Eating Dim Sum at Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong (添好運 點心)

Background music playing.
We’re hungry in Hong Kong and that can only mean one thing. We’re going out for lunch
and we’re going to eat dim sum. So we’re going to be eating at Tim Ho Wan
it’s a Michelin Star restaurant here in Mong Kok in Hong Kong and it’s one of our favorite
places. We’ve been here, I don’t know, maybe five times in the span of week, so we’re going
to show you what you can get inside. Background music playing.
So they have a pretty cool menu over here. Thankfully it’s in English not just Chinese,
so when you first sit down at the table you just check-off the food items you’d like to
order, you specify a quantity and then they bring it to your table as it is ready.
Background music playing. Tasty Pu-erh tea from Yunnan Province, it’s
a dark fermented tea. My oh my, all of the food is arriving at once
and over here we have a special little package with sticky rice wrapped in a lotus leaf and
this rice comes with beef and chicken. It’s really tasty. One of our favorites. Steaming
hot. Background music playing.
This is going to be hot. Hahaha! Oh, it is hot. I need a second to tell you
about it. So yeah, this sticky rice is really good. I think it’s actually called glue rice
on the menu and it just has a very sticky consistency as you can see. You can just pick
it up with chopsticks and it’s been cooked with meat and chicken, so it has a nice meaty
flavor to it. Out of all the different kinds of dim sum
I’ve ever tried this is probably one of the most filling by far.
Background music playing. Well, we certainly polished that off except
for the bone. So next up I’m trying the glutinous rice dumping
filled with meat. It’s been deep-fried. Ow, hot. Everything is hot. Mmmmm. Well, you can’t
see the inside right now but it does have meat. Let me prove it. You can see it there.
Mmmm. Looks good. It’s like a ball of sticky rice with meat inside.
Background music playing. And when it comes to dim sum this is my all-time
personal favorite the barbecue pork bun. But this is a special variety of it baked barbecue
pork bun. So, bite time. Mmmmm. Show us the inside. Ooooh, look at that barbecue pork.
Yum. It’s just so sweet and flavorful. The inside. The barbecue pork bun. And the outside
of the bun it’s so delicately crispy. Well, we’ve got one more dish coming. It is called
tonic and pedelar cake. How does that sound to you? MMMMnnnn. Let me correct you on that.
It’s called tonic, medlar and petal cake as in flower petals. So I’m not really sure what
to expect maybe something that tastes like perfume. And it was from the dessert section.
Background music playing. I really hope Iike it.
It’s cold. Like gelatin. Sweet like honey. Michelin star quality that even a cheapskate
extraordinaire can afford. Lets see the total. So that is 77 Hong Kong dollars which is just
under 10 US dollars.

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