Enjoy Takeout Without the Waste with GO Box!

Enjoy Takeout Without the Waste with GO Box!

Getting takeout is delicious, it’s convenient, it’s affordable, it’s fast and it’s awesome. But it’s also wasteful. At least it was, until there was GO Box. GO Box is a service providing reusable takeout containers for food vendors and their customers. Here’s how it works: You sign up for GO Box and download the free GO Box mobile app. Use the app to get your food at a participating vendor, then get your food served in a reusable GO Box. When you’re done, simply return it to a nearby drop site and use the app to scan the code. Then you’re ready to use GO Box again. We pick up the used containers, we have them washed in a commercial kitchen and then we return them clean to the vendors. And we do that all by bicycle. I’m Laura Weiss. I’m the owner and founder of GO Box. I started GO Box because I saw a need for a more sustainable option for people who live and work in downtown Portland and find themselves eating takeout regularly. With GO Box they can make a choice to use a reusable container and skip the disposables. Lots of companies in downtown Portland offer a GO Box drop site and even a shared GO Box subscription for their employees. So far GO Box users have saved over 100,000 single-use disposable containers from the landfill. And you can help make this number even higher by using GO Box at any of the participating vendors in downtown Portland. Now there’s finally a fast and simple way for people to lower their environmental footprint while enjoying the convenience of takeout.

10 thoughts on “Enjoy Takeout Without the Waste with GO Box!

  1. Good work!

    We have a lot of good take out places in Ottawa, Canada.

    But we have no eco-friendly options.

  2. I would love to see this in Salt Lake City Utah. This is a grate idea. I am part of the Green Party of Utah (GPUT). There could be not just one style but have many different styles depending on the type of food service and what is being served. Pizza places could deliver pizza to you and on your way to work or school at a transit stop you could return the reusable box to a return box. The idea that ONE BOX can be reused over 100+ times and that is like not putting 100+ boxes into the land-field.

    If you could please visit the GPUT website to leave us with more information how we could get this service in Salt Lake City Utah and other sounding cities throughout Utah please visit and leave more information in a email on the site.


    Thank You.
    Adam Guymon (GPUT)
    Salt Lake County Counsel at Large Seat 3 ( Write-In ) Candidate.

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