Furious World Tour | Germany Tour – Big Burgers, Schnitzels and More! | Furious Pete

Furious World Tour | Germany Tour – Big Burgers, Schnitzels and More! | Furious Pete

Sick, just sick. This is not a human, this is a machine… I think. I feel really queasy now. Sick! That’s not good for your digestion. I think, I couldn’t do that. That would take for me… I don’t know… but not in that short time! Today we’re going to have a Schnitzel-eating-contest. Between 2 and 2.5 Kilo (4.4-5.5 pounds). If you eat this 2 Kilo (4.4 pounds) Schnitzel in 45 minutes, you will get 100€ (141 CAD, 106 USD). If you eat it in a faster time, you could get even more than that. Well, he doesn’t look like he’s a quick eater. You must be careful that you cut the meat properly. That’s a coating made out of eggs and flour. I suppose that’s a 1.2-1.3 Kilo (2.6-2.9 pounds) Schnitzel. 1,365 Kilo (3 pounds). Two Schnitzels weigh 2.7 Kilo (6 pounds) – with fries it’s about 3.2 Kilo (7.1 pounds). That’s impossible to finish. The meaty taste becomes predominantly, thus you can’t eat it up. Even he won’t be able to do that. I really don’t think so. This guy over there, he won’t be able to finish those 2 Kilo. If someone wants a big Schnitzel, he’ll get it. The customer is king. The Schnitzel is fried for 8 minutes, 4 on each side. After that it’s done usually. I eat eat and eat and there’s no end in sight. Today I will eat until I vomit. I’ll try at least. I’ll give my best. I am under pressure because my friends bet 50 Euros on me. 1.4 Kilo (3 pounds) That can’t be done. That can’t be done, to my mind. “Eye of the tiger”, please. To get in the right mood. Ready, set, go! Well, I’ve seen a lot but what Peter is doing over here is really spectacular. Wait and see. He hasn’t finished his Schnitzel yet. There are still some fries left. I’m going nuts! You have to watch that! I feel really queasy now. I’ve never seen anything like that in my whole life. I will defeat him. Look! I can do that too! Come on Pete! Second serving! Almost 3 Kilo. With fries. How can he eat so many calories? If I ate that much, I would blow up like a balloon. That’s awesome! I really admire his metabolism. I’m totally speechless. I couldn’t do that. It makes me queasy only from watching. I hope that I’ll beat him. As you can see I’m good at eating. 92 cm (36.2 inches) 136 cm (53.5 inches) This bun has the same extent like 40 regular buns have. 3 Kilo (6.6 pounds) And that’s just the bun. Oh, we got a problem over here. It doesn’t fit in the oven. Normally we don’t bake buns of such size. But this shouldn’t be a problem. Problem solved. 4 Kilo (8.8 pounds) Can’t be done. Impossible. The stomach is full at some point. It has a limited capacity. We already put 30 slices of cheese on the patties. That means 1 additional Kilo. The boys will be delighted. Lettuce, onions, pickles. This is a meal for 6 to 8 persons. 10 Kilo! (22 pounds) Awesome! I thought it would only weigh 8 Kilo. Well, we have to move on now, the boys are hungry. Here we go! I don’t think I’ll finish that. May the best win! He’s insane! He already finished a quarter just after 5 minutes. What’s going on?! I didn’t expect that. Because we don’t have a lot of American guests here. Apparently Americans are superior in Burger-Eating. They know how to do it. Sick! I’ve never seen something like that. I’m stunned. I’m speechless. I’m not as good as I thougt. All the time I’m just hoping that those guys won’t puke because I want to eat something later on. He’s definitely the best eater, who has ever visited my restaurant. And there were a lot. Looks bigger than before. 106 cm (41.7 inches) Increase: 14 cm (5.5 inches) 140 cm (55.1 inches)

100 thoughts on “Furious World Tour | Germany Tour – Big Burgers, Schnitzels and More! | Furious Pete

  1. Echt eklig. W
    Essen soll man genießen und nicht fressen wie ein Tier!!!!!🤮 diese wettesserei ist echt abartig

  2. wie er die ausgetrunkene flasche einfach auf den boden schmeisst.

    diese amis haben sowas von keinen anstand -.-'

  3. Videos von 2009 Youtube sollte Videos die älter als 2 Jahre sind löschen, wenn juckt es denn bitten das dass vor 10 Jahren war

  4. 10:24 – bewundert Pete dafür, dass er nicht fett ist 😀
    Bei 6 Mal Kraftsport in der Woche, sorgt das Essen, das Pete zu sich nimmt, einfach nur dafür, dass er noch mehr Muskelmasse zunimmt!
    Versteht der Normalbürger natürlich nicht, der nach jedem Burger auf dem Sofa landet und sich über seine Wanne wundert 😀

  5. Was der kann kann ich auch Hauptsache bei Minute 9:44 fast am 🤢 🤮 aber Hauptsache wie der sich bei den Animationen mit einem voll übertriebenen Stiernacken darstellt😂😂🤦 und soviel wieder fressen kann so viel Werbung gönnt der sich auch auf unseren Nacken

  6. theres no way you can eat it the way a burger is supposed to be eaten. its just stupid. and degenerated.

  7. He's like Asterix and Obelix in one person, Obelix appetite and Asterix physique. Who else had to think about Asterix conquers Rome, the scene where Obelix ruins the Chef of the Titans? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hsP7tSGNGc

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