100 thoughts on “How to make Tofu look and taste like Chicken

  1. Great video, thanks. Can I use silken firm tofu for this? Also, can I refreeze the tofu after baking, ready to put into recipes?

  2. I tried but tbh it still CANT even come close to taste like chicken or sum. It was disgustang and i tried al your variations but no.
    For y’all wondering how it tasted: it tasted like rubber NOT chicken😩
    But i am confinced that this is the best way possible to make it☹️
    Tofu isnt my thing i guess

  3. Caramelization and the Mallaird reaction are two distinct processes. There's sometimes a bit of overlap, but you're pretty much looking at a pure Mallaird reaction–caramelization involves sugars, which you're not using.

  4. If you told someone in china or japan that we want to make tofu taste like chicken they will give you a very weird look. Tofu is tofu. Why make it taste like something else?

    What's next, a video to make rice taste like apple? What about broccoli that tastes like banana?

  5. Have done similar things with the drying out (including graduating from weighting it to clamps) and soy sauce and cornflour but I didn't know about the freezing part! Very excited to try. My tofu is drying out right now! Video is hilarious. Thanks!

  6. wtf. sorry mate you have to much time. In the end of the day you dont need tofu tastes like chicken if you need 20 hours for preperation. vegan can be much easier…

  7. I love tofu and am always looking for alternate prep methods. You made this explanation so fun with
    "Mixy-mixy-mix." x2 = SUBSCRIBED. Ya got me.

  8. I cooked 2 steaks, 1 lb of bacon, and 2 whole chickens. While watching this video. No wonder vegans are skinny, they eat every other day.

  9. how to kill tofu ; 1.- use microwawe 2.- put a lot of salt 3.- use GMO soya sauce (!!!)4.- use any chemical sauce you can buy 5.- please don't eat tofu just get some chicken ……..

  10. Looks pretty good mate!!! But don’t eat to much tofu all you out there, mix things up. Lentils, Peaprotein based faux meats, beans, spirulina, der are lots and lots of Protein sources out there!!!

  11. Why not just eat chicken… like y’all don’t wanna eat chicken cuz it’s so cruel and inhuman but you like the taste of it? Such hypocrites. A piece of lettuce died so you could eat that, have a heart. Eat a rock.

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