100 thoughts on “Chinese Girl Obsessed With Black Men’s Beard! ((LEVEL UP))

  1. Yes laoshu xD '' her fucking pussy probably wet'' xD dude it's not wet it's the tropical rainforest under that hood my g

  2. 36:38 The last lady that served their table, she seemed unimpressed that he knew how to speak Mandarin at first. But that smooth move about the tips to get her to open up; that was art.

  3. So True indeed, Many more of us need to seriously start Leveling Up so that we can understand Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean.As well as Japanese. This will bring they the respect back to the people.”The Mind is a terrible thing to waste”

  4. "You should come to Bejing".
    "Can I touch your beard".
    "He's so tall".

    Seems to me, she was rather smitten.

  5. I love how the Chinese people all light up when you start speaking Cantonese. That's when they know it's for real.

  6. Man, your brother needs to learn more Mandarin so he can get in on the conversation instead of fiddling with his phone. Almost every video he’s in has him as sort of a 3rd wheel. He must feel a bit alienated.

  7. I don’t know if this will find you. U have changed my life upside down. My girlfriend gets upset because all I do is watch your videos lol. Man U are amazing person. U and your brother. Level up. U have inspired me to learn new language. If only u could teach me or point me in the right direction I would 4 ever be grateful. All my friends speak twi. Love your videos keep up the good work.

  8. You couldn't be married too a black woman Moses you have and understanding wife never loose that trust young brother 💯

  9. You should do a prank video where you tell people you don't speak English and just ride in random languages lol

  10. I died when i seen you in the record store. Thats the perfect place to meet ppl too bc most people arent in a hurry and its quiet

  11. I’ve Been Watching For A Very Long Time Now & It’s Very Extraordinary How The Human Brain Can Operate Based On Your Diet. May I Know What Your Diet Consist Of?

  12. @ Laoshu the black man : more I see your vid and all the effort you did learning basics from others languages make me think 100% your purpose is to take revenge of the general idea the whole world thinks : black people don't own any country plus they disturb the progress of the cultures they are living in plus they are living with a strong inferior complex being judged as less smart or businessly active than people who migrated in the US recently like the Chineses. So what do you think?

  13. 29:45 the first lady passing by got bamboozled for a second there when she realized it wasnt the chinese guy speaking mandarin.

    EDIT: They walked by at least two more times lol!

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