Filipino Spring Rolls LUMPIA-Recipe

Filipino Spring Rolls LUMPIA-Recipe

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  1. This was great fun! The lumpia look so delicious. If Jerome is willing to come back sometime, I vote for a halo-halo lesson in summertime. 🙂 You all did such a great job, and it was a wonderful lesson. Thanks to Jerome for teaching us to make lumpia, and thanks to Shinichi and Satoshi also! 🙂 I hope you're all having a good week.

  2. So weird people saying they hide veggies to sneak into their kids diet. My daughter was never taught the ‘ veggies are gross’ bs. She was given them with a smile and a good example. Actually eating and enjoying them. That note aside, lumpia is delicious!

  3. You can also add in a long, thin slice of cheese for more flavor! You can also add in some veggies like carrots, there are lots of varieties of creating lumpia and these are one of my favorite ways to make one. 😀

  4. I would say next to adobo… lechon and pancit is 2nd.. and i would say sinigang is the 3rd most filipino dish… there are so many kind of sinigang from pork, chicken, beef and fish but the most unmistakenly flavor of sinigang is the distinct sourness of it that comes from the extract of the tamarinds.. which i believe no other dishes have.. but be warned sinigang could be very stink due to the use of "labanos" i think they are called daikon in japan,..

  5. Oh looks yummy wpuld love to try and this is the first ove heard of these and they have me drooling lol

  6. We have a lot of other formes of stuffed doe in Poland, but we cook don't fry them, adleast not initially. You have pierogies, but also knedle stuffed with plums or pyzy stuffed with meat, the doe is made from potatoes in those two.

  7. Yummy, I love lumpia. Never seen it rolled so thin but I'm sure it was delish! Love your new apron Sinichi. 😀

  8. サムネが一瞬おいなりさんに見えた。ヤバみ

  9. Love the simplicity of Jerome’s recipe. There are more complex lumpia recipes, but I definitely love this recipe. Sauce was easy enough as well. 🤤

  10. Thank you! I love lumpias, but I haven’t had them in a long time, and now I know how to make them.

  11. There is also a dessert version of lumpia where it has banana filling and some sugar sprinkled on it. I tried it when i was little, really delicious

  12. Yay!!! Hi Brothers!!! 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽It’s Karen. 😊Looks so yum!! Good job Kuya!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼Gotta make pancit next time!!! 🍜🍝

  13. Shoot fire! Watched thia hours ago & realized I didn't comment or thumbs up 😒 Sooo…I'm back. Wb Jerome! Great version of lumpia I can't wait to try it out & to see what you'll be cooking up next! Love, love, love!!!

  14. Lumpia actually reminds me a turkish recipe called sigara borek. Thry are very thin fried fillo pastry rolled around a meat or cheese stuffing.

  15. Holy cow, SUPER easy!!! It looks so good too! I was eating hamburger tacos while watching this, haha. I can't watch your videos anymore without eating something while watching, haha. Thanks so much, Jerome for sharing this recipe! Much love to you guys! <3

  16. Oh gosh…. you are gonna make me gain weight!! Hahaha "are you sure is water…" you are really need a drink Shinichi!!!

  17. Man, he makes it look easy…I'm sure it's not that difficult to make, but I'm not a very experienced cook, so I might have a little bit of trouble the first time around.

  18. I have heard about this before and you two looked cute doing it. I hope Jerome comes back again. He seems to compliment you well

  19. man! i thought the sauce had appricots! so easy! i love lumpia and pancitand steam buns! we have Chinese buffett here in East Coast Virginia. they have sushi , Koren bbq, Philino, Chinese… everything. i love it.

  20. Guys.. BIG OMISSION. There is no mention of what type of Lumpia wrapper to use. You have to use the proper wrapper. You can't use wonton or gyoza skin or rice paper. Lumpia wrapper comes frozen and is very thin and delicate and hard to work with. Here in the US it is very hard to find and you have to get it at Filipino markets as most "Asian" markets will not carry it.

  21. I like these but try not to make too many cause I can't stop eating them and then my chest feels heavy. lol

  22. A lot of suggestions for sinigang! Yes, do try pork sinigang with lots of veggies. As for fried lumpia, I like the veggie version: sauteed mung bean sprouts, carrots, hikama, tofu, sweet potatoes, and some pieces of pork. This is making me hungry… Great job, you guys! I hope Jerome comes back for more recipes!

  23. I can't 100% understand what Jerome is saying there about different cultures having different dumplings, but I think he mentions pierogi at some point? If he is then pierogi aren't russian, they're polish! Russians have pelmeni. They have something called "pirozhki" which to us Poles sounds very similar but is actually a filled bread.

  24. I am so hungry watching you guys cook those. Nice to see your smiling faces again. Looks delicious, and Jerome knows his stuff. Happy thoughts JC

  25. I made spring rolls a few days ago with rice sheets, but that recipe looks so much easier!

  26. Hey guys, boy did that look so good. Thank you for your friend Jerome teaching us how to make them. Now that is something that I think everyone can make. Nice to have for when friends are coming over to play maybe a little cards. And of course, can't forget the beer. Thanks for the cooking lesson and as always take care from Bethlehem pa.

  27. Oh wow, these lumpia look soooo good! I'm definitely gonna try this recipe with Beyond Meat crumbles. I can’t wait to try it. Many thanks to you and Jerome for this excellent tutorial – so many great tips! You made this recipe very approachable. Cheers!

  28. Try using the lumpia wrapper with a long green chili in the middle or sticks of processed cheese. And like Jerome said bananas then after frying you glaze it with a caramel syrup. Delicious!

  29. Try cooking some traditional Filipino rice cakes next time (e.g. puto, bibingka, biko, suman, sapin-sapin, etc.)! 🙂 I'm really curious as to how you'd find them, considering that most other Asians have their own versions and recipes 😀

  30. I'm fine w/ making things easier myself, but I know a few Filipinos who would scoff at using regular Chinese egg roll wrappers because they think those are too thick and that lumpia wrappers should be more paper-thin, almost like phyllo dough. Some also put carrots, water chestnuts or jicama (as a water chestnut substitute) in for some added texture.

  31. Traditionally pork is rhe main meat and we put chopped carrot, chinese parsley, chopped onion, chopped garlic and fresh chopped shrimp, a bit of flour and egg to bind everything. and ofcourse that lumpia looks great and im sure taste great.

  32. I had veggie lumpia just yesterday 😁😁😁 I honestly don't like the all meat lumpia I like the meat+veggie ones because I love the balance 😊😊😊

  33. My partner made the adobo for me after we watched the first video and it was so delicious. I'm hoping he'll make this recipe too!

  34. I adore your channel so much. Thank you for everything you do and bring for and from this beautiful planet. You are a treasure.

  35. This recipe is just a little different than the one I make. Looks yummy and can't wait to make the sweet and sour sauce too!

  36. Looks so good! My spouse is Filipino, can't wait to make this and impress his family! Thanks for taking the time to put this video together!

  37. Yummy! My childhood neighbor's mom always made a big batch of this and shared with us, I miss it so much

  38. I use fresh grated garlic in my lumpia so you don’t bite down on any chunks and instead of diced onion I use sliced green onion. Yes like he said, you want to roll it thin because it helps to cook the raw meat evenly and thoroughly. I’ve never actually made my own sweet and sour sauce though. I love to use the Mae Ploy sweet chili sauce or some other store bought sweet and sour sauce if I can’t find the sweet chili sauce 🌶❤️aaaand now I’m craving lumpia😅 those look so good 🤤✌️❤️

  39. My mom's lumpia recipe includes finely chopped shrimp, chopped green onions, chopped carrots, chopped hikama and or chopped water chestnuts. Please try adding veggies to your lumpia meat to make it more delicious

  40. Thanks again for the shout out and link, Shinichi and Satoshi! It really means a lot to me. I watched this for the first time tonight, and it's been such a positive emotional boost to me on Mother's Day, having lost my Mother suddenly two weeks ago. The food, as always, looks amazing and is something I'll have to try. Hope you have a safe and fun trip to Hawaii, and I'm looking forward to the new videos.

  41. Maybe you guys already know this but I visited a Filipino restaurant in Tokyo called New Nanay! It was pretty good! If you haven't been you guys should try the sisig, kaldereta, and lechon kawali from that place! Also halo halo 😁

  42. Lumpia is so yummy. One of my mom's friends would make them occasionally. I'd love to learn more filipino recipes.

  43. Filipino lumpia is so yum 🙂 my mum makes it with pork mince and adds mung beans and vermicelli pasta in it xD

  44. I am soooo going to make these xD I love spring rolls! Gonna add some veggies into it too ^-^. And that sweet and sour sauce is so simple o.O never would of thought it was so easy haha. Thanks for this awesome vid fellas!

  45. Hey that’s a good video what about a sub for sub I am just starting to blog in you tube and wanted to learn more via watching others blog can you check out my blog Please watch like and subscribe as well who knows we might meet up and do cooking together

  46. Don't freeze because if you take it out it will be stick together ^^ and you don't want to destroy the lumpia wrap plus it will be watery

  47. ..normally finely chopped carrots and potatoes are added to the ground meat😊
    ..but that looks good too especially with the sauce😄

  48. Shinichi San and satoshi San thank for trying to eat our famous foods like lumpia and adobo… Ureshi Katta desu…

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