Crispy Bhindi Fry | Indian Recipe by Archana | Quick Starter | Spicy Okra / Bhendi in Marathi

Crispy Bhindi Fry | Indian Recipe by Archana | Quick Starter | Spicy Okra / Bhendi in Marathi

Sloppy, bland and tasteless! Which vegetable I must be talking about? Exactly! It’s Okra. (Bhendi) But if we prepare them
in a right way for the meals,.. ..then it will add in an extra flavor
to it, isn’t it? So today I will be showing you a popular okra recipe!
Spicy Okra’. It’s a very easy to make recipe. And here, I have kept the oil for heating. Now, let’s start making them. Generally, okra is sticky. So let’s cut them in four halves from
the centre excluding the edge. Keep the flame high. Oil is hot enough.
So, let’s fry the okra. Fry them until they turn crispy. Frying okra will help us
get rid of the sloppiness in them.. ..and it also turns them crispy. Don’t fry all of them at once,
instead add few at a time for frying. Or else, they won’t turn crispy
and will be left mushy. Fry the okra until turns brown. Now, let’s take them out on plate. Also, place some tissues on it. Let’s remove these as they are done. Right now these are only fried,
I am yet to smear them with the masala. Let’s fry the remaining okra. I have fried these and now,
let’s take them out. Make sure frying them 10-15 minutes
prior to the meals and serve them instantly. Or else, they will turn soft. I will apply the salt and masala to
the okra after frying. Hours before the meals, if you
apply the masala and salt and fry,.. ..then they will instantly turn soft
without slightest crispiness. Now, let’s take a bowl. Let’s put all the fried okra in it. Firstly, I will add to this,
my favorite, mix masala! Not much, add only 1/4th tsp. Next, add some coriander powder. And finally, add salt according to the taste. Now, mix them well. Let’s serve it on a plate. Crispy and easy to make recipe is ready! So, you agree, right? That, this will add in
an extra flavor to our meals! This crispy okra recipe is apt for a side dish! I guess you are already
rushing to get some okra! Try this recipe quickly and let me know. Till then, Bye!

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