Hi Good day to everyone! This is Pablo of MyFilipinoRecipes.com We are now going to cook Pork Adobo (Adobong Baboy) This is our ingredients together with their measurements These are the photos Let’s start Mix all the ingredients except the water In a big bowl, let’s put our pork liempo (pork belly) We’ll also add soy sauce and of course, we’ll also add vinegar, We’ll also add condiments like garlic peppercorn and bay leaves Let’s stir well our ingredients, then let’s marinate it for at least 30 minutes to overnight. By the way, so we’ll understand why we did this, “Adobo” came from a Spanish word “Adobar” It’s a word or verb which means “to marinate” Marinate for what? We marinate our meat in order to preseve it. Our preserving ingredients are: vinegar and the saltiness of the soy sauce According to some researchers, the term Adobo is not a name of a dish instead it is a way or method to preserve a food After we marinade, let’s start cooking. Let’s put our mixture in our cooking pan. We will also add water to balance the saltiness and sourness of what we are cooking. Let’s cover it and boil over medium heat. and then reduce to lower heat. We are doing this because the slow and long process of boiling will tenderize our pork meat And, in the middle of our cooking, we’ll stir or flip the meat to cook the other side of it. Let’s cover it and just let it boil until the sauce thickens of our Adobo dish. Here we are, we arrived at a saucy consistency Stir and simmer for another 3 minutes and that will be okay. Our Pork Adobo is cooked and can be served as is. If you want to fry and have sauce in your Adobo, remove the meat and fry in another pan then put it back to our cooking pan with sauce. But, what we are going to do is to just le it boil. Until the sauce evaporates and the meat renders it own fat (oil). That is the traditonal way of cooking adobo in the past which is very oily (to best preserve). Also, it is better if the meat of Adobo is being fried in its own fat. If you noticed, the method of sauteing is in the last part of our cooking. not before boiling. this is because if you saute or sear the meat before boiling, it will be harder for the meat to absorb the highly seasoned marinate. What we did in our cooking, is we let it boil with meat before we saute for the meat to retain the seasoning that it absobed from our marinade. This is now our super easy Pork Adobo If you like this video, please don’t forget to “like”. Also, subscribe for our next videos. At your service, this is Pblo Bumanlag of MyFilipinoRecipes Thank you for watching.

60 thoughts on “EASY PORK ADOBO 👍

  1. Kuya am from India. I like Filipino food especially babsi Adobo.. Learned to eat from kabayan staffs.. So sarap Kuya.. Sure I will cook de same recipe for them…

  2. hi po.. ask ko lng nung nilagay nyo ung marinated n karne sa pan.. klngan po bng takpan muna or hayaan kumulo muna pra maluto po ang suka? try ko po sana itong recipe nyo kya lng dmi ko din nbsa n pgklagay ng suka wag tatakpan agad

  3. Thanks pabs.. I like ur presentation, explanation with English translation and cooking method…simplng sundan, worth sharing.. 10/10 score mo sakin.

  4. Nice sarap lahat tayo may own version and i like or version..good job…hawak na ako sandok mo gutom na ako 😃😃😃

  5. What about chicken adobo is that the same procedure and thank you for sharing this pork adobo recipe I like it try to cook tonight for supper

  6. Chef Pablo gustong gustoko sa pagluto mo ng adobo , ganito rin pagluto nanayko noon sa Ilocos hindi napapanis. Pero kong ako n ang magluto ng adobo magiging sigang ibig kong sabihin bakit masabaw sa totoo lng chef pero gustoko tulad ng luto mo na hindi masabaw

  7. Nice adobo recipe! Mmmm yummy. You might wantto check this video link too https://ckk.ai/QmQj for adobo lovers out there!

  8. wow amazing video how to cook Easy Pork Adobo, swak sa panlasa at budget ng mga mommy na katulad ko ..karagdagang ulam na pwede nating ihain sa ating pamilya na paborito rin nating lahat how to cook The Best Igado Recipe paki click lang po ang link na ito https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2ST3kg7Jnk. Thanks and GOD BLESS.

  9. Ganito ang tunay na adobo. Sa dami kong napanood na nagluto ng adobo ito ang pinaka-tama para sa akin. Sa totoong buhay ay malaking prosiyento ng mga piniy hiueehold ah ganyan magluto ng adobo walang kung anu anung arte.

    basic ang ingredients, ibinabad, pinakuluan at pinatuyo at ginisa sa sariling mantika. Kudos sa iyo Boss. This is real Filipino Adobo.

  10. Wow nakalaway naman sarap Po’ fashion Korin Po’ mag luto..’ salamat sa tips..’ kiss&hug narin Po sa Chanel ko Sir..’ @all tulongan Po tayo maraming salamat!

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