Enrique Iglesias Sells Burgers, Hits on Women and Pranks Elderly

Enrique Iglesias Sells Burgers, Hits on Women and Pranks Elderly

Welcome to Astro Burger! Can I have a *Garden Burger* please? A “large booger”? *Garden*, *Garden Burger*. What’s a garden booger? You don’t have a *Garden Burger* here? Repeat: “Garden Burger”. “Bur-ger”. Okay, that’s what I want. But say it, say it, say it! – No, no, no…
– Say it! One *Garden Burger*. You said “booger” again. Are you new here? We come here a lot, didn’t see you here. Um… It’s my first day. You have really pretty eyes. Oh, thanks. You’re welcome. You look very familiar… I do? Yeah. Um… I get that a lot. A what?! Garden Deluxe and a small fry to go. Oh, we don’t have that, the Garden Deluxe, today. Are you kidding? We’re… yeah. We got wieners with no bread. I don’t wanna those. Look into my eyes. We only have hot dog salad. I don’t get it. It’s okay, calm down, calm down. You don’t understand, you’re playing with a wrong person right now, they’re in a really bad mood. Just try to calm down. You wanna wiener with no bread? Thank you! Come again! Have we met before?! Maybe. I don’t know. Ah. Um… You recognize me? A little, yeah. You look familiar. Did I go to middle school with you? Maybe. What school did you go to? Um… Arizona. Do you live in Arizona? Why is your friend laughing? She went to an all-girl school, I don’t know what she’s talking about! You look like Enrique Iglesias, right brother? Don’t be a wise guy. It makes me feel like sh*t. Are you offended? – I feel offended. I think Enrique Iglesias is way…
– Really? I’m sorry. I’m sorry! I’m sorry. Not even… He wishes he had my looks. You know what, sir? It’s on me. No! It’s on me, for free. You’ve got to make a living here! No, no, no, it’s on me. You’ve been too nice and too patient. Really? Is he for real? Yes, it’s for free. Okay, thank you. I’ve been coming to this place for 50 years. You never got a free lunch? No! What a bunch of cheap fuc*ers! You look familiar… Are you famous? No. What’s your name? Amy. Amy what? Smart. You are famous! That’s cool! Would you ever go out with a guy that flips burgers? Yeah, but I have a boyfriend, so… Doesn’t flip burgers? No. How long have you been dating? Off and on 10 years. 10 years, off and on? Veggie Burger with cheese… Don’t get mad. I’m getting in the other line. I love Road Trip. Veggie Burger with cheese… You know, I’m an actor! I want my order right now! Can I give you one of my headshots? No, cause I’m not gonna do anything with it… What if I’m famous one day? – I’m gonna get to this line right now, cause nothing is ringing up right now…
– One of these days I’m gonna be famous. One of these days I’m gonna be famous, you’re gonna be… – You’re gonna wanna be in one of my movies.
– Okay. Honestly I’m… – I wanna put my order in.
– Okay, okay, just relax. – I’m getting into this line.
– No, no, no, don’t move, don’t move, don’t move! $4.95! $4.95. I just gave you twenty! Okay… Expenses are driving me nuts. So you really have a boyfriend? I really do. You do? Yeah. So I guess a date is out of the question? Yeah… If you didn’t. If you didn’t have a boyfriend, would you date a guy that flips burgers? I would… Don’t lie. – I would.
– You’re an actress, you’re a famous actress, you would never date a guy that flips burgers. Just depends on the person. Someone like me? Not right now, I don’t know you from anywhere. So are you telling me I got a chance? No, because I’m not available. The double cheeseburger. Double, is that for you? Yeah, that’s for me. You know what, a diet day today, huh? Well, do you have it on lettuce instead of the bun? Actually yeah. Yeah. Like a protein burger? Oh yeah, let’s get a protein burger. I’ll just take a regular burger. No, I’ll give you, I’ll give you the protein burger. No, I’d rather take regular burger. I’ll give you… – Trust me, you’ll be thanking me years from now.
– Fine, okay. No, he’s not, you should give him what he wants! It doesn’t matter, I don’t know… Let’s just relax. I’m not, you’re harassing everybody in here! What do you mean “I’m harassing”? Just… he needs a protein burger! Yes, I can make it double. I’ll make it whatever you want. Thank you very much. Amy! Amy! Amy! Amy! Amy! Look at me! Relax! Amy, thanks for your help! I got a free one! Alright! Sir! Sir! Don’t touch Amy! Touch the food, not Amy. Amy’s mine. Amy! Bye! Can I get the number?

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  2. What in god's name! I never knew this side of you Enrique. My perspective was " awww he is such a sweet shy guy" Mira wow . And he has not aged at all! If anything he looks hotter than ever 😲

  3. all women are hypregamous whores . would you date a guy who flips burgers ? sure but I would torment him night and day to get a better job so I could hold my head up in public COS I AM A HYPRGAMOUS WHORE .

  4. This was too funny 😂Enrique says to the Senior…”You have been coming here for that long and they never gave you a free meal?” Man says, “No” Enrique turns around and says, “You cheap [email protected]’s!” 👏🏼👍👏🏼

  5. una sola persona reconocio a Enrique Iglesias el resto no lo reconocieron igual es muy talentoso que Dios te bendiga Enrique nuestro representante hispano

  6. Just imagine that dume Amy when she sow that it was henrrique, who was messing with all the people there . She will be crying, for not give him her number. Hahhahajaj

  7. Hahaha Enrique hsbibi! if I see you I can quickly recognize you. Cuz I memorized your voice and your eyes. Enta! Ayuni mal ana✨😍

  8. I so wished someone would have told her who he was so I can see her reaction. She was still cool, didn't throw the I am too famous for you line.

  9. come on amy….you re fine and all but thats enrique modafucking iglesias….ges like 100 times more famous than you and prob more $ than you lmao how can she now recorgnize him??? or maybe she does and shes jelly 😛 ..how can these people nott ell thats enrique iglesias? lmao

  10. "What a bunch of cheap fuc*ers!" That man goes there from 50 years!! He deserves eating for free for the rest of his life!

  11. The woman who didn't want the wiener acts like that all the time. She's obsessive compulsive and lonely. Very bitter because she can't get a man. In fact she was just rejected for the umpteenth time before she decided to buy a garden burger.

  12. It's so strange that they didn't recognize Enrique Iglesias I mean I'm from Algeria and I know him and listen to he's song's since 2001

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  14. Funny how I see this once a year and it just seems to popup in my recommendations! It's funny as shit and Amy's super hot!

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