Dim Sum in Hong Kong at Tim Ho Wan (添好運)

Dim Sum in Hong Kong at Tim Ho Wan (添好運)

Food! We’re going for food. It is a bit of a strange entrance, I know. It is like we’re going behind the scenes in
the mall but it is this way. Food Garden. Alright guys we have three words for you! Tim Ho Wan (添好運)! Tell us all about it. What is this place? This is basically one of the best places to
try dim sum (点心 – 點心) in all of Hong Kong. Yes. It is a Michelin starred restaurant yet it
is affordable. So we’re going to go in, we’re going to order
a lot of food and we’re just going to scarf down some dim sum (點心 – 点心). And we’ve been here before many years ago. We sound so old saying that we’ve been here
before. But the food is so so good and we’re super
excited to be back. Alright guys so we just finished placing our
order. And this is what the menu looks like. You basically grab a pencil and you tick off
the different dishes you’re interested in. The first one has already arrived. Oh wow. So we got a little bit greedy because it is
like three in the afternoon. We haven’t had lunch yet so we ordered seven
different dishes and we’re going to be showing you those once they arrive. First one is here and this one is the sticky
rice wrapped in a lotus leaf (Lo mai gai – 糯米雞 – 珍珠雞). This is one of our favorite ones. I love this one. So let’s not waste any time. Let’s just start unfolding this masterpiece. Wow. Lots of steam rising. Ooh! Look at that. It is a huge leaf. It is a huge one. And there you’ve got the sticky rice with
chicken I believe and a nice mushroom. So we’re going to be sharing this. We’ll be back in a second. The food is arriving so quickly here we haven’t
even touched the rice yet. And Sam’s barbecue pork buns are here. The baked barbecue pork buns are already here. So our table is filling up we better start
chowing down. Alright so I’m just going to serve it right
in to my bowl. Um, I’ll go for the mushrooms a bit later. Oh there is more. There is more turnip cake. Oh my gosh. We’ll get to that. Mmmm. Wow. So good. Well what do you think? I love it. He loves it. And there is more food. Oh my gosh. The funny thing is we literally sat down like
ten minutes ago and the food has already arrived. Hey, they must have somehow known we were
coming. Yeah. Super fast service. They can read our minds. So yeah, anyways that rice is just so good. So sticky and I just love the has a lot of
flavor. And you can taste the meat. The meat is really chewy. It is very aromatic. Very aromatic. Once you unwrap it you get this nice whiff
of like food smells. So much better than just normal rice. It is just so good. I’m going for it. And the thing is this dish usually only comes
with one washroom and I love So I’m just going to use my hand because it
is a little bit easier for me. But man these are nice and plump. Yeah. Everything here is plump and stuffed. They do not skimp out here. Mmm. Mmmm. What do you think? There you have it. There is the barbecued bun. This is so fluffy. Oh my gosh. I know. It is a lot fluffier than I remember. Wow. What about the taste? Do you like it? Mmmm. It is really nice because it is like savory
inside but then really sweet on the exterior so you get both flavors. It is that contrast that makes it so good. Mmmm. So the next on the menu is one of our absolute
favorites. I believe it is called Har Gow (蝦餃 – 虾饺)
and that is basically the almost like shrimp dumplings. Yeah, they are. Shrimp in a little wrapper and they are just
so good. Oh my gosh this is a slippery one. Haha. Don’t burn yourself. I have a feeling it is going to be really
hot. Those are like freshly steamed. Oh man. His eyes are bulging out. That was a big bite. Hahaha. So yeah it is just filled with like so much
shrimp and you just bite into it and it is juicy and it is just so flavorful and tasty. It is so plump. It is. Seriously. That is the best way to describe them. Just such plump pieces of shrimp. And they taste so good in my mouth. So I’m going to go in for this one too. We didn’t get a little plate for the soy so
I’m going to dip it in this sauce. Maybe you’re not supposed to but I like mine
with sauce. Mmmm. Okay, so this is one of my personal favorites. And it almost looks like dim sum’s version
of cannelloni. This is actually a noodle. It is a rice noodle. And is has a filling. It basically like a rice roll (chee cheong
fun 豬腸粉 – 猪肠粉) and then it has things inside. Like shrimp. But we got um barbecue pork and chives. And actually we’ve been having breakfast at
another dim sum restaurant near our hotel. And we order this every single morning. Sometimes with shrimp, sometimes with barbecue. It is just really good. I’m losing the fillings. Mmmm. How is that? That is really nice. It is sweet. Sweet barbecue. Oh it is. Wow. So yeah going in for more. Yeah, I don’t know how exactly you’re supposed
to eat it. I always make a huge mess. But you know what? All that matters is that I get it in to my
mouth. That is the important part. There we go. So time for me to try these rice rolls. So excited about this. I’m going to get lots of sauce on there. Mmmm. Wow. So compared to the other place that we were
having this it is definitely sweeter. And also I find that the rice rolls are just
a little bit more delicate here. A little bit higher quality and you really
taste it when you put it in your mouth. It is almost as if it just dissolves almost
immediately. And you know what? The rolls here are a fuller. You barely have to chew it. They have more meat. They have more meat in there than the ones
we’ve been going to. So this is really high quality. Also, we should mention we were in Taipei
a few weeks ago and they have a Tim Ho Wan (添好運) branch over there. And we did go there as well. More than once. More than once. Four or five times. So we’ve been eating a lot of dim sum lately. Somebody somebody wanted to eat there. Dim sum addicts. Next up on the menu we are going. We’re going for the pan fried turnip cakes
(Lo Bak Gou – 教做蘿蔔糕). So I’m just going to grab a whole big one
here. There is a red sauce. I’m wondering if that is like spicy or chili? Not ketchup. That is for sure. No, it is not katsup. Mmmm. Wow. That is really good. I’ve had these before and they’ve usually
been a little bit more chewy. But these are nice and greasy and they have
more like. It has more like a potato type consistency. Yeah. So I really like it. And they look crispy on the exterior. But then really soft on the inside. Yeah but they are actually. It is mostly just soft. And the chili sauce is really really good. Really really sweet. And you know what guys? We have an audience here. There is like three waitresses like watching
us eat. Which is making things a little bit awkward. Yeah, it is a little awkward but is also really
spicy too. Alright, my turn to try this. I’m going to cut up a little square. I’m just going in for the spice. I don’t think it is too spicy is it? No, it is not too spicy. But it does add a nice little kick. Oh man, this just disintegrates. It is really crumbly. Mmmm. Wow. That is interesting. You’re right. It does have kind of a like a potato-y texture
to it. Like a potato pancake almost. It is also really greasy too I find. You know what? It reminds me a little bit of a carrot cake
when I tried that in Malaysia. Yeah, even though their carrot cake has no
carrots. But like the texture kind of reminds me of
that a little bit. And also I like the hot sauce. That is a really nice addition. I like my food spicy. So one of the reasons that we really enjoy
dim sum (点心 – 點心) is that you get all of these tiny portions. Yeah. And you get to sample a little bit of everything. Yeah, that is honestly the best part. And they are all so different. And they all taste so good. Yeah, I don’t think. I can’t think of too many dim sum that I’ve
ever tried that I don’t like. Yeah, I’ve just really liked them all. And then you get that diversity in you’re
just sampling them all. It is almost like having a buffet. Yeah, and then the cool thing is it always
comes with tea. With tea. I find myself just like constantly refilling
my cup, refilling my cup. I think it probably helps you digest. It does. And so you’re eating a lot, you’re drinking
a lot of tea. So by the time you’re finished the dim sum
meal you’re pretty much stuffed. It is like siesta time. At least for us. At least for us. Alright, well now we’re going to move on to
Sam’s favorite. Yeah, these are my favorite. And especially here. Tell us all about this. Oh my gosh so these are the baked barbecue
pork buns (Cha siu bao – 叉烧包 – 叉燒包). And they are so much better than the steamed
version. Like when they are baked they just have this
crispiness on the outside. And it is almost like a crumbly bit of sugar. So I’m just going to grab one here. And just take a huge bite. Oh. Yep. Out of all of the things we’ve had this is
my favorite. It just the barbecue sauce inside is so good. It is a bit tangy but it is more sweet. And then on the outside of the bun it is almost
like some kind of granulated sugar or something. It just has like this sweet. It has this sweet kind of crumbly texture. And they are just done to perfection here. Like out of all the things you can order at
Tim Ho Wan (添好運) all of their dim sum (点心 – 點心) is good but to me this is
the star of the show. So I’m just going to use my hand because it
is a little bit easier for me. But man these are nice and plump. Yeah. Everything here is plump. And stuffed. They do not skimp out here. Mmmm. Mmmm. What do you think? There you have it. There is the barbecue sauce. This is so fluffy. Oh my gosh. I know. I know. It is a lot fluffier than I remember. Wow. What about the taste? Do you like it? Mmmm. That is really nice because it is like savory
inside but then really sweet on the exterior so you get both flavors together. It is that contrast that makes it so good. Mmmm. So up next we’re having something that has
been called a Malay cake or a steamed egg cake (Ji Dan Gao – 鸡蛋糕). Um, and I’m just going to use my chopsticks
and break off a piece. It is so fluffy. It is like the most airy cake you can ever
have. Seriously. Isn’t that good. It has the consistency of a cake. Um, it is very air-y and fluffy and sponge-y. Um, and it is not really sweet. Does it kind of have like a subtle hint of
molasses or something? Do you think so? Maybe. Like the one we’ve been having in the mornings
that is kind of like what I think it tastes like. I don’t know for sure. It is sure good though. Okay, let’s try this. Ever so graceful using his chopsticks as a
fork and knife. To dissect it. Mmmm. Wow. I’m not kidding that is some of the fluffiest
cake you’re ever going to have. It looks like it is a huge piece of cake but
it is just so fluffy and light. It is so nice. You know what it is missing? What? Icing and sprinkles and we can turn this in
to a birthday cake. That would be a proper birthday cake. Or nutella. If you can’t get icing let’s just spread some
nutella on there. Hahaha. That is ridiculous but funny. So dessert is finally here. I think they forgot about us. Anyways this is what we’re having. It is called tonic medlar and petal cake. So interesting name. And it looks like an orange jelly and it looks
like it has got flower pedals and something in there. There is something going on. Mmmm. It is cold. Okay. Yeah. It is like cold jello. Cold sweet jell-o. It almost has a bit of a honey flavor. Honey and perfume. And flowers. There you go. Back to the mall we go. Through the back alleys. The back alleys. This looks a little bit sketchy but this is
how you get from the restaurant to the mall. I assure you. Even if it looks spooky. And creepy. And like a crime scene. And like the doors are locked. Viola. So yeah, in terms of price point that was
a 146 Hong Kong dollars which was $18 dollars total. Nine dollars per person. Really good value considering like we had
seven things. Seven things. Seven dishes and tea. Unlimited tea. And we are stuffed. We are so stuffed. So so stuffed. So if you’re having Dim Sum (点心 – 點心)
for the first time my biggest suggestion would just be to order confidently. Just order a whole bunch of different things
and find out what it is you like because this is such an awesome meal.

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