100 thoughts on “Eating A Burger For The First Time (Taste Test)

  1. Texas burger… mustard in place of ketchup, chopped raw sweet onions not sliced and the rest of the normal ingredients all on a buttered toasted bun. Basic deliciousness…

  2. Duuuuude!!!! That's not a real burger hahahaha!! For a 1st timer, hand make it from ground beef!!!!! Secondly, which might even be 1st, cook it on a grill!!! Not what you guys did. You might as well have just busted out a frying pan lol. Everyone else already called you out on your other mess ups, so I wont go there. That girl needs a real man or woman to cook her up a delicious burger.

  3. I can't believe she spit out the triple-bite on her plate and I really can't believe the restaurant owner/chef ate what she spit out. That was totally unexpected. 😱

  4. A basic burger!? A burger that almost everyone's had!? I've had tons of burgers and have never even seen one like that before. A basic burger is mustard, ketchup, maybe mayo with optional cheese. When I hear the term 'basic burger' I think of a cookout with plenty of people and a very limited assortment of condiments.

  5. "Burger"
    no lettuce or tomato or ketchup or mustard and even though I love pickles most people don't like them as much as me and there's almost too many pickles.

  6. I love Link, I think he is funny and cute, also charming, and let's not forget unbelievable handsome

  7. Your ears have never touched your nose
    Your eye has never touched your mouth
    And your big toe has never touched your little toe 🤯

  8. i know understand iv'e seen far too much Tv because i thought Shoney's was just some made up restaurant from Rick & Morty (though its probably just because they don't have one where i live)

    now i feel like one of those kids who think everything is a reference to forknife,and god does it feel low

  9. Right hand has never touched your right elbow?


    Mine has. Just had to get thrown over my handlebars to do it.

  10. Classic burger, I don't think so. Maybe ask her what she likes and dislikes. Personal burger should be what ya get!

  11. The reason why the expanded format failed was because Rhett's Personality was being shattered by YT comments.
    Doesn't matter if he is the reason, cause they are given so much work due to the expanded format.
    If Matt wants the expanded format back, then hope that GMM would end in a few months.
    The Bringing back of the Expanded format would be the end of GMM.

  12. The expanded format failed because it was an unveiled attempt to quadruple your revenues without making any additional content. Also, I hated seeing nothing but GMM videos in my recommended because y'all had quadrupled how many videos of yours I was watching, which messed up the algorithm. I love you guys and the show, but I also watch other things on Youtube.

  13. Rhett: guy I would drink a beer with

    Link: guy who played the bad music on the juke box while Rhett and I were laughing at his song choices.

  14. A calssic burger is lettuce tomato, onion, salt pepper, maybe mayo, and ketchup…Not a 1,000 pickle, flat, well done, french dressing water burger…WTH?…What kind of classic hotdog would you make for a first timer, sprinkles, and brussle sprouts slathered with the blood of a thousand cats?

  15. I just can't get used to Americans eating uncooked beef. Take it from someone who has had ecolli COOK your beef all the way through.

  16. Never had a burger and don't want to eat one? Here, eat this bizarro burger no one normally eats and tell me how much you love it… morons…

  17. Ok so I absolutely love burgers but I honestly doubt I would have liked that burger. WAY to many pickles and onions like wtf?!?

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