[Eng sub] 불닭 볶음면 / Korea spicy noodle|buldak bokkeummyeon

[Eng sub] 불닭 볶음면 / Korea spicy noodle|buldak bokkeummyeon

Three kind of Korean fire noodle review. Hi! I’m Go Hye-mi. I’m at a convenience store. I’m going to do review of three kind of fire noodle. This one is a Mara spicy noodle. And Carbo noodle. And.. Before launch of Carbo noodle, we used to eat with mixing these. That taste is like Carbo spicy noodle. Pretty pink package Carbo of 425kcal. Mara of 425kcal. Original one is 425kcal also. Real cheese is 480kcal. I’m going to start dieting tomorrow.
So I checked calories. This is a Carbo powder. It’s size like a original liquid soup. But Carbo liquid soup is smaller than a original one. Mara has just one stock like original one. But It has dried vegetable flakes. Let’s compare fried noodles. Look! Mara and Original one is alike. But Carbo is different.
It is more thick. Starting cook. Another customers sat opposite side me while noodle is cooked.
I was embarrassed because they glandced me again and again. XD Carbo cooking direction is to remove water from noodle but remain 6 spoon of water.
Others ,on the other hand, are remove all water from noodle. It smell cheese powder and parsley. Wow.. Mara is so spicy. This is Carbo.
(Korean name is Carbo buldak bockkemmyeon.) Flavor is.. like a original one. just mixing favor cheese and original.. I’m disappointed with predictable taste.
but taste good. Why it was made thick noodle? Oldies, but goodies.. This one is better. I often cooked original one with special personal tips.
So.. I think.. that cooking for fun is make taste better. For example..
mixing real cheese noodle and original one.
(I’m going to eat soon.) next.. Mara noodle.
(Korean name is Mara buldak bockkemmyeon.) um.. What is this flavor.. Charcoal roasted flavor.. And Chinese spice flavor. Wow so spicy!! in this situation.. Try to eat real cheese noodle. Why do I forget to add this sauce. Wow, super good! Let’s mixing!! Oh! I should just mix sauce. Will I scoop it? After eat a mixing one.. I realized that why it was made thick noodle. Texture of food is good. Mixing one is more spicy than Carbo. Cheese flavor of Carbo isn’t thick when comparing with mixing one. Why this one so hot?
Becase of microwave.. Real cheese cooking direction contains using micro wave. Spicy flavor make me choked. Do not inhale with eating. This one cheese flavor is definitely stronger than Carbo. Mara was left alone because they are more delicious. Unique spicy flavor.
(Written on cover) It is really unique spicy! Dried seaweed laver. Shall I put in here?
(This was contained original one.) Uah.. I have heartburn because of Mara. My friend say, Mixing one is good than Carbo.
(I agree with you. :-P) If mixing one noodle like carbo was thick, It was good. Tasty good because of laver. I can’t take my sense because of spicy noodle. It has a little weird sweetness. Do you know?
Green grape flavor juice (new product) release! u..Wa!!! SPICY!!! I think that this review sucks because of strangers. I did not accustom shooting surroundings.. ㅠㅠ When can I accustom shooting surroundings? I can’t anticipate that strangers is conscious of the camera. I will finally accustom every attention!! Cheer up! I am full. This one is heavy than Carbo. I dislike sweet flavor finish for my personal opinion. GG!
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