DIY Vegan Smashed Burger

DIY Vegan Smashed Burger

what’s going on sauce makers my name is
Mark welcome to saucestache lunch break lunch break is my new show where I come
home from work and try to make something interesting and fun and on today’s
episode we are making a vegan smashed burger are you ready so for the vegan
smashed burger we’re going to be using the beyond meat burger now the beyond meat
burger is a plant-based burger they’re really good this isn’t an advertisement
I tried use a few times that I love them so and then we have all of the other
ingredients for the burger toppings we have the daiya cheese or however you
pronounce it now this is a vegan cheese I haven’t tried their slices yet so
we’re to see how the stuff melts this could be good it could be a disaster
this whole thing might not work but let’s find out so to make the smashed
burger one you need a really hot cook surface I’m using an iron skillet
because it does get at the temperature because what we want to do is we want to
flatten these down and we’re going to smash them down to a small disc about
the size of the bun hopefully and cook them really fast but we’re going to do
this with the with the vegan burgers we’re going to do is we’re going to take
one beyond meat burger cut it in half and then roll it into a meatball now we
have two meatball shapes so once you’ve got these meatball shapes you’re going
to add your seasonings at this point don’t mix it into the meat just add it
right to the top that way when you smash it down it will evenly distribute
throughout the burger I’m just adding some salt a good a good pinch of salt
and then a good healthy amount of cracked pepper we have our skillet on
high it’s going to take a minute so I’m going to pour in I have vegetable oil
and we’re just going to wait for this to heat up to the correct temperature make
sure you click the like button I would love if you gave this video a like that
would help a lot that way I know to make more recipes like this and we’re also
going to whip whip up a quick burger sauce so let’s get that going
so this burger sauce is going to be a vegan burger sauce because we’re using
just Mayo so to get started on this we’re all going to use because we’re
only making one burger so we’re just going to use a small you know about a
tablespoon of mayo we’re going to use a small squirt maybe a teaspoon of ketchup
probably even less of mustard about a half of a teaspoon and
then I’m just going to get the back end here because it’s not dirty about same
thing about a teaspoon of relish we do want to add a little bit of salt pinch
of paprika a little bit more than a pinch in that one and then the
same thing just a pinch of turmeric mix this up and you have a vegan classic
burger sauce okay we’re going to set that aside and get ready for the smashed
burger so the smash burger is going to go quick so this is going to be hot and
it’s going to go really fast so for the first smashed burger we’re just going to
drop the meatball in and then immediately smash down and that’s your Smashburger we let this
cook on one side for about a minute and then we’re going to give it a quick flip
right over to the other side throw cheese on it give it a cover let
the cheese melt and that’s going to be our first patty so now it’s definitely time
to give this guy a flip just going to hit it quick this oil gets move the room
and that that looks pretty good I’m excited about that that looks like a
smash burger so I’m going to drop this on top get that cheese melted give it a
little cover to melt the cheese and help that go real good this is just a regular
Bowl but I use it all the time as a cover it’ll keep the heat up it’s cut a
nice pretty slice of tomato really I’m just going to go right in there yeah
it’s a perfect slice that’s exactly what I wanted if you want more recipes like
these make sure you click the subscribe button we’ll give that cheese one more
second to melt this bowl is hot I can’t wait for this this is going to be good
okay this one’s probably ready yeah look at that cheese patty next burger patty
which we’re going to make sure that gets in the oil drop this guy right on time
look at that smashed burger Wow oh I can’t wait for this I’m really excited I have
a good feeling about this smash burger the great thing about these beyond meat
burgers is they cook very similar to meat so any recipes that you’re used to
you can make them very similar with these beyond meat burgers now I haven’t
tried this smashed burger this is the very first time I’m cooking it with beyond meat
look at that it’s good looking you honestly can’t beat the way these come
out I mean they’re really incredible so here it is this is the final patty fresh
crisp right on top so the plate this we have buns lettuce onion patty with
cheese patty tomato pickle and then special sauce and that’s it that is our
vegan smashed burger excited to give this guy a try I don’t know if I could do a
cross-section cut on this or just give it a bite how it is I’m pretty sure I’m
just going to smash it down oh oh my gosh this looks great
okay let’s give it a try vegan smashed burger
it’s perfect home because it’s perfect it’s vegan its meaty I mean really if
you can mess with peoples heads I haven’t had a burger I mean hey bubby but it has
everything in the quality of a smashed burger right here in this vegan beyond
meat you killed it you did a great job so
this is where I got thanks for joining me today on sauce stache lunch break
vegan smashed burger we’ll be back next week and that’s it I hope you guys
enjoyed thanks for watching I’m going to eat this and get back to get back to
work thanks

18 thoughts on “DIY Vegan Smashed Burger

  1. Wow, this looks delicious! I've always wondered about the Daiya and now I think I'm going to have to finally put it in the cart. (Hi puppy! LOL)

  2. Oo Love smashed burgers… ive heard alot about those patties but first time seeing the "beyond meat patties" cooked. Looks great!

  3. That burger looks daaaaank. Just started going vegetarian a few days ago, stuff like this is going to really help the transition.

  4. I AM SOOOOOO ANNOYED that Beyond meat Burgers are not available in the UK 🙁 I even went as far as contacting them and being like YO!!! How you guys doing?!?!?! Ummmmmm can we get some 😉 (obviously my email to them was better worded lol) but got no reply….. I cant wait till they become available here 🙂

  5. Even though there was no actual meat, this burger looks really good.. AND love, love love the actual video itself. I may have to binge watch a few right now! Side note: We eat lots of vegan (son with dairy allergies) and we have found that a brand called "Earth Island" is the best vegan cheese we can find. Doesn't have that daiya taste. .. Ok enough rambling, time to watch another one.

  6. Please just stop using processed chemical meat replacements. I know, it's the fad these days and I think the food industry is largely behind the whole vegan movement because nobody I know who is vegan actually is vegan – they just don't know. That said, there's cultures on this planet who have been vegetarian for millennia and they don't need processed crap out of a package to make delicious food.
    Don't get me wrong: I'm not criticizing your choice to not eat meat – just stand tall with it and don't eat meat. Eating processed meat replacements is as bad for the planet and your health as eating meat. Eat veggies and if you're ovo-lacto eat eggs and real cheese, not 50 ingredient mozzarella replacement for $2/ounce. There's so much you can do without meat. Just don't try to mimic meat recipes – make meatless recipes. There's a difference.

  7. Both mayo (most likely) and cheese are not vegan, for those who are not aware! Cheese is made from dairy and mayo is usually made with eggs!

  8. I just bought that same vegan meat and cheese slices without even seeing this video. Was looking to see if anyone smashed them before to see how it came out. Perfect video to come across! Making pasta carbonara to go with it.

  9. Looks great! I love beyond meat burgers but always found them to be too thick. I'm gonna try these today!

  10. Beyond burgers are by far the best vegetarian burgers I've ever had, I've gotta try cooking them like this next time!!

  11. are you a an actual vegan? Just wondering, Don't think I could be a vegan, but…. I'll definitely try some of this!

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