How to Make Hand Pulled Noodles

How to Make Hand Pulled Noodles

this is week 5 lets make noodles, hand coiled noodles it’s a little bit cold but I’m going to try it, its my day off so I thought that I’d give it a go. there is no way of doing this, without practicing and it needs a lot of practice and so basically I’m beating the gluten up right now the harder you beat it and generally the more elastic it becomes. to get a better one, its tougher! the louder it is, the better it is. make sure its nice and balanced before we start twisting two more goes and then we’re gonna go for the twist or us to decor a plat lets balance it out a little bit more so her goes for the plat tiring work, right, left right left right left, right its balanced, there we go ready for the dusting, just take of those ends, roll it in flower before it sticks too much we wanna try and get it, as even as possible make sure that you do this quick enough. Speed is incredibly important here, right through the middle fingers a light twist, flick over flower up twist flick fingers over flower off twist up flick over flower everytime through the middle flick over up flower again same everytime, try to get it balanced flick and possibly room for one more I’m happy with those in their crust Larry will vote bring that across, flower it one more time stretch it out a little and you can see there you go and take and lift off so it looks like I’m getting there cut that off and up just take your hand and there you go pretty happy with that! Blimey

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  1. actually nobody in the youtube will share any recipe of how to make noodle dough that can be stretch long.they just show how to stretch the dough , not the ingredient to make dough. go to any youtbe, non even one.whwreas the most important part is how to mix the dough, not the latter one stretched the dough. they absolutely cheat us

  2. 540 gr flour
    300 ml warm water or 350 its should be so soft
    1 tbs salt
    and baking powder
    all ingredient mix and must wait 40 minute. later can try it.
    everyone is selfish. your can use this recipe good luck 😉

  3. Hello, I have a question. I tried this evnening, and I could'nt strech the noodles. the stretching and twisting was not perfect, but I could manage, but my dough wouldn't stretch when I went for making the noodle. Here is my question, How do you manage to balance it when you stretch ? Is it beacause I used classic wheat flour instead of durum wheat or juste lot of practice ? (in the case of the practice, could you give me a tip ?) thanks

  4. Jeremy, cracking work! Thanks for sharing. My wife is a big admirer so I'll keep on learning from you. 🙂

  5. awesome video, incredebly impressed dude. im so going to learn this someday! right now im just flattening out my dough and cutting it into strands. But hand pulling is sooo cool!

  6. 1 1/2 C. High Gluten flour
    100-110 ml lukewarm water
    1/2 tsp salt
    mix for 15 min or doughy; wait 15-20 mins to relax gluten
    procede to kneed until dough is stretchy

  7. You seem like dancing wen you make those noodles… 😃😃👌👌.. could you please give the recipe for the dough…?

  8. I'm sure this is manageable and more importantly, extremely FUN. Only problem is acquiring the recipe for the dough itself. I imagine that given the amazingly elastic properties of these noodles, the recipe would call for some degree of bread flour (for its high gluten, and therefore high protein properties), water, salt, and eggs (even more protein for even stronger noodles).

    I don't see all purpose flour boding well at all, maybe if eggs are tossed into the mix. All this said, the actual recipe remains a mystery.

  9. What kind of flour are you using? I am using a flour with relatively high protein content. I tried German and Italian flours so far. Watch my video on pulled noodle making. Cheers

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