How to Make a Pool Noodle Art Bot|Sophie’s World

How to Make a Pool Noodle Art Bot|Sophie’s World

Hi, I’m Sophie and welcome to my world.
You know I’m always looking around for new inspiration and I found this site, the link is down
below, and they made an art bot and what they did is they used a pool noodle and
electric toothbrush and an electric toothbrush and a pool noodle and it
makes its own art like this I’m gonna teach you how to make it right now so
for this I’m gonna be using a pool noodle now if it’s not the season and
you can’t find a pool noodle you can always use insulation foam and this you
can get at the hardware store but you are gonna need to cut it and wrap it
tight around your toothbrush now this is an electric toothbrush it’s got a
battery in it that powers it here’s the deal this came from the dollar store it’s a
really inexpensive one that’s what you want to use for this if you’ve got a really
nice one that’s great but I find that the lightweight dollar store brand is
what you want just look for the kind that has the push button on the bottom
not the switch on the bottom the push buttons work really well the switch
buttons not so much this is some mylar tape that I’ve got that I’m gonna
be using for decoration but you can use anything you want to decorate your art
bot you will need a serrated knife and that’s going to be to cut your pool
noodle I’ve got some heavy duty rubber bands scissors a ruler I’ve got some
googly eyes and a puffball nose but here’s the thing you can decorate this
anyway you want and then I’ve got some pipe cleaners and the great thing about
using a pool noodle is that you can stick lots of fun stuff in here so pipe
cleaners are great because they stick out beautifully now for my art portion
of my art bot these are gonna be the legs but they’re also going to be what
draws you want to make sure that you have markers you don’t want to use
pencils or crayons they’re just not they’re not going to leave any marks you
want to use some sort of marker and in this case I’m to be using Sharpie
markers because I found that they work really really well so the first thing
we’re gonna do is take your toothbrush out of its
container and you put the battery in so that when you turn it on it buzzes super
important so check it first make sure it works now you can use a bigger heavier
duty one but you know like the ones that you actually use to brush your teeth but the
lightweightedness of this is going to make it perfect for our art bot so
here’s what we’re gonna do we take our toothbrush and we measure it along
the side of our noodle and then using a serrated knife just cut straight down
now if you want to one of the things that you can do is take your tape and wrap it around
so that it meets on one side and that will make sure that you’re cutting it
straight across but again you don’t have to be too worried about this
because it’s not it’s not extra important than everything be exactly
right and straight and neat now the next thing that we are going to do is add the legs take two rubber bands here and you don’t have to wrap them around twice just wrap around
once and then you’re gonna take your fabulous handy dandy brush and put it in
there now it should turn on easily and you can do this either with the
toothbrush facing up or the toothbrush facing down the thing about this is you
get to play and have a good time with this and you know experiment with it
because the thing about it is you’re gonna find that different configurations
and different positions and make different art it’s really cool take my
pens and slide them in here and what you want to do is create like a tripod like
a triangle, so 3, then 2 and then directly across from it now it will take you
a little tiny bit of futzing to get exact placement of these guys once you get it done now
face just add eyes wherever you want and nose now here’s the thing you can
do this any way you want I love taking cleaners and like wrapping around my
finger to make some kind of interest brings the great thing about using a
pool noodle is that you can stick stuff into it really easily and this is
everything from popsicle sticks to like toothpicks like those frondy
toothpicks or the toothpicks that look like umbrellas what’s great is that you
can just really create whatever kind of bot you want I’m just making
something really simple here if you want to one of the things I’ve learned about pipe cleaners in making like little mouths which is kind of fun is
you can take a pipe cleaner push it into one side right then take it across give it a snip, bend it over push it in makes the perfect little mouth and if
you want to you know you can take another piece of tape and you can put it
right across here you can do whatever you want it’s really up to you now let
me show you how it works and how it draws take a piece of paper and take off my lids the nice thing about this is everything
comes apart so if you do end up using a really nice toothbrush it can just slide
right out as long as you don’t put anything that secures it for good
up there ok so stand it up just make sure that all your feet touch base and then turn it on now here’s where you may start having to play with it just a
little bit until you get it started you just need to move them around a little bit and then he should start moving around but you also might need to play with the pens or play with the placement of the
toothbrush brush side or brush side down the
more you play with the more you can see how it starts to move around on its own
and there you have it your very own art bot that will draw and
create what ever you can imagine more for more fun ideas inspired by the internet and you check us out at

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  1. I am finding that this does not work. The robot just stays perfectly still even with the toothbrush vibrating. What can I do?

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