feel like a mall/shameless consumerism)

  10. We were in the USA recently for 5 weeks from New Zealand, and were totally confused by tipping for the 1st 2 weeks or so. The credit card way was perplexing, and seems a lot of paperwork. I'm sure we were underpaying or overpaying for a bit. Lyfy we liked, easy to follow tip, several of whom we never tipped, due to poor driving.

  11. Hi Chris. Great tips for everyone to use. For myself, it all comes down to the service that you receive. I consider myself a good tipper, but there have been times where I gave less because of the service I got. Thanks for sharing

  12. You used to blame all the vegas scams and resort fees , but tipping is the same profit bs. Tipping $5 shouldnt be a problem, the problem is how it became a gratitude for a good service to mandatory service fee. And you may have to tip first, thats a ridiculous

  13. A great idea !! Being from New Zealand I often struggle with this as we don't here…. I predict that this will be a very popular topic, so hoping for lots of views for you Chris!!

  14. The tipping culture in the US is bonkers!!! As an Aussie, I know that our workers here are being paid well – so I'll only occasionally tip for exceptional service. I just find it extraordinary that when I'm in the US, service staff, in essence become "beggars"…..really uncomfortable with the whole system and it's a bugbear for me every time

  15. Thanks Chris very helpful, you really need to budget in for tips if you are travelling to the US from other countries as it can add up. My daughter and I spent 5 weeks in the US which included a 21 day bus tour where you are expected to pay the tour guide $5 and the driver $3 a day in tips. Add in meals and other incidental tips and you could get quite a shock as to how much it comes out to.

  16. In countries where tipping is not customary::
    How does it work at fine dining restaurants?? The servers are paid well by the restaurant owner? Im sure the food prices have to be higher to allow the restaurant owner to pay a nice salary to the wait staff?? I live in a city that has many fine dining restaurants. Some wait staff have beem doing it 50 or more years. Made really good money due to tips.

  17. I usually tip according to the quality of the services….all not tips are created equal…some services is lousy I give less… but some places, they include gratuity tag along with the bill…watch out

  18. This is a great idea for a video! I feel that this video is also a great reminder for residents of the US on tipping customs at restaurants and hotels. When I have used Uber, I usually average rides between $8 and $16, so I usually tip $2 or $3. However, if the ride was exceptional, I'll usually tip more. Also, when I've eaten at restaurants in Canada, I've noticed that tipping is very similar; I'll usually tip 15-20% just like I do in the US.

  19. Having previously lived in a country were tipping is the norm, I found this video super informative and will put it to use when we're heading off to our 1st ever trip to the US in Jan 2020 – thanks Chris!

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