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33 thoughts on “DIMSUM WITH ASIANS – 吃點心會怎麼樣…

  1. Dimsum is when your parents wake you up at 7am so you can get the bill by 11am for 10% discount lol, but it's sooooo worth it 😀

  2. It actually hurt when I saw you demolish that soupy dumpling. Such a waste of goodness (but everything for a good video, right?) 😭 Fighting for the bill is so awkward and it gets worse if other customers in the room watch you fight 😫

  3. The slow ass number calling and hot water😂😂You guys's videos make my day; I re-watch the old videos and they always make me laugh but im so happy for new ones😄💞.开花🌹

  4. omg this video is TOO ACCURATE, like the tea is freakin burning in my mouth and when i try to take the rolls of rice dough with shrimps inside covered with soy sauce (idk how to write it in chinese lol), it's way too slippery with chopsticks, IMPOSSIBLE TO EAT THEM, anyways, love you guys, you made my day❤️

  5. soooo true i hate waiting for the table, my family knows how annoying it is so we send one brave man to wait (aka my dad lmaoo) then we come like 10 mins later

  6. Dimsum on Chinese New Year.

    Yeah that’s 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back just waiting for a table.

  7. Ice is free in the dim sum place where I live but parents never allow us to drink iced tea — very bad for health they say…. :-/

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