How To Prepare Vegetables : Julienne Carrots

How To Prepare Vegetables : Julienne Carrots

Today we are going to cut a carrot julienne
style. I’ve got a carrot here that I’ve squared off on all four sides so that it will be easier
to maneuver. So I am just going to make a cut down the side here. I’m going to square
this off so it will be nice and pretty. A julienne is actually about that long. We are
going to just cut match sticks essentially and that is a julienne cut on a carrot.

27 thoughts on “How To Prepare Vegetables : Julienne Carrots

  1. Not a true julienne cut
    thats more like an alumette cut
    which is bigger then a julienne

    Horrible cut
    My chef would laugh if he saw this

  2. Whats you guys don't understand is the average person doesn't care if its a julienne or an alumette cut they care about basic presentation and taste.

  3. Interesting. Safe and Slow.
    But for Restaurant or Hotel.

    I think i have to double the speed for serving it.

  4. it does matter presentation is just the fun of it you have to cook cut veggies at the same rate and uniformly and the only way to do that is to cut it right thats why they have measurements for each style so it can cook right

  5. Thats not juliennne.

    At first i thought that it was like that too, then i got yelled at by the chef for doing it wrong.

  6. Ah, the wonders of nonexpertvillage. Sometimes I come here just to chack my preconceptions, and they are almost always right.

  7. mmmmm 🙂 i never thought i'd be put off by the look of a carrot! what do you (chefs) do with the "waste product". I hope it gets used!Too many starving mouths in this world!

  8. !!!WOW!!!! i din know that if u cut the carrot like that it would end like like a matchstick size omgosh how did he separate those atoms in the carrots?!!

  9. There is too much waste here, not very practical or economical. Plus, most nutrients in veg are in or very near the skin, so its best to wash but not peel.

  10. If you cut the rest of the carrot like the way it was showed in the video, not even one half of the carrot would be used.

  11. So what you cut the edges off , most chefs do that instead of using a peeler because you can always use scrap for a nice stock no good chef is actually gonna let food go to waste

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