Easy Arctic Roll Recipe

Easy Arctic Roll Recipe

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  1. Don't forget to let me know your preferred option in the poll in the video!
    If you want to try the recipe out, it's in my 2nd book and I have done this write up http://www.myvirginkitchen.com/recipe/artic-roll/

  2. I love how angry and confused the comments are about you calling it Ken and Jerry’s. It’s just a joke guys! Anyway this looking so good! Like every school dinner pudding I ever had. 😍

  3. If you want to see an arctic roll with peanut butter icecream, a fluffy sponge and a swirl in the middle, you can watch the recipe for it on the channel "SORTED" here on youtube – just look for "sorted arctic roll" and it should pop up in the search results. 🙂

  4. Maybe the spelling mistake was intentional. It was bigger than your average Arctic Roll , so it became Artic, like Articulated lorry!! They are mahoosive!! Haha, loving your work Barry mate, absolute legend.

  5. Hi Barry! I love your videos and have been a fan for a while! I was just wondering if you could do some gluten free recipes! Thank you!

  6. You knocked all the air out of the sponge when you mixed in the flour. Be more careful when folding into aerated egg mixtures. 🙂

  7. I’m quite new to your videos but I think they are brill , have you done or would you consider doing sugar free or low carb versions of favourite foods like low carb bounty bars or low carb ice cream etc ?

  8. This looks delicious!!! I want to make this with my niece. I am from the US and I am not sure what caster suger is. Is that regular sugar or powder sugar? I am thinking it is regular sugar. Sorry for the silly question.

  9. Ken and jennies? Are they like Ben and Jerry's? Is that because you can't use the real name or is that your version?

  10. I am a taught my self to cook chef and I just stonkingly love this channel I am such a fan of my virgin kitchen I love it he vlogs 💟💟 good work barry

  11. I've been TRYING to get your second book, but digital downloads have disappeared from the US been stores and you haven't replied to me on what's up with that or what I can do to get it.

  12. I really love what he does generally like seriously love his stuff, but I've thought it before… Barry's no baker.

  13. I think I'll try this in the future , me and my brother love this ice cream and I think it's gonna taste amazing.Thanks

  14. Yum!! For me, I would have rolled it in confectioners sugar. I’m gonna have to def try this recipe out, never heard of it before, looks amazing.

  15. Limping across the line with microwave cakes? Mate that cake in a mug is my favorite recipe. It's starting to become a staple food.

  16. How about a Black Forest roll with dark chocolate cake, cherry preserves and vanilla ice cream. You could also use chocolate chip ice cream. YUUUUUUMMMMM

  17. I totally want Indian.. cause I've failed that a few times haha.
    Also. I can not find you on twitch. Might be good to link in the description in the future?
    or i'm simply blind

  18. sorry barry but your sponge looks like it's anemic it is meant to be fluffy and light yours looks flat and heavy

  19. Could you make some danish food? 😄🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰 you can make; "stegt flæsk med persillesovs". Soooo good and truely danish 🤤😁🙏

  20. It's silly but I'm still so sad that I made you a custom 'pug cuts' picture after you specifically requested it in a video ages ago…and you never even replied to my message. 🙁

  21. I'm going to Uni next year and so I am going to live on my own. I would love some (cheap) recipes for student meals 🙂

  22. I would love to see you do all kinds of bread recipes. Your kitchen is so gorgeous and I look forward to watching you cook all kinds of fabulous food in your lovely kitchen.

  23. This pudding is so 80s/90s. I don't think I've had it since primary school! Thanks for the recipe. I shall be making it old school style, with the raspberry jam and vanilla ice cream 🙂

  24. I can’t believe the amount of hate on this video! Where is the support? Love you! I think it looks awesome! I want to eat some!

  25. Barry, firstly you didnt beat your eggs long enough, i suggest whisking your whites first the folding in the sugar and yolks. Secondly, sift your flour into the eggs to incorporate more air and thirdly you basically beat out all your air when u were scraping the sides. Otherwise, well done.

  26. I think it would be good with more jam and ALOT less increame maybe make the the size of two finger widths

  27. I've been making jelly rolls for yrs and that was the worst sponge recipe I've ever seen. It needed to be lighter batter and a larger pan .ill adjust when I make mine but good idea

  28. I just found out that I can search mvk instead of typing out the whole channel name every time!! (I do this bc I'm too lazy to scroll through all of my subs)

  29. Really enjoy your videos but that was an awful arctic roll. Sponge wasn't cooked at all and was about 75% too thin.

  30. What were you thinking with the sponge Barry!? Far too thin and dense. Maybe you need to use more eggs and certainly cook it enough so it rises. See the Be ro book for the best sponge recipe.

  31. I need to stop watching these im.dibitic but I just cannot .foods gooood especially ice cream.i dont know why but I've seen several people use a mixer like that .we call it a mixer in the US.,anyway I want one .

  32. Ben and Jerry's lol why dot he Brits call it that!!!! The brand original in the us is called Ben and Jerry's. Not stew and Jenny or what ever it is.

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