Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Cook The Perfect Burger | TASTE OF FOX

Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Cook The Perfect Burger | TASTE OF FOX

[drum beats] I’m going to show you
how to cook a flawlesss– [low range piano note] Beef burger. Watch and learn. The perfect burger
is a 70, 20, 10 ratio, 70% chuck
steak, 20% short rib, 10% fat freshly ground. Once that’s blended, lightly
season with onion powder, garlic powder, salt,
pepper, and then lightly dust it with chili flakes. Make you’re well in the
center, egg yolk in and blend. The secret here
is not overdo it. Once you’ve blended
that, take your cutter, press it into shape
evenly pressed. It evenly cooks. Bun, skillet, piping hot,
nicely toasted so it’s not going to be all soggy. Lightly oil the cast iron pan. Burger in. A great sear gives
a great flavor. Flip, 30 seconds each side
and then into the oven. [chimes and drums] Eight minutes later, roll
it around in those juices. Burger on, delicious. That is how you make a perfect
burger like a true master chef. [symbols and drums]

100 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Cook The Perfect Burger | TASTE OF FOX

  1. Hey people, freshly ground meat is much safer to cook to lower levels of doneness. This is fine.

  2. Here in the philippines if you make that patty you are the worst chef they dont know the difference between raw, rare and medium rare

  3. You never season your burger ahead of time because the salt will draw out the moisture. Also, you season on the surface of the burger to form a good crust. The is not a 'flawless' burger.

  4. Wait so those burgers that had I made yesterday they were perfectly cooked?? 😊 😂 i guess i should be on this show….and my mom criticized my cheeseburgers…..she almost made me feel bad

  5. It's interesting how Ramsay is the only chef you see season the meat and add eggs before forming the patties, everyone else seems to recommend forming the patties then seasoning after.

  6. Couple questions:

    1. Does he place the same skillet he used to sear the burgers on the stove into the oven?
    2. What temperature should you have the oven at for 8 minutes to finish the burgers off?

  7. Smash burgers taste and are better. Easier to cook, less time to cook, more tasty, and you dont need ro use the oven. Also, unless your puttingbthe burger in the oven (and are having a thick patty) dont season before you cook, else the burger will break

  8. As much as I love Gordon Ramsay, this is NOT how you make a burger. I mean you can make it that way, but I guarantee it’s not the best way

  9. you can say its medium-rare all you want. but that's raw and needs another minute or two it shouldn't be that red only slightly in the middle, its only brown in the crust in the video and its red all around. I'm no michelin star judge but can clearly see its raw.

  10. There is no way to cook a perfect burger inside the house!!!! It must be done on the backyard grill!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!

  11. Perfect in his opinion, what about those of us who don't want it Flamingo pink in the middle? I'd tell the waiter to take it back and get the chef to actually cook the thing. Don't be a smartasss on here saying "why don't you ask for it burnt or charcoal black then."

  12. Ramsay Gordon: I will teach you how to make a perfect beef burger?

    And doesn't cook the beef properly. I can see the middle has a pink colour meaning it's raw.

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