Dog Food MUKBANG | EATING SHOW | Midnight Diner – EGG NOODLE

Dog Food MUKBANG | EATING SHOW | Midnight Diner – EGG NOODLE

Mr. Dog has had a lough day. He was completely fooled. Mukbang! Mukbang!!! I’ll take a film for Mukbang!!! It is a lie~ He can’t trust anyone anymore. / Lie??? His boss yelled at him. Sorry… Oh my… This is unfair… Great food relieves his stress from work. Wonderful!!! So, in my Late night restaurant, various food is prepared just the way Mr. Dog wanted. Mr. Dog! I prepared a special ingredient. a free-range organic eggs You can’t eat before cooking. Today’s menu I’ll cook a eggs noodle~ Do you like it? The finest fresh eggs for eggs noodle! Mr.Dog! I’ll cook for you quickly. The food is cooked. I’ll move it for you. Today’s menu is egg noodle. A Free-range organic eggs and fresh vegetables. Mister, the food is ready. Enjoy your meal~ Oh! Oh dear! Mister! It’s too much! Don’t eat too quickly. I’ll bring it to you one by one. Mister~ One by one The first one is broccoli. Have some broccoli. Next one is cauliflower. I’ll take cauliflower for you. Is it good? This time is asparagus. Hey Looky, I think this scene is a food channel, not Midnight dinner. This time is egg noodle Looky! The noodle comes to you. Looky! The noodle comes to you! Looky! Mr. Dog So adorable! More? You need more? Don’t eat too quickly. You’re eating too fast! I took too long getting ready this noodle… Mister Noodle~ Noodle~ Mi… Oh, Mister Is it yummy? Good boy~ Time for Vegetables! This veggie is a carrot. Your preferred vegetable, Carrot! Mr. DOG Tough day, isn’t it? Cheer up, champ! The last one! This time I’ll give you a lot Looky go! Too fast! Looky I’ll give you anything left. Enjoy~ Mister Are you feeling better? Done! There are no more eggs. Please come again next time Today’s… Did you burp? I’ll cook much more special foods for you next time The first episode of Midnight dinner That’s it for today! Done~

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  1. This is hilarious! good job, you’re voice is very soothing maybe you can do a amsr with talking! I wouldn’t mind 🙂

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