Chinese new year Yau kwok, 油角

Chinese new year Yau kwok, 油角

Today I teach Chinese new year yau kwok Filling: 30 grams cooked peanuts turn to medium heat, fry the peanuts for 5 mins after frying take them out and leave to chill 3 tsp white sesame seeds fry it for 3 mins til golden yellow 3 tsp fine coconut shreds, fry it for 1 min if turn too dark, turn the heat lower frying time may vary depending on the heat 5 tsp sugar, a pinch of salt add hot fried sesame seeds add fried coconut shreds quickly stir it together put chilled peanuts in a plastic bag you can also use a glass bottle to ground peanuts put it into sugar mixture, stir well sieved 150 grams all purpose flour make some space in the center of the bowl put 1 beaten egg in center of the bowl, stir well put 30 grams molten butter in add 2 1/2 tbsp water add water slowly a little at a time knead it into a dough cover with plate, let it rest for 30 mins 30 mins later, take out half of the dough roll the dough into a big thin piece use a cup to pierce the dough place cut out parts on a plate cover with wet cloth repeat the process for the rest take out 1 wrapper press the edges ‧thinner press around 3 times put 2/3 tsp filling in the wrapper close it like this after closing press the edges thinner again (press 3 times) now that the edge is wider look at my thumb press the dough in with your thumb, pull it out a bit below and again, use your thumb to press in leave some space, do not do it direct at the edge press the dough in, pull it out below keep repeating the process for around 8 times press in at the top and pull out below Fold in the end part like this check if the shape is right put it on plate, cover with wet cloth saucepan filled to half with deep frying oil, 150 C, 300 F turn to medium heat put the sieve in hot oil place the yau kwok in the hot sieve, deep fry it gently move the sieve fry for 3 to 4 mins until the color turns to golden yellow when the yau kwok floats put the second yau kwok in the hot oil gently move the sieve, til the yau kwok floats now that the second one also floats I put the third one in, gently move the sieve til the third yau kwok floats, don’t make more than 3 at a time occasionally flip the yau kwok around fry it for 3 to 4 mins fry til golden yellow, take it out put it on a rack so excess oil can drip off Chinese new year yau kwok are done because of their look they symbolize a wallet I wish you all a prosperous year Thanks for watching see you again next time HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO YO�

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  1. Hi everyone this is my last CNY video for this year. I hope you enjoy it and will cokk some of the foods I showed on here for your families on CNY. I wish you all the best and thank you for all your support!

    Please rate and post the video link on your facebook.

  2. thank you for sharing, i'm looking for something to cook this new year and this recipe came out 🙂 Happy chinese new year !

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this special Chinese New Year recipe, and l love the new look of your video. Gong Hey Fat Choi 😉

  4. I love those. My aunt makes those and gives me some but I can't eat too much otherwise my throat starts to hurt. Yummy though.

  5. 新年快乐!像这个时候,总是特别希望在现实中能认识您,能有荣幸去你家吃一餐……呵呵,在国外一个人住的时候,真是每逢佳节倍思亲(还有各种美食)啊!

  6. thank you for taking the time and putting english subs, i shall try cook these , but they wont look as nice as your ones!!!
    happy chinese new years!!

  7. @PharmStop 你好, 我明白和了解到你心情, 我巳住了 40 多年海外, 明白思鄉病所以特別教做食譜, 希望大家能在家煮些自巳喜歡的食物, 減低思鄉心情, 我有中國新年食物在 playlist 請查看, 希望有幫助. 祝新年快樂 🙂

  8. wow your Yau Kwok is so pretty looking! Just like the store bought kind. My mom tried making these but they dont look as good as yours.

  9. @wendylu92 Hi Wendy, thank you so much and I know you always support me. I will try my best. Happy chinese new year to you and your family good health 🙂

  10. @jaspert90 你好, 多謝多謝. 我一定努力為大家煮更多好食譜. 祝你及府上各位新年快樂, 心想事成 🙂

  11. @lildisc 你好, 唔好客氣. 多謝各位常常支持我給我信心, 為回報感激和熱情, 我希望能和大家繼續分享多些容易簡單食譜. 祝新年快樂, 身体健康, 萬事勝意 🙂

  12. @li81808 你好, hehe! 我要盡力想法令大家容易明白做我的食譜, 非常多謝祝賀並祝你一樣, 多謝 🙂

  13. Wahh it's so nice to see you have so much patience and create from The start! Keep up the cooking your seriously talented and making me want to cook alot of your dishes!! KUNG HEI FAT CHOI!! xx

  14. Your videos are very easy to follow, and you give very slow and precise instructions. Thank you, these vids are great! I tried the egg tart recipe and it came out wonderfully – it actually tasted like the stuff I got in Hong Kong!

  15. Your yau kwok reminds me of my late grandmother. She used to make them for me when she was still alive. Thanks for uploading this video.

  16. Hi wantanmien, this reminded me of 咖喱角! I hope you can make a video on curry puffs in the future 🙂

  17. wantanmien you should speak louder because my mother really likes your cooking but my mom can't hear you so could you just speak a little louder if that's not too much to request. thanks

  18. omg I miss that!! My grandma used to make tons of this for new year then its my breakfast for a month!! Now I'm in usa and this makes me homesick 🙁

  19. Hi Maria, I'm thinking about making this for Chinese New Year, do you think I can substitute the flour + egg mixture with ready made puff pastry from supermarket?
    Thanks and wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year in advance!

  20. You are welcome. Thank you for trying my recipe. This recipe is not use puff pastry. Sorry, I don't know. I think don't work well. You can try it. Please tell me how it worked out. Thank you. Same to you and your family too <3

  21. Maria,我今日做咗油角,我減食材一半份量,因只我一個人享用,其餘兩人怕太肥。味道非常好,因買不到芝麻,用花生、腰果、椰絲糖做餡料。依然不錯,但仍須多練習包的技術謝謝!智華

  22. You can use puff pastry as long as you can keep the filling inside. Are you going to fry it or bake it? Puff pastry may not fry well since it may soak up the oil. It will feel and taste different for sure.

  23. Thanks Pat, I thought of frying it like how Maria did. As I'm new to all this I thought using ready made puff pastry might have a more guaranteed result. I'll have to give both options a go.

  24. Hi Judy, I a used a glass around 7 cm. For this recipe you can use 9 or 10 mould size or as you like how big for the size is. Thank you ^^

  25. Wow! Your video is the best, great close up! I love all your traditional Cantonese style home cooking recipes, reminds me of how my mom made them. Thank you for all your hard work in making these videos! 恭喜發財! 馬年龍馬精神!

  26. 你好啊Maria!你的视频好好看啊!教得好清楚!请问可唔可以教下点做蛋散呢??记得小时候最中意食的就是蛋散,今天突然看到你这个视频,好想学做蛋散呢!

  27. I have success making your Yau Kwok receipe but the shape cannot get the size as yours.
    after cool it not so crispy
    Can I add rice flour to make it crispy

    I love your receipe

    Hope to make more of your receipe

    Thank you

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