Coconut Curry Ramen Noodle Soup with Crispy Tofu | Vegan / Vegetarian Recipe

Coconut Curry Ramen Noodle Soup with Crispy Tofu | Vegan / Vegetarian Recipe

Hey Everyone, I hope you all doing great. Today’s recipe is a noodle soup with crispy seared tofu, a medley of vegetables and some dumplings
all in a delicious coconut curry broth. um… so, uh… in this recipe, we are going
to use our own homemade noodles and some daikon radish or chayote dumplings.
We shared the recipes for these in previous videos that I have linked
up in the description box below. So, this noodle soup is very filling and looks
elaborate, but with a little organisation, it can be made just under 40 minutes, if you have the noodles and the dumplings pre-made. So, if you want to step up
from your curry flavoured pot noodle then today’s recipe is for you.
Now, let’s watch Kevin as he makes this delicious noodle soup. Let’s start by prepping the tofu and vegetables.
We are using firm tofu. Cut the tofu into thin slices at an angle. This creates an interesting
texture when they are going to be seared later. Kevin’s cutting the carrots into slanted
half-moons, you can also cut them into julienne or any shape that you like. As for the bok choy, separate the leaves first
and then wash them thoroughly as there is often some dirt in between the leaves. For
this dish, we prefer to cut them along the length into thirds or halves depending on
the size of the leaves. We are using enochi mushrooms but you may
use other types of mushrooms of your choice. Cut off the roots. Then separate the enochi
into smaller bunches but do not separate the mushrooms individually otherwise they will
be too delicate to cook. Now leave the prepared vegetables
aside for the moment while we start making the curry broth. In a saucepan on medium heat, add the chickpea
flour. Roast for 3 – 4 minutes then add the curry powder and turmeric. Roast for one more minute then add the
coconut milk and start to stir immediately. A silicon whisk
is helpful to avoid any lumps from forming. Continue to simmer uncovered while stirring
until the broth starts to thicken. This should take about 5 minutes. Add some water to adjust
the consistency to your liking. We are adding about 1 1/2 cups. Add salt to taste. Then set the broth aside while
we start to saute the vegetables. Before we do this, place a large pot of water
on the stove and start to heat it. We will later add the noodles to it. If you are adding
the dumplings to this dish, you may use a steamer pot instead and steam the dumplings
in the meantime. Once steamed, use the boiling water to cook the noodles.You can also use
a steamer rack in a regular pot, then remove the rack, change the water and then boil the
noodles. It may be handy to keep some boiling water in the kettle for this, then add it
to the pot when needed. While the dumplings are steaming, let’s
sear the tofu and saute the vegetables. We recommend sauteing the veggies
separately for more control on the optimum cooking time for each vegetable. In a skillet on medium-high heat, add one
teaspoon of coconut oil. Once heated, add the bunches of enochi mushrooms. Cook for
about one minute on one side then turn over and cook for another minute on the other side.
Once lightly golden on each side, remove from the heat and set aside on a plate. Now saute the carrots in the same skillet.
You may add a little oil if required. Cook while stirring occasionally for about
5 minutes then add in the bok choy. Add a little salt to taste. Cook for another 2 minutes or until
the bok choy is slightly wilted. Remove from the pan and set aside. In the same skillet still on medium-high heat,
add one more teaspoon of coconut oil. Then add in the tofu slices. Sear until golden
and lightly crispy on one side, then turn them over. Add a few dashes of soy sauce or
some salt. The crispy seared tofu adds a nice touch of texture to this noodle bowl. So cook
until the other side is golden and lightly crispy. Then remove from the skillet and set
aside. By now the water in the pot should be boiling.
Drop in the noodles and cook for 2 – 3 minutes if using fresh homemade noodles or cook according
to packet instructions. If you want to make your own noodles beforehand,
check out our other video on homemade ramen noodles. For this time, we brought a little
variation to our noodles recipe by swapping the all-purpose flour for whole spelt flour.
It worked brilliant and the noodles came out with a subtle nutty sweet taste to them. They
married the coconut curry broth to perfection. So once boiled, remove the noodles from the
water and place them into serving bowls. Arrange the vegetables, tofu and dumplings
onto the noodles. The chayote dumplings
or Niouk Yen as they are known really add a Mauritian flair to this noodle bowl. Lastly ladle the curry broth
but do not overfill as this coconut curry broth
is quite rich and filling. Garnish with some chopped scallions or spring
onions and serve immediately. We hope you’ve enjoyed this recipe. Do not
forget to give this video a thumbs and subscribe for more recipes. Also, check the description
below for the links to the other videos mentioned and the printable recipe. Until next time,
have a great week.

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  1. Hi from Durban South Africa 🇿🇦. Wow! 😱 This looks insanely good! Thank you for sharing! We absolutely love Indian cooking, esp your Mauritian take on it! We've tried your vegetable pancakes and they are a staple in our home 😃. Will definitely be making this tomorrow 😊. We have one request though…we've recently become vegan and have seen Dr Gregor's videos and other plant based doctors's videos about how bad oil is for ones health. Please please would you consider making some recipes without oil or substitutes for the oil? Thanks again!

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  5. Chef Kevin! Wonderful recipe; flavoring and thickening the broth with chickpea flour is ingenious. Perhaps this is the traditional Mauritian method, though? Wish I had the ingredients to make it today, but I don't, so I will make it later this week. Thanks so much for posting : )

  6. What a GORGEOUS recipe! This is a curry take on what I made last night and I have a bunch a really lovely cellophane noodles to use. Thanks so much for sharing<3 I am going to surprise my husband, he will be blown away!

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  9. A visually stunning dish that looks as if it's bursting with flavor and texture. Thanks for the recipe and video.

  10. That was AMAZING! It looks so rich and comforting <3 I will definitely use the coconut oil as I'm sure it not only lends to the body of the soup but the flavour as well – and I think the secret is out that coconut oil (as well as any plant-based fat) is in fact a healthy ingredient 🙂 Thank you! Subscribed 🙂

  11. made this sans dumplings tonight. Surprisingly easy and amazing result. Preparing the tofu using your method yielded a delightful "meaty" texture when combined with the fatty broth.

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  16. Amazing recipe! Could you please tell me what are those dumplings? They came out of nowhere! >w<
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  18. i just tried this recipe, very tasty, i added a dash of lemon to the broth, it was a bit tasteless untill i put it all together. very filling too., i enjoyed it , but i think i had too much of it! nice! easy to make too. thank you, great video !

  19. I love exotic recipes from different parts of the world. We all need to share the Vegan love through our food & help inspire others 😘👍

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