GOP Says Trump Was Joking About China as Damning Ukraine Texts Emerge: A Closer Look

GOP Says Trump Was Joking About China as Damning Ukraine Texts Emerge: A Closer Look

-Every day,
more evidence emerges in the impeachment inquiry
into President Trump, including damming
new text messages. For more on this, it’s time
for “A Closer Look.” [ Suspenseful theme plays ]
[ Cheering and applause ] As you’ll recall,
this all started when we found out that,
on an official phone call, the president dangled hundreds
of millions of dollars in military aid to Ukraine
and, in return, asked the president of Ukraine
to gin up politically motivated
investigations by telling him, “I would like you
to do us a favor.” Now, we already have
the notes from the call on a whistleblower’s account that was deemed credible
and urgent, but, over the weekend,
things got even worse for Trump when a second whistleblower
came forward. -This morning,
more breaking news. ABC News has learned
that the legal team representing the first
whistleblower is now representing
a second whistleblower. Attorney Mark Zaid told me
that the second whistleblower is a member of the
intelligence community with firsthand information on some of the allegations
at issue. -I gotta say, I’m shocked there
are only two whistleblowers. [ Laughter ]
I mean, you could blow
the whistle on this guy constantly. He’s like a soccer player
who runs down length of the field
with the ball in his hands and then throws it
into the net. [ Laughter and applause ] [as Trump]
What do you mean, offsides? Was I offsides? Now, Trump and many Republicans have tried a few different
arguments to defend his behavior and none of them
have been convincing. First, they argued that there
was no illegal quid pro quo because Trump literally
did not stay words quid pro quo on the phone call.
-The president didn’t do a darn thing wrong. When you
look at that conversation, there’s no threat. There’s no quid pro quo. -There’s no quid pro quo,
no demand, no pressure, no threat. -His claims were bogus. There was no quid pro quo. -The transcript comes out
and there is no quid pro quo. -I have zero problems
with this phone call. There is no quid pro quo. [ Laughter ]
-There was no threat. There was no quid pro quo [ Laughter ]
in this call. -There was no quid pro quo. [ Laughter ]
There was nothing. There was no quid pro quo,
at all. If you remember,
at the beginning, it was [slowly] quid pro quo. [ Laughter ]
-Okay. First of all, just the way he says it, you know he has no idea
what it means. [ Laughter ]
He says the words [as Trump, slowly]
quid pro quo the way you read a subway map
in a foreign country. [ Laughter ] [as Trump]
El treno por la aeroporto. Honey! I think it’s this one. This uno. [ Laughter ]
Second, you don’t need to literally say
the words quid pro quo for it to be a quid pro quo. It can be a crime, even if you
don’t stay name of the crime while you’re doing it. [ Laughter ]
You can still be busted for buying weed,
even if you don’t say, “Hello, I’m interested in the
possession of cannabis, please.” [ Laughter ]
“How much do you want?” “Well, my intend is
to distribute.” [ Laughter ] But don’t take it from me. Take it from republican
Senator Lindsey Graham, who said this about Bill
Clinton’s impeachment in 1999. -He doesn’t to have say,
“Go lie for me” to be a crime. You don’t have to say,
“Let’s obstruct justice” for it to be a crime. You judge people on their
conduct, not magic phrases. -Of course, if we did judge
Trump on magic phrases, that’d work, too, because
he says quid pro quo like he’s casting a spell
at Hogwarts. [ Laughter ]
[as trump] Quid…pro…quo! Look! Look, everyone! [ Cheering and applause ] I just turned my bat
into a lawyer. [ Laughter ] Not all the way, but close. Not only was this obviously
a quid pro quo, but it turns out Trump
was basically dragging as many as countries as he could
into his political crusade to investigate Joe Biden
and prove that the Russian
investigation was somehow a deep state witch hunt
orchestrated by the Democrats. As we found out last week,
he also involved Australia, Italy, and the UK in his
personal political crusade. In fact, he specifically
asked the UK for help after they got their new
prime minister, Boris Johnson, who has been very
friendly to Trump. I mean, look at these two. [ Laughter ] This looks like an audition room where two
less-good-lookin’ actors are about to lose out on a role to Nick Nolte. [ Laughter ] [as Trump] You also here
for “Prince of Tides”? Yeah, me, too.
I didn’t — I didn’t learn any lines. I’m just gonna make stuff up. [ Laughter ] Whoa!
These tides today, huh? [ Laughter ] [ Fresh laughter ] Lotta tides, yeah. Who’s the girl in this movie? Barbra Streisand?! Oh [bleep] me! [ Boisterous laughter ] I’m never gonna get it now! [ Laughter fading ] [ Fresh laughter ] Then, last week, of course,
after involving Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Australia, and the UK in his personal
political vendettas, Trump just confessed on TV
and, for the hell of it, threw China in there, too. -What, exactly, did you
hope Zelensky would do about the Bidens
after your phone call? -Exactly!
-Well, I would think that, if they were honest about it,
they’d start a major investigation
into the Bidens. It’s a very simple answer. They should investigate
the Bidens. Likewise, China should start an investigation
into the Bidens. -So, now, he’s asking
China, too. At this point, it would be
easier for cable news shows to tell us which countries
Trump hasn’t tried to extort. [ Laughter ] Now, Republicans — Republicans
first tried to argue there was no illegal
quid pro quo, but, now that he’s literally
said the crime out loud on TV, you might be asking yourself, “How can they possibly
defend him?” Well, Republicans have come up
with a new defense: He was just joking. -Are you comfortable with what
the president has said here in this call for foreign
governments, Ukraine and China, to investigate
his political opponent? -Well, I doubt if the
China comment was serious,
to tell you the truth. [chuckling]
The president loves to go out on the White House driveway. I haven’t talked
to him about this. I don’t know what
the president was thinking, but I knew he loves
to bait the press. -Do you think it’s appropriate
for President Trump to ask China and Ukraine
to investigate Joe Biden? -George, you really
think he was serious about thinking that China’s
gonna investigate, uh, the Biden family? -I don’t know if that’s
a real request or him just needling the press, knowing that you guys were
gonna get outraged by it. I think he did it
to provoke you to ask me and others
and get outraged by it. -Yeah, but, come on,
he’s the president. We have to take
his word seriously. It’s not his job
to outrage people. You’re talkin’ about him
like he’s some shock jock
with a morning radio show. [ Laughter ]
[as Trump] If you ask me, China should investigate Biden [ Siren wailing ]
and — Oh! [ Laughter ]
You know what that sound means. It’s time for the Wolf Pack
to call in with your sex questions.
-[Howling] [ Laughter ]
-Yeah! And, remember, whoever has
the dirtiest question wins two free tickets
to tonight’s monster truck show. [ Engine revving,
air horn blaring ] [ Cheering and applause ] Of course, everyone knew what Trump was doing
when he was doing it. The president mysteriously
suspended hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid
that Ukraine desperately needed and then, he asked the president
of Ukraine to do us a favor by investigating
a political rival. At the same time, his personal
lawyer was going around telling reporters, “We’re
meddling in an investigation. There’s nothing illegal
about it. Someone could say
it’s improper.” [ Laughter ]
Somebody? How about everybody? [ Fresh laughter ]
I mean, even the president of Finland, when
he met with Trump last week, was like, “Get your crime
hand away from me!” [ Boisterous laughter
and applause ] Then —
[ Cheering and applause ] Then, on top of the facts
we already had, last week, we got newly
unearthed text messages from State Department officials
in which they made it very clear that they also knew
exactly what was going on. Now, as we established,
Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, who is in no way
a government official, was basically acting
as the middle man between Trump and Ukraine
on all this, which, right off the bat,
is a terrible choice. I mean, that’s like
if you were putting together a Ocean’s 11-style team
for your bank heist and you chose,
as your computer expert, Frank Costanza.
[ Laughter ] Although, he’d still probably
be better than Rudy at giving Trump legal advice. -There was no quid pro quo. -You don’t know
what the hell you’re doin’! [ Laughter ]
-Now, [ Cheering and applause ]
Rudy has repeatedly insisted he was acting on orders
from the State Department and even going so far
as to go on Fox News and show them phone calls
and text messages from one State Department
official, in particular, named Kurt Volker. -You didn’t get involved
on this on your own. Did our State Department ask you
to go on a mission for them? -They did. You know who I did it
at the request of? The State Department.
It’s all here. Right here.
[ Laughter ] The first call
from the State Department. I went to meet
Mr. Zelensky’s aide at the request
of the State Department. Here’s Kurt saying,
“Great. I will tell Yermak and he’ll visit with you there.
Thanks. Mr. Mayor, how was
your meeting with Andriy? Do you have time for a call? Best, Kurt.” -Man, you know
you’re a bad criminal when you keep the evidence
against you on multiple devices. [ Laughter ]
He’s got a phone, an iPad. What’s next?
Alexa, what’s it called when you ask someone
to do a favor for you in exchange for money? -It’s called a quid pro quo. [ Cheering and applause ]
Damn it! Now, Rudy pointed the blame directly at the
State Department, so, naturally, Democrats called Volker, the former State Department
official, to testify last week
and he revealed to them some incredibly damning text
messages that made it cheer that people
at the State Department knew exactly what was
happening at the time. In one text, Volker told
a Ukrainian official that a meeting with Trump
was basically contingent on the Ukrainian president doing the investigation
Trump wanted. -From Kurt Volker to Ukrainian presidential
advisor Andriy Yermak, it says, “Good lunch.
Thanks. Heard from White House. Assuming President Z convinces
Trump he will investigate, get to the bottom
of what happened in 2016, we will nail down date
for visit to Washington. Good luck.
See you tomorrow. Kurt.” -They wrote it all down.
It’s all right there. He even signs his name and says
“See you tomorrow. Kurt.” [ Laughter ]
So weird. It’s like if you left
a ransom note cut out from magazine letters
that said, “Give us the money or you’ll never see
your son again. [ Laughter ]
Have a great weekend. Kurt the Kidnapper.” [ Applause ]
But the text messages get even more — [ Applause ] Text messages get
even more explosive. For example, there’s an exchange between two
State Department officials where one of them
expresses concern about what’s going on
and the other one realizes they should not be texting
about this at all. -On September 1st, the top US diplomat
in Ukraine, Bill Taylor, texts the U.S. ambassador
to EU, Gordon Sondland, and writes this:
“Are we now saying that security assistance
and White House meetings are conditioned
on investigations?” Sondland says, “Call me.” [ Laughter ]
-Damn. Anytime you text someone
and they respond by saying, “Call me,” it is not good.
[ Laughter ] If you text a date,
“Looking forward to tonight,” and they text back, “Call me”… [ Laughter ] …that date is not happening. [ Laughter ]
The only thing worse is seein’ those three bubbles
come up for a while as you just wait
for your response. Like, “I can see you typing. Are you still typing? How long is this message?
Are we committing a crime? [ Laughter ]
Oh, no! [ Fresh laughter ]
Ohhh, no! It is a crime!” [ Applause ] So, now, the second
whistleblower coming forward and all this new evidence
coming out, Trump’s looking for a fall guy and, since he’s
a political mastermind who, apparently, is an expert
at manipulating the press, he looked around and he
found the perfect guy. the guy who everyone
would definitely believe was responsible for all of this: Energy Secretary Rick Perry. -President Trump
has a new defense for his July 25th phone call
to the president of Ukraine that is at the center of House Democrats’s
impeachment inquiry. Trump told House Republicans
Friday that he was urged to make the call
by Energy Secretary Rick Perry. Sources say Trump suggested
it was a call he didn’t even want to make. -That’s right.
He wants to us believe the mastermind behind all this
was Rick Perry. [ Laughter ]
I’m sorry, but people are not gonna believe Rick Perry is
the brains behind all of this because, what,
because he wears glasses? [ Laughter ]
But don’t take it from me. Take it from this guy. -I see Rick Perry the other day. He put glasses on so people
will think he’s smart. [ Laughter ] And it just doesn’t work! You know, people can see
through the glasses. [ Laughter ]
-Trump probably forgot he said that, then saw
Rick Perry one day and said, [as Trump]
“That guy must be smart. He wears glasses.
[ Laughter ] All the evidence is right
in front of us. The president used his office
and the entirety of American foreign policy to pursue his personal
political goals and people knew, at the time, that it was an obviously
corrupt abuse of power. So, Republicans, of you’re
confused about any of this, I’ll say it very slowly. [as Trump, slowly]
This was a… -[slowly] Quid pro quo. -This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheering and applause ]

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