How To Make 888 Chicken Fried Rice

How To Make 888 Chicken Fried Rice

Hi everyone, welcome back! Today I am
making a chicken fried rice recipe.I have done all of the mise en place, got
everything cut up and laid out ahead of time. If you’re just starting out cooking,
this is probably the most important lesson you should learn: read the
recipe, make sure you’ve got all of the ingredients, and take a few moments
before you start cooking to sort of lay everything out in the order that they’re
going to be used. It’ll save you a ton of headache later.
So first up with chicken fried rice is… chicken. So I’m gonna put that into a
bowl, and now we put in the rest of the ingredients for the chicken marinade. I’m using our homemade teriyaki sauce, and I will link to that above or
below. Also some baking soda, some cornstarch, and that’s just going to be a
little bit of a thickener, the baking soda is a tenderizer. I hesitate to show
you this, but that is msg. I love msg, I put it in pretty much every time. You can
leave it out if you have a problem with it. And I will grate in some ginger. So I
know that msg gets a really bad rap, but I suffer no ill effects from it and I
love the flavours that it brings out. I know that a lot of people, a lot of
people that are my friends, complain about MSG in things. “oh I got an MSG
headache!” surprisingly they don’t get an MSG headache when they’re eating other snack
foods that are filled, loaded with msg. So I kind of kind of questioned whether
they actually know what’s giving them a headache. Anyway, so we mix this all
together, and if you need a little bit more teriyaki sauce add a little bit
more. You don’t want to make it too wet at this point, you just sort of want to
flavour this chicken while we cook some of the other ingredients. Great I’ve got
a wok, this is a carbon steel wok, untreated / uncoated. I’m just going to
heat that up. In this bowl I’ve got a couple of eggs.
you just want to sort of fork those together a little bit. This is grape
seed oil, so we’ll heat up a little grape seed oil in the bottom of the pan.
Smoking hot already, and in goes the egg. I just I just fry that together
essentially making scrambled eggs. Don’t overcook it! Take it off the heat before
it gets too cooked, and just set that aside in this bowl. Now back on the heat a little more oil, and in goes the chicken. Great so the chicken is done, and I’ll
just slide that into the bowl with the egg. Then at this point you really
should clean up the inside of your wok so that the next things won’t burn. One
of the things you see in a Chinese kitchen, in a Chinese restaurant kitchen,
is in between each fry, the wok gets a thorough cleaning, fresh oil, and then
they throw the next thing in. So at home if you want to replicate it, you should
be doing the same thing. So there wasn’t really much left on the bottom after
frying the egg, but after frying the chicken there’s quite a bit there. So I’m
going to clean it up. And we’re back with a clean pan. So we’ll just heat that
up, induction cooktop it heats really quickly. So in with a little bit of oil
and we swirl that around. Already hot. From this point forward it’s just a
build in the pan. So in goes some carrots, and broccoli stems, and we’ll just fry those
around a little bit. How soft you cook these is really up to you. How much
crunch you want in the final dish, I kind of like having carrots and
broccoli stems with a little bit of substance, a little bit of crack. But if
you want them cooked to almost mush… Then that’s fine, it’s gonna be your
stir-fried rice. A little bit of char and flavour, so in go the white parts of some
green onions, the tops of broccoli, and some peas. And we’ll just stir that
around to heat those through. Now the chicken and the egg goes back in. Just stir-fry that a little bit just to
meld some of the flavours. It’s be great if I could flip this and
move the pan at the same time, but not on an induction cooktop. That’s just not
possible every time you lift the pan off, the cooktop shuts off, and beats and says
hey where’d the pan go? So once I got that stirred in, I’ve got already cooked
our rice I’ve used basmati rice and I cooked that this morning in chicken stock. Then just left it out on a sheet pan, to dry out. Of course everyone tells you
to use rice that was cooked yesterday or the day before, and that probably is the
best suggestion. But if you if you cook the rice a little bit on the dry side
and then put it out to dry on a sheet pan,
you’re gonna achieve great same-day results. A great video to watch on
cooking rice is what’s eating Dan on American Test Kitchen. So at this point
I’m looking at that and I say it needs a little bit more flavour. So a little more
teriyaki sauce, turn the heat down a little bit at this point so the rice
doesn’t stick to the bottom. And and this stuff, this is Togo Rishi it’s a Japanese
hot pepper spice. This isn’t, this definitely is not a Chinese fried rice. I
like flavours that are a little bit more on the Japanese side, and the beauty of a
fried rice is you can make it any way you want. So at this point I’d say we’re
ready to go to the table. Now you can serve this any way you like. I’m gonna
put this on the table tonight with a bunch of other things, but often I’ll
just cook this up and have it all week for my lunch. So I’m gonna save this for
my lunch. I’m not even gonna put that on the table for everybody.
Sprinkle on some green onion and you’ve got yourself an amazing
side dish, main dish, midnight snack, hangover food.
There’s nothing fried rice can’t cure! I should give it a taste. I
encourage you to make this your own. Play with the flavours don’t feel that
you have to follow one sort of flavour profile. If you want to put in chili sauce,
hot garlic sauce, any combination of flavours this would be fantastic. Because it is really fantastic! So give
it a try. Thank you stopping by see you again soon. How to make chicken fried rice.

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  2. I love Asian recipes…I have some Asian recipes as well on my channel…but they don't look as good as yours. I'm taking notes and I wish YouTube had smellovision…your dish looks so good.

  3. This a delicious fried rice recipe that I’ve been studying from you to make it today 👍 wish me luck 🙏Thank you Chef Glen 👏👏👏👏❤️🌿🌹

  4. Looks delicious! When I make fried rice I often like to add a dash of turmeric, it gives a beautiful golden colour. The sheet pan drying tip is very helpful, I hate having to wait overnight.

  5. In my country, Malaysia, we do have so many kinds of fried rice. Pineapple fried rice, mushrooms fried fice, salted fish fried rice, dried chillies fried rice, and many more

  6. I buy msg at the chinese grocery. They have robust bags of it. Perfectly fine. Makes food taste good. You don't need much either.

  7. MSG by itself is nothing bad, but it makes the food so good you have to exercise greater restraint to not completely stuff your face lol.

  8. ahh yes im so glad i have 32 dishes to do after making this simple 1 pan dish. no more headaches!

  9. Thanks for the recipe, I will be giving this one a try, I'll probably skip the peas as my lovely wife doesn't like peas in her fried rice 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🦘🦘

  10. This fried rice is delicious. We substitute chicken hearts and gizzards instead of chicken. The BOMB 💣

  11. Mise en place, yeah… had a near disaster cooking in my aunt's kitchen the other day. Been kooking there occasionally since her husband passed away in 2001, so I'm intimately familiar with where everything is/should be, but she gets household help nowadays and they move stuff. I had to take a pan off the hob and add a chunk of cold butter to save the situation. Extra rich chicken Marbella resulted. 😀

  12. MSG is made from seaweed, well the real stuff. Fried rice, rice is usually 1:1 ratio, and finished in the wok.

  13. Garlic, tomatoes, and most cheeses, are absolutely packed with naturally occurring MSG. Italian food should kill anyone who is sensitive to MSG.
    I had a friend who became sensitive to it as a result of some heart meds he was on. He got much more than headaches.

  14. MSG is fantastic. It never gave me a migraine and I know migraines. I did an elimination diet and intentionally used MSG to see if it was a trigger and it wasn't. I love making fried rice. I don't care for the sweet aspect of teriyaki, so I use just soy sauce instead. But the most important thing for me is a side of cheap brown gravy to put on top. Love the channel, thanks.

  15. I doubt youll read this but if you do the history of the MSG headache being faked is quite storied and also quite racist, super interesting though.

    Anyways i love it too but it DOES make me sick (i have pretty bad migraines from just about everything fun, i also cant drink or smoke really lol) but its occasionally worth the fact it doesnt stay down long lol

  16. gotta try this out. Might do half the peas and sub the other half for some edamame beans. Maybe some garlic chili sauce and some sesame seeds and sesame oil on top.

  17. I'd like to see the same fried rice video with sushi rice instead, I wonder if it'd make a difference.

  18. I'm a migraine suffer and have been since I was about 9-10 years old and I'm in my 50's now. I been using msg over the last few years with no ill effects at all. It brings out the natural flavours in the food even more.

  19. Msg does cause your taste buds to enlarge though, anyone who suffers from canker sores will tell probably tell you Msg can cause swelling on canker sores and even cause your tongue to bleed.

    Source: I have canker sores.

    Also quite like Msg used in the right way, have it on my heavily seasoned pan fried chicken breasts nearly every day. Never had any other ill effects from Msg.

    This recipe looks awesome 👌

  20. I made this last night…. awesome recipe… very tasty, and it was excellent leftover for lunch. This is going to be a new regular for us! I don’t know what to make from here next!

  21. Everyone suggests using day-old rice because this is a way for restaurants to use their old rice while making fresh for other dishes (I once worked as the only cook on my shift in a Chinese restaurant).

  22. Great video! I love making fried rice. What I find works great for dehydrating the rice quickly is I will just nuke it in the microwave, after cooking it, for 3-6 minutes on high (and stir it around to let it steam off), I can get that over-night rubbery rice texture (that won't clump / wad up) pretty quick that way.

  23. great vid as always, glen! and as for msg, i found the answer in while i was researching my autoimmune disorder: msg contains a LOT of histamine, and it makes your body release even more, which can cause headaches and migraines, as well as a lot of other symptoms. it might be natural and in a lot of foods, but when you're putting the crystals in, that's usually a heck of a lot more than you'd find in nature. plus foods that contain msg are often common allergens.

  24. Also ingredients containing MSG may be listed as hydrolyzed protein, autolyzed yeast, glutamic acid and yeast extract. So I better not see y’all with MSG issues munching on a bag of Cheetos okurrr

  25. "The first ingredient is, chicken."

    Come on, everybody knows the first ingredient of any recipe is high fructose corn syrup.

  26. I don't understand why your country has induction hobs, but not fan assisted ovens XD (I realise this does not apply to everyone)

  27. Just so you know, using those microwaveable 60 second rice packets you see a lot these days gives you the perfect fried rice texture if you use them straight out of the bag. Learned that from my room mate when I lived in Korea.

  28. On my replay list because it elevated my understanding of what fine fried rice is or can be. Thanks for the tips and techniques!

  29. Anti-MSG is the lazy mans anti-vaxx. Its all bullcrap and its fine for you unless you are one of the 1 in 10,000 that has an actual legit allergy. Otherwise, get the heck off facebook.

  30. Nice. I don't cook Chinese dishes without MSG although it does make me thirsty later on. It is "natural" in that it naturally occurs in food but the product MSG is a refined isolate.

    A lot of Chinese take-out chefs fry the eggs and add the rice right after — the egg is there for the whole time after that. I have tried it both ways over the years and adding at the beginning and leaving it there is the trick. It's also quite surprising how much of Chinese food is actually boiled before being put into the wok to quickly fry. The meat is quite often blanched first — some vegetables too. Sometimes things are blanched/fried in oil first. Things are seldom just fried in the one wok. The combination of different techniques in the one dish plays a big part in the textures and clarity of the final product. Combinations of dark and light soy, sugar, salt, Chinese rice wine and MSG are the basis to all the seasoning. The other thing is white pepper powder which is in basically everything.

    Khoan Vong has made a lot of great vids over the years and although he is based in the UK with its own subset of Chinese Take Away dishes you do get to see the backbone of a lot of classic westernized Chinese menu items. I have learned a load from him over the years and can now make pretty authentic Chinese take way food for better value than eating out. Here's one of his fried rice vids (he has several):

    Khoan's 5 Spice salt recipe called salt and pepper mix) is a great thing to have around the kitchen for Chinese cooking (mix of salt, sugar MSG, 5 spice). Te salt is first toasted in a wok — so very unusual. Fantastic for roast duck or just for seasoning meat for stir fry:

  31. Fair Bloody Dinkum, I have never had a problem with MSG, it is a salt derived from vegetables. The MSG scare mongers are dreaming.

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