How to Cure Psoriasis Naturally// Chinese Herbal Medicine

How to Cure Psoriasis Naturally// Chinese Herbal Medicine

Hey, what’s going on world? It’s Jumaane. I wanted to take this video and show you guys
my Chinese herbs; healing up the psoriasis. It’s been something that’s really really
helped get things a little faster in the healing process. Something totally new that I’ve tried. My wife’s boss suggested that we check this
out. And we kind of already knew about this place,
but we weren’t for sure if we wanted to go with it; but it really did pay off. So here is the dutch-oven my mother-in-law
so kindly let us borrow; that’s because we didn’t have the Chinese medicine pot. So this is an alternative here. Inside are the Chinese herbs! You want it to be relatively big, at least
for us we did, because we needed a lot of water. Alright, here we go! I’m dumping out the Chinese herbs. Look at all that goodness! Check that out, we’re going to get real
close here. You can kind of see (focuses in). It’s a lot of bark and plants. Maybe some licorice. All natural herbs. Super super good for us. And now we’re going to cook this in about
6 cups of water. What we’re going to do is boil this down
to about a serving size of a single mug. Bring it to a boil and whittle it down to
a cup so it’s going to be pretty strong by the end. (laughing) Alright, now the herbs are just about ready. See how it’s gotten a lot darker? We’ll see how much we got left here. Yeah, just wanted to show you guys how dark
the juice is. That is like coffee dark. Alright, we took that coffee; super dark;
about a cup there. Now we’re adding the second part; and this
is actually what’s going to go on my skin. Zoom in there…there we go. Add that in. A little bit more water. We’re going to cook this for another 20
minutes. That’s going to be the part where I use
that with wash towel to dab on my skin. WHEW! Mind you I’ve been drinking this…we’ll
I’ve drank this six times now and it gets worse every single time. Bottoms up. Now it’s about done. We’re going to take it and put it in that
bowl. Alright guys, I finished my cup of medicine
and it was pretty nasty(chuckling); really bitter. But often times the best things for your body
is the bitter things. So you know, eventually you get used to some
of the bitter taste and you actually like it, but in case of the Chinese medicine I
did not like this one. I’ll be checking in tomorrow. Getting a new diagnosis; what to do. Here we go. One word of advice, just make sure that you
know that your pot will be getting stained; most likely because the Chinese herbs are
strong and potent. That’s how much juice we had left over. And just my own experience, I’ve had to
do it for seven days and my healing has really sped up dramatically; compared to last year
when I had my flare up. It was at least three weeks. Three to four weeks before improvement started
to show. Even though I knew the good things; what to
do. This time it’s been about two and a half
weeks and given another two weeks it might just be gone; the whole thing. So we’ll see. I’m going to go in tomorrow to see the Chinese
medicine doctor again and he’s going to reassess my health and possibly give me a
new subscription or prescription…haha! You subscribe on youtube videos but… AA Pacific Herbs. Picked up my next stock here. It’s been healing really incredibly fast. Just really speeding up the healing process
and so try to get to your closest Chinese medicine doctor. Until next time y’all, love and peace.

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  4. Are those herbs specifically for psoriasis? If so, do you know what they're called? And if not, can I just stop by a local herb store and grab whatever herbs I think are necessary?

  5. there are many ways on healing psoriasis in a week , I have done it !, it is in your guts !, first : if your body is alkaline, psoriasis is finished !, I have drunk beer everyday for 18 years to test psoriasis and beer drinking is not a cause , I tried 1/4 of baking soda without aluminum (spoon measure ) , 4x my vitamins , 4x my omega , 3x my vitamin c, 4x my bone minerals , and in three days I got the results I expected !, Psoriasis is not something that can not be cured !, I Am happy !, I have learned that all illness have a cure !, but the doctors have a limit in their understanding of this illness , it goes according to their learning in the official learning ,
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