Gobi Manchurian | Restaurant Style Gobi Manchurian Recipe in Telugu with English Subtitles

Gobi Manchurian | Restaurant Style Gobi Manchurian Recipe in Telugu with English Subtitles

Hello friends. I am Sireesha. Welcome to Siri’s Medi Kitchen. Today we will see how to prepare Gobi Manchurian. We are seeing Gobi Manchurian in hotels and stalls. Generally everybody will think that the preparation of Gobi Manchurian is very difficult. It is very easy to prepare. In outside Gobi Manchurian, vendors add food colours which is harmful to health. We can easily prepare healthy Gobi Manchurian very easily at home. If you like this recipe, click the like button present below this video. Share it. Do not forget to subscribe my channel. Let us see how to prepare Gobi Manchurian. Ingredients to prepare Gobi Manchurian: Cauliflower – 300 gms Corn Flour – 5 tbsp Maida – 3 tbsp Ginger (chopped) – 1 tbsp Garlic (chopped) – 1 tbsp Soya Sauce – 1 tsp Red Chilli Sauce – 3 tbsp Spring Onions (chopped) – 1 tbsp Salt as needed Green Chillis (chopped) – 1 tsp Pepper Powder – 1/2 tsp Tomato Ketchup – 2 tbsp Onions (chopped) – 1 medium size Oil for defry Add corn flour, maida, salt and one tbsp of chilli sauce to a bowl. Chillisauce gives spiciness to Cauliflower. Add little water then & there while mixing the paste and make paste with light thick consistency. Prepare paste like this. Add this to cauliflower and mix well until the paste mixed well with cauliflower. Like this, we mixed. Keep this aside and we will go to next process. Turn on flame and keep pan on it and pour fresh cooking oil for defry. After oil getting hot, keep it in medium flame. Add cauliflower pieces one by one to the oil, so that they will not stick to one another. Add seven or eight cauliflower pieces at a time and fry them. Fry until they turn into light brown colour. Keep flipping in between. Look at this, they turned into light brown. Take them out on tissue paper. Tissue paper squeezes excess oil from cauliflower. Repeat the same process to fry the remaining cauliflower pieces. Now Cauliflower Pakoda/pakora is ready. It is also very nice to take this with sauce. Keep another pan and add 2 tbsp of oil in medium flame. Add Garlic and ginger & fry for a minute. Then add onions and fry until the onions colour changes. After that ,add green chillis and pepper powder & fry them. Since salt is already present in sauces, we need not to add extra salt. Keep it in low flame. Add soya sauce and chilli sauce & mix for some time. Then add spring onions and tomato sauce & mix well. Look at this, how the colour is. It is very nice. Now add 2 tbsp of water to one tsp of cornflour and mix it. Now we are preparing Gobi Manchurian dry. Add corn flour mixture to the pan. For Gobi Manchurian gravy, we can add half cup water to two tbsp of corn flour, mix it and add to cauliflour. Now add cauliflower pakoda and mix them well. Mix well so that, masala will be coated nicely to cauliflower. See this, cauliflowers have nice colour. Now add spring onions and mix it. Now Gobi Manchurian is ready. Shift into serving bowl. Garnish with spring onions. You can also add chopped green chillis and grated ginger for garnishing. If you like this recipe, like it and share it. Don’t forget to subscribe my channel. Besides the subscribe, bell symbol is there. If you hit that bell, you can get the notifications as and when I upload my videos.

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