Type 052D destroyer is a class of guided missile destroyers being deployed by the Chinese People’s
Liberation Army Navy. China plans to build around 18 of these and
9 have completed. The Arleigh Burke class of guided missile
destroyers is the United States Navy’s multifunction destroyed capable of performing wide range
of missions. U.S plans to build around 76 of these and
66 have completed. In any future conflict, these ships will play
a major part in deciding the battle at the seas. In this video Defense Updates, compares Type
052D & Arleigh Burke class based on 5 important parameters, and draws an unbiased conclusion. Lets get started. TYPE-52D uses essentially the same hull as
its predecessor, the Type-52C. Its hull is slightly smaller at 154 m, but
it displaces around 7500 tons when fully loaded. It has a speed of around 30 kn (55 km/h) and
range of 3,800 nmi approx. The designers of Arleigh Burke incorporated
lessons learned from the Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruisers. It has a length of 155 m but displaces around
9800 tons, making it significantly bigger than the Type 52D. Arleigh Burke has a speed of around 31 kn
(56 km/h) and range of 4,400 nmi (8,100 km). The larger size enables the Arleigh Burke
class have more range and endurance. It also provides better headroom for future
upgrades. So, in this category Arleigh Burke class has
slight advantage. The ARLEIGH BURKE class of guided missile
destroyers is the United States Navy’s first class of destroyer built around the Aegis
Combat System and the SPY-1D multifunction array radar. The AN/SPY-1D is deployed on the first 40
destroyers & AN/SPY-1D(V) is deployed on the subsequent destroyers starting with DDG-91
in 2005. Each of these radar system has 4 radar antenna
faces and is electronically controlled. These radars have a range of around 310 km
against decent sized areal targets and 20 km against sea skimming missiles. The primary radar, the Type-348, is similar
in arrangement to the SPY-1 radars. It is a dual band AESA, which has 4 square
panels, mounted on 4 sides of the superstructure. This radar is said to have a range of 250
km against large areal targets. Its performance against sea skimming missile
is not correctly known, but is thought to be around 10 km. Though Chinese radar is a very strong performer,
AN/SPY-1D build by U.S is widely considered to be the best radar system along with Israeli
made MFSTAR. Also, AN/SPY-1D is very tightly integrated
with Aegis Combat System that enables better information processing. Hence, slight advantage goes to Arleigh Burke
class. Type-52D has 64 VLS (Vertical Launch System). The Type-52D can carry 48 Surface to Air missiles
on a mission. The primary one is the HQ-9B, which has long-range
area defense capability. It has a slant range of 200 to 300 km. The secondary air defense is provided by the
HQ-16 SAM, which has a range of 50 km The last ditch anti-missile capacity is
provided by a Type 730 Close in Weapons system. Arleigh Burke class has 96 cell Mk 41 VLS (tubes) of which 60 can be dedicated to Air Defense. RIM-161 Standard missile 3 can be deployed in them for AEGIS ballistic missile defense. It has range of 2,500 km against fast incoming ballistic missile. RIM-66 Standard MR is present for Anti aircraft role. These have range of about 170 km. 20 mm Phalanx Close in Weapons system (CIWS) is present Both vessels also deploy multiple guns for
short-range engagement. In traditional air defense against aircrafts
and drones, both are more or less equally competent, Arleigh Burke having more missiles
but Type-52D having missile with better range. Arleigh Burke class is uniquely placed, having
the ability to take out ballistic missiles, giving it a distinct advantage. Of the 64 VLS, if 48 are equipped for Air
defense, 16 can be used for Anti Ship YJ-12 missile. The range of the missile is said to vary from
220 km to around 350 km depending on flight profile. The missile reaches supersonic speeds of more
than 2 Mach during the final dive towards its target. Like Type -52D, the Arleigh Burke can be configured
as per mission, but because it has more VLS, it can carry more missiles, 36 of the 96 VLS
can be allocated for Anti Ship Warfare. The main Anti ship missile of the Arleigh
Burke class is the HARPOON 2 ER. HARPOON 2 ER has improved turbojet engine
with electronic fuel controls giving it much greater range, when compared to its predecessor. It has a capability to reach targets at a
maximum distance of 124 KM and has subsonic speed of 0.7 Mach. Clearly, the Type -52D’s has a distinct
advantage in quality, but Arleigh Burke carries more missiles. In case of a conflict, the Type -52D has an
advantage, as it is more likely to land the knockout punch. Type -52D uses H/SJD-9 hull mounted sonar
as well as H/SJG-206 towed array sonar These have similar capability to those used in Arleigh Burke class. Type -52D’s main ASW weapon is 2 triple
mountings for a total of 6 lightweight torpedo tubes. lightweight torpedoes like Mark 44, Mark 46,
and Mark 50. These have a range of around 15 km The Arleigh Burke class uses AN/SQS-53C Sonar Array & AN/SQR-19 Tactical Towed Array Sonar. Arleigh Burke class main Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) weapon is 2 triple torpedo tubes for lightweight torpedoes like Mark 44, Mark 46, and Mark 50. These have a range of around 15 to 18 km. These have a range of around 15 km. Arleigh Burke class has two hangars for ASW
helicopters like Seahawk LAMPS III. Overall, the ASW reach of Arleigh Burke class
is better due to the ability of deploying 2 helicopters instead of 1 in Type -52D. Arleigh Burke class performed better overall. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that it
will win against the Type -52D’s every time. Victory in a battle depends on other factors
too, like the training of the crew in maneuvering, damage control and the tactics employed by
the captain. It must be noted that currently U.S has 66
of these, against 9 of China. Its a huge numeric advantage, as for every
1 Type -52D, there is 7 Arleigh Burke class.


  1. is anything the US hardware is inferior at? everything you say … you somehow turn it that the US is better… wtf man..
    even about the helicopters.. 2 vs 1.. both have helos and therefore ASW range is equal … having 2 vs1 gives you better up time … range is the same… so whats this bullshit review that 2 helis makes range better therefore USA vessel is better… you clearly not a fair review channel. total horseshit!

  2. It was nice having a real human sounding voice over instead of the ridiculous robotic voice we usually here in YouTube lately.
    I F**king hate that!
    If it was actually you doing the narration then please keep as such, its much better than the cold dead voice of a robot.

  3. its funny how the U.S fans say Chinese equipment is poorer quality, turn all your electronics at home over and look where most is made lol, China is way more advanced in electronics, micro manufacturing or any manufacturing altogether. Yet i see many lemons in the F22 and F35 the M1 being destroyed by roadside bombs and hummers dying from sand lol

  4. There are 4 versions of the Burke's but a lot depends on who shoots first, which crew is paying attention and believes their instruments.

  5. Difference is the US is sailing off the Chinese coast NOW. Can do it anytime they want and will continue to do so. If the Chinese could project their seapower overseas they might be worth worrying about. Until that happens and they can do it at will, They are not an immediate threat to the US

  6. It is funny. People say” I never trust things made in China.” We know a lots of shit products are made in China, but we have never thought about other products that have good qualities are also made in China. For example : IPhones, most computers, ICD

  7. Lot of butt hurt Hans in here. Sorry guys, but your government has lied and is lying to you. When you make the mistake of believing your own propaganda you are playing the fool. Let’s face reality if communist China could invade Taiwan you already would have done so.
    Let’s face reality if communist China could invade Japanese held or Philippine held islands you already would have done so.
    Let’s face reality your military technology level is lower than the total awesomeness of America.
    So suck on a yes on a big pink US hotdog and dream about the day you escape your commo dog house and can live in any country other than communist China 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇦🇺🇨🇦🇪🇺🇯🇵🇸🇽

  8. It's not the 52 you should be looking at muppet , it's the 55 that is the new ship from my understanding that they stopped 52 production.

  9. I think the Chinese could surprise us. But globally our economies are so intertwined that war would cause a global market collapse which would make the Great Depression look like a McDonald's worker getting shorted six hours on their check. Just America going to war with another global superpower would do almost as much damage as actual fighting.

  10. The most important parameter to consider is the human factor.
    The Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Navy is mainly comprised of poorly trained peasant conscripts with a politically motivated (not tactical or strategic) corrupt officers corps.
    The USN is comprised of volunteer professional sailors and a highly professionalised officers corps.
    The Chinese may be good at throwing their chests out, but when push comes to shove, they'll get the living shit kicked outta them.
    Historically, that's what's always happened to them anyway.

  11. The most important thing ladys and gents.America we are a war harden country with incredible tech.But the scariest part of the tech is our very experienced war fighters using that tech.Its all about experience china crash's so many planes on there 1 aircraft carrier.It takes decades to master a carrier and flight operations etc.Like our tanker crews most feared armored killing tactitiions.How many wars has china seen skirmishes at best
    THEY WILL GET FUCKED UP PERIOD THERE ISLANDS🤧🥴🤭GONE IN MATTER OF DAYS.That navy there so proud of gone in less than two weeks tops.Dont want none,hell there first 3 weeks into the fight there food supply's well be depleted really dont want none

  12. "This is an Arleigh-Burke Destroyer. It was built to fight, and you better know how." – CO Commander Chandler

  13. How….is this possibly unbiased…typically American….I would have to guess that most of the hardware on board is made in China !

  14. lower tonnage but closely matched capabilities although might be a bonus for type 052D … about 2MT lighter does have a manufacturing and cost advantage and sometimes the volume and capacity to build is preferred … am I wrong in thinking this?

  15. China doesn't need warships to defeat America, a prehistoric tool of the past and useless today.
    The new silk road through Russia will defeat America and protect China in doing so.
    Check mate.

  16. China can thank Diane Feinstein for passing the classified documents to them so they can identically copy the American ship

  17. The Chinese ship is probably a cheap copy of the arleigh Burke built in the same factory as rubber dog shit.

  18. Arleigh Burke class destroyer could be blinded n paralyzed
    The Russian has proved it
    The only thing the Chinese has to do is to shoot at least one precision missile

  19. This video customize made for those low IQ americunts ,lol , totally unbiased , even there is no one picture of the real Type 052D, what a fucking stupid americunt! So typical !

  20. It would be one thing if the Chinese designed their own weapons and vehicles….yet they need to steal blueprints of Russia and the USA.
    If you look most of their “good” and newer products are all very similar to the two aforementioned nations.

  21. Doesn’t matter. China is just going to buy you before the century is out with all the debt they hold that was used to finance ships that mean sweet fck all in the grand scheme of things—unless you’re a container ship, lulz.

  22. The best radar in the world by far is the british radar fitted onto the type 45 destroyer. It can track a tennis ball from 30 miles away travelling at mach 3

  23. The Chinese has the advantage visa viz the US US becoz, it is willing to take a lot of casualties, unlike the US and it has the manpower.

  24. Making copy is not good. That's like I wanted to copy a Ferrari car. Not good. China copy not good for nothing. 😱

  25. The Arleigh Burke is getting the LRASM, which has a 1,000 lb warhead and has a classified range greater than 200 mi (300 km).

  26. I've been attached to two separate DDGs in the US Navy, and honestly, they're very rugged workhorses with a lot of systems that are tried and true and people that are very well trained on their systems. Also, for anti-surface engagements, there are several more missile types than the harpoon, as well as the 5in, 25mm, and various crew served weaponry. Even the Block 1B Phalanx can engage surface targets.

  27. Considering your ship is high tech but if your personnel working or operating the ship are incompetent useless, what happened to USS Fitszerald hit only by cargo vessel how come if torpedo and missiles appraching?

  28. Someone remind me of all the famous tried and tested Chinese Naval Engagements. What's that they never had a Naval Engagement, oh shit should be fun watch out China is coming

  29. The problem is as I see it, we still don't have supersonic anti ship missiles like the Chinese. That stood out in the comparison

  30. The United States NAVY and AIR FORCE is on the verge of deploying laser weapons and electro magnetic rail guns !! Sorry china !!! Maybe you might catch up to our tech in 70 years or so . of course by then we will be deploying photon torpedos !!! Hahahaha !!! In other words , your latest tech is almost as good as our outdated crap that we are replacing !!!

  31. The quality and capabilities of Chinese weapons and sensors, data links and computing power are not even in the same ballpark as their American counterparts. Another huge factor is the domination of the electromagnetic spectrum; something all American ships are built to do. He who controls the electromagnetic spectrum wins, PERIOD. If Chinese ships ever find themselves in combat against American ships they will soon find their radars are not nearly as effective as they thought they would be due to American jamming; the Chinese would also find out their jammers won't work against the SPY-1D radar; nor will they work against the now incoming anti-ship missiles; nor will they work against US data and vital comm links; that would be due to frequency hopping and CDMA based data and comm links. So we can jam them but they cannot jam us, and that means checkmate, another Chinese PLAN ship heads to Davy Jones' Locker.

  32. bro you know the tomahawk cruise missile has a range of up to 2500km which by far exceeds any of chinas VLS weapons in range and can be used for ant-aircraft or ant-ship

  33. Apparantly the British type 45 destroyer blows these two away.

    In terms of its radar, and missile systems. Britains type 45 and America's Arleigh Burk were playing war games, and just to make it fair they asked if Britain could turn of their advance radars and such,(dont know all the details) because Britain could always see their missiles coming, while they could get their missiles out without America seeing them coming.

  34. The safest place to be when at war with America is on the enemies side… We've all seen what happens to it's allies…BOOOOM…geez sir we're sorry, we pressed the wrong button.

  35. The key element is surviving combat damage. The Americans since 1967 (see the Forestal fire, which was the turning point in training of DC and fire parties, which save a number of ships during unfortunate ship damage events like the Stark and few mine events in the Persian gulf, of which none were lost.

    I have to correct the writer of this article, was the comment how the DDG 51 was designed after the CG 47 class. No the DDG 963 class was the point element for both classes (CG 47 and the DDG 51 classes), yes the 963 Spruance class was not SPY one capable, although the Shah of Iran class, which was never delivered, but utilized within the U.S. Navy. The Spruance class used eight LM 2500 engines, and the borrowed technology that appears in the Mk 141 VLS system, because the Mk 26 twin rail system could not launch either the Tomahawk and the ASW missile system developed for the VLS weapon delivery system.

    Now we can get past that system hiccup that the writers seem to have missed. How do I know this? I retired from the navy in 1996, and these ships were well designed, although the Spruance class was well armed as an ASW, AA, and anti ship missile program. We see the DDG 51 class bring in the MLRS artillary missile. They brought forth the same concept of the 963 class. Lessons learned, maybe?.

    Getting back into fire fighting and damage control. Lessons learned from at least a century of DC knowledge, passed on from hand to hand. Where is China's actual real time experience. To the Americans – get some! The Chinese have to play against the triple threat. Are they ready? Air, Surface, and Submarine conflict. Having worked on virtually every class in in the fleet, my experience with the logistics fleet has taught me a lot from those who actually use the equipment. Massive stand off capability with air, and sea launched anti ship missiles, and…torpedoes. What experience do the Chinese have?

    Think about that for a few minutes.

  36. What about the asrocs vls anti sub torpedo hell we had those on the uss spruance dd 963 pulse two 5 inch guns harpoons two helos and sea sparrows and cwis! It was faster than a arleigh burk destroyer also!

  37. Ist doch klar das wenn ein Ami so einen Vergleich macht, auch der Ami gewinnt! Sie stellen sich immer als Helden dar, auch wenn sie noch so große Scheisse bauen!!!

  38. with the Burke's showing damage from being run over by large freighters, it seems at first blush they are easy pickins. Nothing would be further from the truth if the hostiles act out. Bad things would happen so fast nothing would be even understood by the Red Chinese communists. They would think an act of God had happened, and not in a good way at all. The amount of power one of these ships has is so far out of Chinese understanding that they would not even catch an edge of understanding what the heck just happened. Some Chinese sailers might come to the conclusion just as they sank from view that something happened, but what?

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