How to Make an In-N-Out Burger – Animal Style

How to Make an In-N-Out Burger – Animal Style

Hi a huge welcome to Steve’s kitchen I
got a new job working at in and out actually this is a special burger that
I’m going to dedicate to Jamie spafford over at Sorted He tweeted out he was missing the in and
out from the USA I’ve made one here today on Steve’s
kitchen just take a look at that one of the great things over here in the US is
they have access to a fantastic beef and this is my double double animal style How am I going to get my mouth around
that, they really are this big in the stores as well by the way So what is an animal what makes it animal style –
Animal style comes in two different forms on our burgers extra spread sauce, lettuce, tomato,
grilled onions, we add mustered fried on the patty, which means we put it on the
grill and add the Patty on it it gets all that succulent flavor in there
we add pickle on there as well – – so in a moment I’ll show you how to make
it but in the meantime I’ll show you how to taste it mmm So what are we waiting for let’s get in
the kitchen and make this double double animal style Oh and while we’re at it how about next
week join me and I’ll show you how to make the animal style fries Ok we start with the In-N-Out onions
because they take a little longer than the burgers, just going to take a large
onion we’re going to cut that in half Nip the end off, take off the skin and
they tend to use diced onions so I’m just going to take the knife and just
running into the onion near to the stalk end and then just take your knife and
slice it horizontally and then you just cut down and get nice diced onions So in a pan under medium heat I’m just
going to put a dash of oil and I’m going to use a little knob of butter as well
and then we’re just gonna pop the onions in there now I just want to caramelize
these onions a little bit so I’m going to fry them until they’re golden brown
Now you see I’ve got that beautiful golden brown on there, now I’m just going to
take a little bit of water, couple of tablespoons, pop it in there and this is
just to release the caramel and sort of evenly distribute it and they are pretty
much done we can leave them on the side Now we’ll prep our burger. Now I have
quarter-pound patties of ground beef here what we need to do is just shape them
out until they’re about four inches in diameter which is about 10 centimeters
and we want them to be about half an inch thick Now for those of you that want to know
I’m using a beef has got fifteen percent fat in it to get a bit of flavor in there
Now it’s a double-double so we’ve got two burgers per bun I’m just going to put a little bit of
pepper and a little bit of salt then we get these in the pan cooking we’ll
season the other side once they’re in the pan. Now get your pan
or skillet nice and hot and we’re going to put the seasoned side down into the pan three minutes in and out tell me so
whilst they’re cooking off we can season the other side a little bit of salt
again some pepper and the secret ingredient for a good double double we’re just going to take some mustard and
then I’m just going to spread it over this side of the burger. Now they’ve been
in the pan three minutes I’m just going to take this first one
should be lovely and brown on the back and let’s flip it over Let’s pop ourselves a piece of American on
top take some of those beautiful sautéed onions
and pop them on top of one of the burgers and a couple of minutes later
they are ready. Now let’s get on and construct our in and out burger. On our
base bun we’re going to put about a tablespoon of Thousand Island dressing they call it in and out sauce but I’m
pretty sure it’s a thousand island Next I’m going to lay my pickled
gherkins on there a little bit of green lettuce and then going to take a nice
slice of tomato or tomato and because it’s animal style I’m going to put some more sauce on
there as well ok bring over your onion covered burger pop it on there that’s
looking beautiful then it’s a double-double don’t forget
so on goes the second burger, my look at that now Now they don’t say so but I’m going to
but a little sauce on the lid as well and there you have it a double double
animal style Let’s pop the lid on as well so that’s
how you make an animal style in and out burger This tastes really close to the real
thing if you want to give it a try at home please share the love give this a
thumbs up and share the video with your friends I’m going to sit and enjoy this now you
guys take care and cheers Jamie for the idea i don’t think i’ve ever had such a
juicy burger and I’ll leave some links up here to some other videos take care i love to hear your comments
subscribe be good see you next time

100 thoughts on “How to Make an In-N-Out Burger – Animal Style

  1. When we were in the States we didn't go to an In N Out. Looks like we're going to have to try it next time we're there. We discovered a place called Five Guys that makes big burgers to order. If you see one you might want to give them a try. Just also wanted to say that the sauce they use might be closer to Kraft Sandwich Spread than straight thousand island. Not sure it it's available in the States though. Anyway, another enjoyable vid! I love learning from you.I would like to know where Michelle would really enjoy eating. I mean she doesn't like burgers so where would she choose? Just curious.

  2. Hi Steve, this looks amazing! Can I ask about seasoning?, I always season my mince before I make them into burgers does it make a difference to the taste? As I noticed you seasoned yours after? And I'm not a chef by any means lol. Thanks, Debbie xx

  3. Only thing is the thousand island is way off. It's secret sauce , it doesn't taste like thousand island. I live next to an in and out

  4. Thanks for posting. I spent 4 years out in Los Angeles but am now back in Virginia. I think what I missed the most (and I really am not kidding) is In-N-Out Burger. (Five Guys and other joints may be ok, but they really don't hold a candle, inho). Unfortuntately, from what I've read, it will be many years if ever before they hit the east coast. I am wondering it In-N-Out would consider selling it's spread packets over the internet. Not sure if they need to be refridgerated or not. Hmmm….

  5. First Off Ditch The Black Pepper In-N-Out Does Add Black Pepper. 2nd When You Mustard Fry That Patty You Don't Smear It You Make A Ring To Cook Evenly Throughout 3rd We Never Lay Our Cheese Like That Always Have A Cheese Fold. Lastly We Use SPREAD our own version on thousand island, which doesn't mean it's any random thousand island you find at the super market. Not Counting The Poor Grilled Onion, I Say You Really Nailed This One!

  6. that doesn't even look close and no they don't use of Thousand Island. are there in California where they originated and that is not the sauce. maybe you can pull that off in the UK or Aussie land as In-N-Out out but not here in the states

  7. Am I the only one that thinks that In'N'Out is overrated as fuck?
    But I like your video, you seem like a genuine dude. And yeah folks, use Beef and not Pork or Beef mixed with Pork, I know it sounds "better", but it actually doesn't IMO.

  8. FUK this! Patties need to be very thin, the mustard is not Dijon, it's American yellow mustard. Sauce only goes on the bottom. TRAIN WRECK

  9. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever since I came back to Korea I have been always ALWAYS craving for that!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your recipe vids yayyy I made that and if you put little bit more of mayonnaise and chopped pickles into that sauce it taste exactly the same with innout burger guys!! Thankyou❤️

  10. Well talk about a fitness burger 👍🏻 It looks really yoummy! I've noticed, here in Sweden they've started to put squers through large burgers like yours when served at a restaurant. I think it looks cool 😊

  11. If you are going to attempt to make In-N-Out you need a large steel frying pan. Teflon pans just won't cut it- and just forget about using a propane grill.

  12. No doubt that was a good burger. From what I have read, In-N-Out use a 60/40 lean ground beef. We can't get 60/40 unless we blend it at home. I will use a 73/27 lean and see what I can do with what is available to me. I really need to try the animal style and see what all the hoopla is about. thanks.

  13. It is not just how it looks! The meat is selected by type of cattle and what is fed to those animals! Tha's how you get the real style…er .. taste!

  14. Haha. I love the, sometimes…. reading some of the ppl from calis comments is like? Gah, those ppl seem annoying!… If there's a huge line for it, there just is. Something about the way something gets more attention, ppl follow… it doesn't always mean it's the greatest thing ever. I mean, Hitler had a following too. But anyway, I'm all like wth is so special about it…? It's just a burger. I just know I've never had it… Thousand island sauce? & grilled onions… haha haha. Ok, I'm sure it doesn't taste horrible but the way they talk about it, you'd think they thought it sprinkled it with gold. Isn't that how they make big Mac sauce? Like sweet reddish, (I forgot what that's called), thousand island, mayo, ketchup, vinegar, blah, idk. I know those arent the ingredients. I Just know ingredients are pretty basic when it comes to alotta things… I'm sure I can find it on the tho… more interested in the culinary part. Somewhat. I was trying to find ethnic restaurants locally & I somehow ended up here instead.

  15. I'm from L.A California in your double cheese burger not even close to in and out one the spread is lighter in color than the one you are using

  16. You should have asked in n out for some extra spread and they give it to u in a packet and you could have used it instead of the thousand island

  17. I think they actually do a smash type of burger, I also wouldn't be surprised if their patties often run at about 3.5 oz and not 4.

  18. "They are really this big in the store…" uhhh no they arent lol. Also, cook time is 3:45–4:15 but longer for patties that big. Other than that put the tomato under the lettuce and spread "In-N-Out Sauce" is a little different than thousand island but close enough.

  19. They do in fact use a thinner patty, 2 burgers at in and out are 1/4 lb total weight, (double) They sell so many burgers in an hour that to make a larger burger would increase the cooking time and slow down the line. Every in and out I’ve been to has a line around the restaurant moving constantly. At some you can see the young man or women earning their keep working this huge flattop grill. There must be 50 burgers on that and they are coming off and going on at a very fast pace. It’s an amazing process they have perfected.

  20. Gordon Ramsay says to put the spices into the ground beef itself. Makes sense too. Because why the heck not (unless one is bad at it).

  21. Believe it or not the cheese is folded along one edge, and placed, facing left, on top of the patty, so that, when it melts, the burger looks like it has a "smile". Check out Huell Howser's episode on the company.

  22. 1. The patties need to be much thinner
    2. The mustard needs to be yellow i.e. French's
    3. The sauce is not Thousand Island and for some reason your dressing looked like French salad dressing.

  23. The animal sauce is ketchup, mayo, pickled sweet relish and white distilled vinegar with a bit of sugar. NOT THOUSAND ISLAND!!!!

  24. Thanks for this recipe. We don't have In-N-Out restaurants in North Carolina. They only operate in California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.

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