Fried Rice | Basics with Babish

Fried Rice | Basics with Babish

Hey guys, this week’s episode of Basics is sponsored by Blue Apron. Blue Apron is a meal-kit delivery service that’s a great option for anybody who’s trying to cook more, cook healthier, or cook more deliciously. The first 100 people to use the link in this video’s description to sign up for Blue Apron will get $60 off their first 3 weeks. As you can see, Blue Apron once again saves the day with quick, beautiful meals featuring instructions you can follow and ingredients you can pronounce. [♪♪] Alright folks, let’s get down to making some fried rice. And before you start making your rice according to your manufacturer’s instructions, hold up, because first we want to rinse it before pouring it into the specified amount of boiling water. Rinsing rice removes excess starch, which results in a fluffier end product. And after seasoning with a little bit of salt, if we bake the rice in a covered pot at 375°F for 20 to 25 minutes, you will find that you are met with perfectly cooked white rice. No sticking, no breakage, no goopy, gummy crap. It’s easier to make, and it comes out better. Now, fried rice is always made from leftovers, so we need to let this chill completely; about 30 minutes at room temperature and then 4 hours in the fridge before we can even start talking about woks. Woks are fun to cook in, but they really only work on high output commercial stoves. Home stove tops are gonna concentrate all the heat in the bottom of the pot, while the sides are gonna remain relatively cold, and since stirfries are all about high heats, we want as much surface area as possible exposed to the flame So this wide nonstick pan is perfect. Once it’s pre-heated we’re gonna hit it with a little bit of vegetable oil and add 2 beaten eggs. These are gonna cook really quickly and we don’t want them to brown, so keep them moving until they just barely form into curds and then set them aside, Wipe your pan clean, add a little bit more oil, and it’s time to add the protein of your choice. I’m going with shrimp and just like the eggs, we’re gonna keep these moving and saute them until they are just cooked. Give them a little flip-see-do so you make sure that each side is nicely caramelized and then we’re gonna dump them right into the large bowl in which our eggs are already waiting. Then we’re going to give our pan one last wipe down, hit it with one last glug of oil, and we’re going to enter the final phase of cooking by starting with some shiitake mushrooms, sautéing until they’ve given up all their moisture and they’re just starting to brown. Then I’m gonna add some frozen peas to give my fried rice a nice frozen pea vibe and a generous double handful of chunked up ham We’re just sautéing these over medium-high heat until everybody’s nice and warm and happy. Make sure to pick up every individual ham cube and inspect for browning. Number 67 is looking good. So it’s time to add 2 cloves of crushed garlic and continue to saute for another 30 seconds at most until it’s just starting to get fragrant, and then it’s rice time. We’re adding about 4½ cups of our “leftover” white rice and then I’ve got a mixture here of 3 tablespoons each oyster sauce and soy sauce which I’m going to add to the mixture as we crank the heat to high and let this guy sauté. Break up any major clumps, and fry the whole affair together for about 3 to 5 minutes until it looks like everybody’s gotten to know each other. Then it’s time to invite our work friends to the party, let everybody mingle, and hope things don’t get too awkward. But it won’t, because we’re gonna provide a little bit of social lubricant in the form of some vegetable oil, some thinly sliced scallions, and my personal favorite addition to fried rice: sesame seeds. Now by this point, we’ve reduced the heat to low and we’re just gonna give everything a cursory mix, just to make sure that everybody’s dancing and nobody’s hanging up on the wall. And then the final and maybe most important ingredient is a big ol’ dollop of butter. This is just gonna amp up the richness of the fried rice and assuage any worries that you had that this isn’t gonna taste awesome. There you have it, folks: your very own homemade fried rice. As you can see this dish is incredibly easy to make and can be tweaked a thousand and one different ways to either use up what you’ve got in the fridge or appease the picky eater in your life. It can be made healthier, fattier, meatier or entirely vegetarian. And so, if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get cooking more, this is a great place to get started. I’ll see you guys in 2019.

100 thoughts on “Fried Rice | Basics with Babish

  1. One of the most basic dishes out there, and yet it is one of the most versatile and flavorful things you could ever make.

  2. You really should have kept the wok. As someone who uses a wok with a normal American stove top and has made fried rice countless times with this setup, the heat only touching the bottom is a non issue as long as you don't crowd the pan. Plus the wok has higher walls which means the ingredients actually stay inside the wok when you toss them and doesn't fly out the sides.

  3. A miss compared to your other videos. Higher heat and less rice for the size of your pan would make this come out better. You also really don't need the butter at the end given that you're already using a fatty meat in ham. Use sesame if you really want a finishing oil.

  4. I love your videos but this is NOT how you make fried rice… sautéing every separately? Butter? Cooking the egg first? Olive oil?

  5. looks like crap,cant believe this wannabe chef has 5.2 mill subs,just proves that 5.2 mill viewers have ZERO knowledge of cooking.
    gj maggots,die in a fire!!

  6. People be asking this man "you put butter in your fried rice?"
    Yet, here I be with that putting fried rice in my butter lifestyle.

  7. You ever tried making teppanyaki/Japanese-style fried rice, like the ones you see at Benihana or other teppanyaki-style restaurant? It's all about that butter and garlic combo in the beginning.

  8. For a "Basics" tutorial. This isn't basic at all. A basic fried rice just contain:

    – oil
    – garlic, shallot
    – mixed veggies
    – egg
    – left over rice

    That's it. Season as needed.

  9. I didn't see you fry any of the rice bro! Chinese type version, very close to most master sauces used in Chinese restaurants. I prefer Thai fried rice. Replace oyster sauce with fish sauce, add lime juice and dash of sugar. Try it before you add things to lubricate and definitely before the butter. Soy sauce will kill off any fishy taste. Then don't use salt, the fish sauce does that. Now I am going to try the sesame seed thing, for yea I like them and the texture lol.
    If you buy bulk overseas rice 20'lb bags, then DO NOT use such a thing to rinse the rice. You want to use a bowl, so anything like bugs or other containment's float, so you can remove them, they wont remove using a strainer. If buying a high dollar rice brand, this wont matter.

  10. My rice is always made on the stove top in Corningware, with glass lid. Never instant rice. NEVER is it gummy, sticky or any of the nasty adjectives you used for stove top made rice. CAROLINA brand rice is what I use, NON GMO!!

  11. Blue apron has ingredients I can pronounce? I'll pronounce sodium bicarbonate and soy lecithin all day before I figure out hoisin sauce and ras el hanout.

  12. Lovely fried rice, but last time I use that frying pan size, my fried rice just falls everywhere, it was too small for me… I just stick to my curvy wok

  13. Err… not to be rude or anything, but you're not suppose to stick your chopstick into the rice like that. We (as in Chinese people) only use this method for when we're paying respect to the ones that are not here anymore and yaa…

    Again, I'm not trying to be rude. here.

  14. *Cooks Eggs
    "Then add the protein of your choice"
    *Adds Shrimps
    *Then proceeds to add more protein in the form of mushrooms and ham…..
    This guy likes his protes

  15. So… You eat fried rice with…. chopsticks? Its okay. At least you did not eat it with fork. That's a no2 for us in SEA

  16. This is about how I make fried rice but I never get it all crispy and fried like the restaurants do. Even copying this video exactly, the taste comes from the additions, not the actual frying of the rice. I've tried cooking exclusively with high heat, doubling the time on high heat, leaving it without stirring for 3-5 mins, nothing works. I can get a fried crust on the bottom layer but not all the grains golden like they should be. Anyone have advice?

  17. Sometimes it's called "must goes" rice. Whatever you have in the fridge that must go, just toss it in with the rice.

  18. You: specially planned toppings for rice
    Me, an asian: gets rice and puts random stuff that i think goes well together

    Btw bacon, eggs, scallions, carrots, onions and potatoes make for a gr8 meal, also with freshly ground pepper and KOSHER salt with a spoonful od soy sauce

  19. Damn dude, youre usually spot on as far as internet cooks go but not like those hacks at "tasty" or similar sites… no ginger, or onions or carrots. But you put ham cubes in shrimp fried rice? No sesame oil ? Thats fried rice but not Chinese takeout style

  20. Can't believe you used non-stick pan when you have an actual wok. You think 1000 years ago when the Chinese are making fried rice they have non-stick pan? Also NOBODY put mushrooms in fried rice.

  21. Looks good but butter is not the most important ingredient I'm disappointed in you banish. The very most important ingredient for good fried rice is sesame oil. You will not get authentic tasting fried rice without sesame oil just make sure to not use a lot because its very strong

  22. Thank you hallelujah lord jesus for the tip about rinsing and baking the rice. I've been through hell and high water trying to come up with the perfect measurements and scientific experiments for the perfect rice.🍚 How long do you generally boil it for?

  23. Ive been making fried rice since i was 10, even had a “buisness” out of my dormroom selling fried rice to lots of drunk people on the weekends.

  24. Side note: If you prefer to have your fried rice be a little crispy, dont add in the soy sauce or that other sauce he put it in. Just cook everything in vegetable oil.

  25. According to my grandfather who owned several Chinese residents, oyster sauce loses its flavor when it’s cooked. You don’t need to add butter if you put the oyster sauce in at the right time lol, but I still love your channel even though you make mistakes sometimes.

  26. So, instead of cooking it on the stove…you just put the rinsed rice in a pot of boiling water then back in the oven!?

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