Cup Noodles Robot Timer Kitchen Gadget

Cup Noodles Robot Timer Kitchen Gadget

I’m cup noodle robo timer! 18th September is the birthday of Cup Noodles. I’ll guide you for 3 mins. I’ll show you the time by using my breast lamp. 30 secs have passed. first, cup noodles exercise! He starts the exercise. 1 min have passed. next, tongue twister! repeat the next words 3 times. Cup Noodle museum open. Here we go! Did you do it? 90 secs have passed. next, Cup Noodles hack Today’s recommend is Yuzu pepper. It makes cup noodles spicy and good scent. I have not eaten it, though. 2 mins have passed. next, Cup Noodles quiz. Question! Who is the father of Cup Noodles? Answer! Momofuku Ando. He was the man of inquiring mind. Please check Cup Noodles HP too;) 18th September is Cup Noodles birthday, Yay! 150 secs have passed. next, Cup Noodles English! almost done! 5 secs left! take a fork! Yay! 3 mins have passed! Let me know next time again;) How about today’s Cup Noodles? Basically same as the first time.

72 thoughts on “Cup Noodles Robot Timer Kitchen Gadget

  1. カップヌードルミュージアム行ったのを思い出した。

  2. Woah that was really pricy but this timer is really made me feel more entertaining while you are going to wait the Cup Noodles to cook. It looks like half mini Margerna, half mini Baymax.

    You see, most mini timers are only have beeps that are really loud and annoying except that timer you used that look like a cookoo clock before.

    I wish there will be new timers that are very entertaining in the future!

  3. Impressive gadgets that timer is lots of fun and amazing transformation that really something worth having instead of a simple ordinary timer only in Japan where you find the awesome things sweet

  4. A lot of people are saying pricey but this dude is a dancing and singing cup of noodles robot. If you're a fan of cup of noodles, this is a great gift!

  5. It singing Happy Birthday sounded like a Vocaloid for a minute.


  6. 確かカップヌードルのキッチンタイマーは、キャンペーンで当選した人に当時配布されていた記憶があります[間違っていたらすいません]見た目カップヌードルにそっくりですがすごく可愛らしいです。

  7. I priced the timer on google and I couldn’t find one under $100 😭😭😭 I want one so bad but I can’t justify spending that much when I’m presently unemployed😭 it’s sooooo cool tho! I love it so much!!!

  8. The little ramen robot is so adorable~ But I prefer to leave my ramen set for four-five minutes.

  9. Cute i love it. One question how does it cost? Cause my friend is going to japan next week. And i want this for my birthday..

  10. That's a badass robot. If they came in English and branded as Pot Noodles for UK and Irish markets, Japan would make a mint! 😀

  11. kitchen timers really is not my thing but this is about the coolest one in the world and I want one. how do I get one?

  12. I can watch this thing for hours…its just hypnotic…also just for some reason so darn charming

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