Draw With FIRE! | 10 Strange Chinese Products

Draw With FIRE! | 10 Strange Chinese Products

What’s going on guys, I am Matthias and welcome to a brand new video. But before this video begins, I just wanted to give a shout-out to our sponsor, Quid. Quid is an awesome app Where you can collect dope stickers, gifts, cards and 3d figures right in the app! OH! For free! It’s like the next bitmoji, and it’s gaining a lot of popularity. Why? Because you can use these stickers and gifts to text your friends straight in the iMessage app. And you can collect ones from your favorite TV shows like Game of Thrones Rick and Morty and even Marvel. Do you collect Funko pop figures? Cuz Quid even has those too! We’ll check it out because some of these packs are actually super rare, and you can trade with your friends and other fans to get Your favourite ones. I’m on this app collecting my favourite packs, So if you want to come trade with me you can try to get your own favourite rare packs. Quid is entirely free. New stickers, gifts and figures are released. DAILY. and also, Keep an eye out for a new show coming to the app very soon. So click that link down in the description below. Click it! download that app, start flinging stickers on with the rest of the video. (*OH NO*) (*CRACK!*) (*CHUNK HIT*) (*LAUGHTER*) [♪] What’s going on guys! I am Matthias. And welcome to 10 strange Chinese products that Tanner found on all of these weird and wacky, Well I don’t know if they’re weird and wacky. Last, some of them are all these Chinese websites dealextreme, Alibaba I expressed some crazy things on these sites. So Tanner here has picked out 10 that he thinks are either strange wacky wonky. But I’m gonna let you know whether these items are buy or deny whether they’re good or bad. SO! Stay with me here. We’ll like rate them. [Shall we begin?] No link for it. That gets me concerned. What do you got for me tan man? I’m waiting… hopefully not too much longer. All right, so this next one was sent to us from Kim. Kim? Nice! Okay, what the heck is this this got destroyed in shipping… Paper pot? Money stylish interior deco? Ew! Why did you give me a toilet paper, dude. What is this? You’re gonna need it. What is all this? What did you get me here? Do this come with it? Oh, Hit the target? Oh, we’re supposed to put this in your toilet and tell people to aim at that target, so what they don’t splash That’s weird Can you imagine dude if you have like a dorm where you live in a dorm or you like a house with like a bunch Of guys like yeah use that but I don’t think Amanda would be pleased to find that in her toilet She’d be like really like this. This is how you want it divorce??? So what is this though? Paper pot??? This highly beaten box has come from Asia and it’s product was originally called [READ VIDEO] What!? How does she know all that information? Oh my word, that’s hilarious! Paper pot?? Oh, yeah, you have like tissues out the top of it. No no it’s not tissues. It’s toilet paper! Oh, so this is for those people that don’t have like a wall near their toilet to like mount a toilet paper roll Oh, let’s make it. I guess there is this is this what we have a high five studios. Yeah one ply no stop Are you kidding? No? I’m not kidding is this high five studios toilet paper the heck is this who’s in charge of this Did I know I think this is a dude one ply I can’t be right Right no, that’s right. Send out an apology letter to all my employees What the heck dude we gotta buy some better toilet paper in this joint no wonder people are going home in the middle of the Day, I gotta poop. This is like shockingly thin There’s no way I can’t get past this After we finish this video. I’m going into the bathroom to see if it’s actually this then I’m shrunk How come no one’s ever complained about it before I guess I mean who’s gonna complain about it You know what’s that game point about it really on Twitter not necesary about high-five I don’t think specifically was like who buys one point I’ll appear just like Respect dude, okay, so this goes up here like this Yeah, he’s the one that buys the toilet paper So why is he buying one ply I gotta have a conversation with woods here you go. That’s the product right and Then you pull it off like that. I mean that’s pretty much all there is to Well that would suck. That’s actually the worst. I’m gonna have to say that one is a denied. Oh, what’s this? Oh, just a way to make your phone ten times bigger and more noticeable when you’re filming illegally Oh lanzi smartphone video handle rig filmmaking stabilizer case rig for movie youtube video. Did you know in the u.s.? At least you need a permit to film if you’re gonna make any money off of it so all of these vloggers including me um Going around actually. I only blog in the studio now, but all these vloggers going around don’t have permits So they’re technically breaking the law, that’s right Casey nice tat Roman Atwood. That’s all I know you’re lawbreakers, how dare you but this just feels a little strange like you can’t make something a little bit smaller just buy a camera at This point it’s just like trying way too hard like you’re shooting on a phone Just use the phone audio on the phone light You know it’s like if I’m trying to race someone, but I have like a mini pool You’re trying to do all this stuff, but you don’t have a fast car like you’re trying to do all these sweet camera moves But you don’t have a good camera You don’t really need a great camera to do anything But you also don’t need all this gear just use what’s on the phone already Add to Cart I have to buy it now all right, so I preassembled it it doesn’t come with all this equipment, but we have it yourself Okay, this is all my gear. Yeah that we usually utilize in other ways yes the idea here Then is I put my phone in this I do this Oh Usually those are Springs so here. We go. Are you ready for this? Yeah? We’re gonna take some sweet video, okay, so press record now Let’s turn on the light you do not look good in this light. I look good in anyway. Let’s be honest I look average of that actually that’s true turn off the lights someone turn off the lights here Yeah, you actually look so much better without the lights on I’m not even lying to turn off all the lights Tanner’s attractive Dude when you turn on that selfie camera you know I’m saying No, I don’t think so too ugly oh Jeez it’s so white dude, let’s take a look at this little video. Let’s see if it’s got better audio or anything It was so awkward. It’s so awkward to hold that okay. Here’s Tanner with lights on turn your lights off Dude, doesn’t he look so much better with lights off look at that oh? He’s stretching Oh ladies don’t you just want to cuddle Tanner oh? I’m just kidding. I read that one a night I Have there’s too many things to pug dinosaur called the yo Lap strange hug a soros printed male white shirts. What does that even mean? This is only for white man the patriarchy am I right? Men’s summer sweatshirt look at all the different kinds They have dude just for Connor There’s for Tanner for Rex and Brian I can get everyone a pug shirt, dude a pug asaurus shirt But like a pug asaurus io0 feedback big shock Add to Cart did oh? Gosh like a pug afford cheese I guess I deserve that for something maybe for the last month The last item patches where I just destroyed you in front of millions of people oh this stinks so bad Oh, it’s like vinegar. Yes. It smells like vinegar actually doesn’t feel like a bad garment. Though smells so bad Oh my gosh guys I wish I could give you smellivision here on this channel people get upset that I have reactions to smells But you guys aren’t smelling the smell so it’s not fair to be like Oh You know I mean, just just like that I mean
that’s how I read all their comments if I could make your living room smell like this right now to all those people all the Naysayers I would but I feel as if I have a headache. Oh that is a denial Rotating magnetic levitation floating show shelf holder still don’t understand what it is It’s like this little thing that rotates that you can like show off your things you ever wanted to show off How tiny something is and levitate it you were just wanted to show it off in a cool way. This is for you That’s a great item to put on it What even is that a chocolate bear look at this that car just was absolutely a hundred percent? Photoshopped onto that they also say they have like little lights down there you see on the bottom It says it’s got like little lights. Why though 4.6 stars so it’s got good feedback Let’s look at some of this feedback prayer physic exactly what we see in the order. I will buy again soon Why you are you have it? That’s it? that’s the review that Salah is at the cart magnetic levitation and rotation display innovative technology Stylish design good quality you put your planes on it you put your cars on it you put your perfume on it for all those Times when you want to show off your perfume I don’t think so I just don’t think you can put anything on it magnets can be strong, but cheap magnets are not that strong Maybe it’s like engaged with some sort of plug Yeah, see it needs power So it’s enhancing the magnet in some form oh that is heavy what that’s got to be just something that you peel off Thank you. I was gonna say like that’s not what I bought okay, so oh? holy Mackerel I didn’t scare me, but you scared me jeez dude. It’s got some force. That’s got some mega force That’s when force is bigger. Okay there. We go so now. I put this little piece of plastic though oh geez why you scare me so much ah It broke off it literally broke off. What’s the heck there we go I just feel like it’s gonna shoot off, and hit me in the tooth. Oh. Oh my gosh. There’s too much force It’s scaring me. You must feel the force around you. Ah try it can’t be that hard red Yeah, no try. It smart boy. Oh, yeah Got me so off guard I closed my eyes. I told you oh All for the lights are on that means you’re good to go. Yeah, I was right you’re right. I’m a hacker. I already run oh Oh, it works. They can’t see it. Okay. Well lift it It works everybody there. You go not lying, but if I slightly spin it towards the camera You just scare me so much are you messing with me? No, I’m scared that was really scary Too scary now. Here’s the question can you do it without the guide? You can Wow I hate this dude I actually hate this I feel like I’m gonna get my skin pinched uh that is a denial new arrived Halloween the moon mass masquerade silicone mask oh the smell of these Chinese silicone things is abhorrent No feedback. What’s the deal? Why do you want to be a moon face? I thought being moon face was an insult Add to Cart All right tanner you made fun of me so now smell no am I wrong or am I right It smells, but it just smells like a regular mask. Okay. Let’s try it Yeah, that’s creepy. Honestly. It’s really creepy looking say something like in a weird way are no twins Yep That’ll creep me out. I wouldn’t go trick-or-treating around this guy how does it feel like to be the moon? Do you have a natural pull on things? Gravity they’re coming closer, baby That’s a pick-up line for the moon. How you like that pole? Oh? Oh? What is that Chinese matter that is odd, and there’s so many variations of it, too Why put the slits for the eyes above the sunglasses like why not put them in the sunglasses to hide them Oh, that’s what I’m saying like you see that It’s gonna be darker in those holes, so if you’ll line it, then you won’t even see the slits You don’t want to see the slits slits are bad that’s a denial before we get into that next product shout-out to Eagle gaming for being a part of that notification squad and Commenting back right when we upload cuz that’s when we picked these comments for that shout Oh Guys also should we do like more shoutouts in some type of way like the odd ones out I dig the way he does his Shoutouts like people do a ton of drawings, and then he just shows all like the talent on screen I think that’s really cool anyone have ideas for like ways I can like show the talent that is you guys give you some of that Recognition let me know down in the comments below anyways next product mini entertainment desktop bowling games set wooden bowling alley 10 metal pin Interesting so this is when your friends are like you want to go bowling you know like sorry I gotta work It’ll be bowling in spirit You’re gonna actually Bowl. You know just get on the phone with them and just be like yeah I got a strike to the FaceTime, but a real bowling out look at this guy’s I’m not forever alone who’s using desk toys That’s what I want to know I’ve never been in any executive office and seen a toy and been like you play that often 59 votes oh my goodness great no yeah, give it to a baby They won’t choke at all a desktop bowling game is the perfect solution it fits great on your desk or any other table Please do not miss this nice chance to get a great desk bowling game all this chance is nice alright I’m not gonna miss this nice chance Add to Cart Begin with the kids What is he even holding? I cannot tell what he’s holding. I think it’s like a globe I think they thought it was a bowling ball, and they put it on their product. No yeah, yeah perfect It’s killing it with the bowling doesn’t seem to be made poorly Looking at it right off the bat seems to be made pretty nice. Let’s find out if these pins stand up Where’s the automated system to put these back up my word that the bottom of them is so lopsided? That it’s so hard for them – oh you nailed that So I should have done this before, but you’re supposed to attach this oh good That’s easy, and then you aim, but why would you ever do this? Yeah? You’re supposed to be you should be able to move to multiple holes Yeah, that would make more sense because it’s like the hard part about bowling is actually getting it to be centered But if it’s already centered you know I mean like the one pill the one the one The one pen that is the most lopsided blue that it stayed up. No, I rate this one a nine Oh, yay, cool light and music walk in any an anti dropping function What is an anti dropping function don’t drop me? I swear. I’ll kill you electrocute octopus oh Just the incorrect ordering of the words. It should have been cute electric octopus electric cute octopus. Just odd It’s a hanging Lantern, so it’s an octopus. That is a lantern that is wearing headphones no feedback It’s called the Jolly octopus product show there it is. We’re showing you the product. I see what it’s saying It’s trying to communicate that it doesn’t roll off the side of a table you can know where there’s a side of a table Add To Cart all right here you go I can’t read any of that, so we’re just gonna proceed so what the heck is this you take that off Yeah, I think you take that off. Why would you even want this just to protect the wheels or something do? You just ran right off the table Just ran right off the table why would it say doesn’t run off the table? Why would it say that it said ante dropping function also? How come they all have bow ties my guy doesn’t have a bow tie where do you see the bow tie? Look right there down below. Okay. Let’s try it again. So maybe the lantern functionality That was effective was shattered into a thousand parts. I was awesome Dude that thing is the most fragile plastic on the planet, this is creepy Thank you. Just decapitate the portal that is like the most Incessant thing I’ve ever heard in my life recipes original, Hawaii, Huawei, Huawei That’s a phone maker speakers subwoofer speakers singing Swan singing Swan Wireless speaker portable mini hands-free speaker so it’s supposed to be a be a speaker for all those times They couldn’t put it in the phone. They’re like we know that make speakers though We know our phone speakers suck, but we want to make speakers and to cart This is smaller than I thought I’m actually really curious. Oh, it’s getting even smaller by the minutes really heavy. Where’s the? Ohio sign is that’s Japanese really it means good morning, Bobby. Taught me that and you look in there. What is that little red thing? That means volume is all the way up There’s no pause button. Oh, maybe that was it that was an off, but there’s no pause button triggered no pause button What are you supposed to do? I guess? Maybe it’s supposed to be like some mood lighting in there that like lights up I don’t know. It’s not a good sounding speaker $21.00 should get you a much better sounding speaker than that That’s what I expect for $21 figures okay for that reason then I’ll give it a buy, but don’t buy it yeah Just spend a little bit more money for a better speaker New strange trick Great start to this product wacky cave can and Cave Canem. I got a good bathroom Okay, so I just came back from the bathroom because I drink a ton of water in the previous shoe And I actually came back with toilet paper I can confirm that this is two-ply toilet paper like this I do spoil my high five crew So we must have just oh look two-ply wait. What what does that happen dude? No are you guys playing tricks on me Do what the heck bro, I was blunt prior earlier. I’m sure what unless it was split We just run rolling one split, but then boy would be I don’t know so back to this product Desktop funny Family party electric sound dog a creative parent-child interactive toys woof-woof you try to steal its bones And then it barks at you Maybe that’s it so it’s like a game of Don’t wake daddy or like operation in a sense like you’re trying to do this thing real sneaky. Oh my gosh Don’t wake up the doggy, ahh It’s gonna kill you gonna maul you I get you. I don’t think there’s any reviews no no reviews No one’s brave enough to buy it Add to Cart Wow looks like garbage. Oh look it came with some yugioh sticker Dragon Ball Z sticker ball feast I Was just triggered an entire community of people yugioh, right? This is big. Oh, okay, so you have cards that you have to draw, so how do we play oh? I’m assuming all we got to do is just dump these puppies in and pull a card on buttons right here Let’s do this full card. Well. I’m the white bone That is so loud, okay. I’m a master three Hilary yellow. Yeah, you’re dye One what wakes them up – I have no idea He’s getting scarier okay, go your turn I got it – yellow. That’s unfortunate yeah, that’s gonna be hard Stop what is it gonna happen what turns him? Oh stop that was To my childhood did like dog attacks like PTSD I Literally couldn’t have hoped for a more intense reaction, dude It’s cuz that was actually really quick So let’s put this back down here the idea here was that you pressed this down or something actually I don’t know you definitely did something You press down inside it. Yeah, so what’s inside there Okay, okay, there’s a little button in here, but in Tanner’s defense. This is what it looked like to him That’s scary dude, this is actually not bad. Dude. This is actually a fun game. I’m gonna say buy it Do you I may give it to like team edge or something like that don’t wake doggy fashion thermal heat induction case for iPhone 7 7 plus thermal sensor color-changing soft back love soft backs, baby It’s like a mood ring for your iPhone look Who’s the hand is that small a kid’s hand and they shouldn’t be touching? chemicals whatever kind of chemicals are in the feedback 2 cent case one dispute money opened after return seller, but ok Thank you for that $4 all right Add to Cart okay? so this right here is a Thermal iphone case so it’s supposed to by the touch of your hand that detect heat and then change color Accordingly so far nothing’s happening So let’s just hold my thumb down like that and nothing let’s hold for a like a little bit longer here Or literally nothing my hands are warm – I feel the phone case is colder meaning my heat is transferring Just nothing absolutely nothing. Here’s what we got to do. Let’s actually give it some worry ladies ok Flame don’t play with flames at home kids that makes sense right don’t play with flames at home kids adults play all you want But don’t really alright, so you check this out oh Look at that Wow instantly, but why is it gotta be so hot it’s not gonna ever make a difference Maybe if we’re if your phone is like really starting to heat up to the point where it like almost burns you then you look At your case it’s yellow, and you’re like Oh, this is gonna explode soon have it in my pocket, and then it goes right back. That’s kind of cool I get that but you Know yeah, it’d be cool. If it actually did it to your hand, but it’s just not doing that at all Let’s get this whole entire phone case yellow whoo that that’s that’s really interesting. It looks really cool. It’s not even hot Yeah, because you’re barely touching it It just needs like just a little bit more warmth than what your hands can do which is interesting but Disappointing because no one’s that hot you know I’m saying this phone really expects everyone to be like tens There you go, and then it changes back, so if you’re like you know what I’m feeling hot today I’m gonna put out my yellow case you don’t have to you could just put it on your body if you’re that hot you know And your case will automatically turn yellow if you change based on your hand then I had a rated it buy it But it is a denied that right. There is a psychic fidget spinner I Squeak today a psychic vision spinner, it’s really interesting You could spin it and tell someone’s future this over here is me reacting to ten different prank products and we choose one to bring someone in the office so click on either one of these and if you’re new here click on the Subscribe button to subscribe to get more of these videos in the future, and we’ll see you next time high-five

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