DIY Hot Cheetos Ramen Burger!!!

DIY Hot Cheetos Ramen Burger!!!

What is up my beautiful mar mars so welcome back to my kitchen, today we’re going to make something I can eat, hot cheeto Ramen buttz Alright guys, so now that we have fully cooked the ramen, in a ramen burger Look at this look at they’re so red the patties are so red. Oh my gosh I’m so excited to assemble our burger right now so right here I have hot cheeto encrusted and enriched ramen patties, and over here, we have our burgers I have some hot cheeto that is infused with this Spicy mayo that we made it looks Kinda like a gelatinous thing, but it’s still gonna be spreadable So I’m gonna go ahead and take some of this right here and go ahead and spread it along the hot cheeto Ramen burger Right here at the bottom of it. Yes there we go It’s actually like a weird kind of paste thing. I don’t know. I just really wanted more hot cheeto in here So I thought you know a spicy mayo with so much shouldn’t be delicious and then from here. I’m going to take my juicy patties right here bam And then I have another burger place it right on top and then the tops of them comment is right there, and then we go Bam there you have it. We have our beautiful hot cheeto Ramen burgers oh Alright this time we’ve all been waiting for the hot cheeto Ramen burger taste test I’ve never even had a normal ramen burger before so the fact that we made a hot cheeto Ramen burger I’m very excited for this right here. We have hot cheetos in the crust we have hot cheetos in the burger We have hot cheetos on the bottom layer in the mayo, and then we have more hot cheetos again in the bun So I’m going to take a bite out of this please be delicious hot cheetos never can be wrong with anything So I’m going to try it here. We go in three in two in one I can eat this The outside is crispy You gtos on the inside just read not from like being rods. Cheetos. There’s actual cheetos in there now. I’m gonna take another bite mmm good There’s sweet chili on the bottom is so good – it’s so crispy. It’s surprisingly delicious You guys never made a round Berggren for its really simple really – what It’s kinda confusing at first though – because I see this red. I’m like wait. Is it raw when you look closer? You can see the outsides like it’s more cooked right here There’s like hot cheetos that make it red comes, okay what I won’t say though is that if you want to make this even more hot cheeto here you got to take them out after you’re done cooking them and Then you have to base them more hot cheeto because you got to cook off a lot of the hot cheeto taste when you first Do it so you know you want to recode it again? So I think that’s what I’m going to do with my other one See if it tastes even better So I’m going to just take my bundling this and I’m just going to put it on top like that And it naturally should hold to it. So you’re sort of rub the bun so they become Extra hot Cheeto. I mean it’s already infused inside the ramen But we go ahead and just coat it around it’s going to really adhere to the noodle So now I’m going to do that against the other bun which is over here Get it all up in there and get it all here some more on it right there Yes, yes now I’m assembling it again this time with hot cheetos actually encrusting Making it even look more enticing and delicious I can’t wait to try this on – that one was good, but this one I think is going to be a game-changer because the hot cheetos are fresh and on it They’re not fully cooked out of the flavor. Let’s take a bite here. We go. Oh Yeah You get the full effect of the hot doodle flavor just from the coating on the outside But then you also get it in the burger you get everything is just like a nice company knowledge crispy is good Mm-Hmm it still scares me that think though. I’m not I don’t just like you. I won’t get used to it It’s like the hot cheetos makes a big, but it’s really good of the hospital and question the burger bus. Oh my gosh wow Oh my gosh this ramen burger is blowing my mind right now is so delicious the top bar is so crispy I really love textures like that like just because it’s crispy on the top and it’s smooth in the middle and then the Hot Cheetos are everywhere to make me emotional. I love it so much. Thank you Robyn burger is so good It’s so good look at it. Oh my gosh All right guys if you’ve all hot cheetos if you love ramen and if you love burgers give this video a big thumbs up And if you also create these creations, I want to see it on Twitter Send it to me at Marlon Chan and send it also glance. You can tag me in them I always try to look for them and respond if you guys actually make them and send them to me, so let’s do that Okay, and then I’ll see you guys tomorrow at 12 p.m.. For another new video by

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  2. Can you chew with your mouth closed plz its gross also what happend to you cooking while talking to us so we know

  3. Reminder-You can use any instant ramen of your choice, make the noodles from scratch, use regular cheetos instead of hot cheetos, and you can use regular Mayo for the sauce.

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