Chinese Food – Street Food At Happy Restaurant Bangkok Thailand

Chinese Food – Street Food At Happy Restaurant Bangkok Thailand

Sawadee Khrap from Bangkok and welcome to
our channel. There is a new Chinese restaurant in town specialized in offal and we
gonna go and check it out for you! This place is called Happy Restaurant
a Chinese restaurant ran by Chinese people, that do not speak Thai or
English, so we order by pointing photos on the menu!
While we wait our offal main dishes they just delivered us some beautiful
green peppers with a lovely, supposedly sweet sauce. Oh my god they’re
fantastic! A bit of spiciness given by the peppers, like in jalapenos,
and the sauce is so sweet, I can’t tell exactly what it is, but it feel almost
like caramel it’s amazing! Our first dish has arrived and it’s the Tripe, come to
see here is the Pork Tripe, it’s braised in its own sauce, some spring onions,
chili pepper and, on the side, some spicy dipping. It’s a bit chewy, you get texture,
you feel coriander…very beautiful and not such a strong taste of offal.
My turn to try this beautiful Tripe. I’ll take a piece of stomach and
mix it with herbs and dip it in the sauce: the outside part of the stomach is
crunchy, inside is a little bit softer and the taste is very delicate.
[Music] The second dish we have today is fried
Liver of pork with green chili. The slices are very very thin,
I see some sauce I think it’s soya but I will try it now and little bit of chilli
peppers… This is delicious, strong taste of Liver,
the sauce is kinda neutral you almost don’t feel it, just a bit of
saltiness and scent of peppers. I never try pork Liver before so this is
my first time and I’m a bit excited cause I love peppers, and usually love Liver
so I will take both in one bite!
[Music] the pepper are just basically stir fried
so the still very crunchy almost raw, and the Liver just
melt-in-your-mouth and again it no such a strong taste is very delicate.
Once you cut in half the pig for the liver, you just go next door
you find the kidneys. We have them here, come to see, made with some
beautiful chilies, some spring onion I guess over here, and some very
beautiful onions… so let’s try it! Here we start to feel a bit the offal,
the texture is completely different from the liver and the tripe, a bit dryer
and a bit less chewy. Beautiful combination with the onions and
a little bit of spiciness! Not sure I ever tried kidneys before
but this dish looks very inviting, I’ll take kidney together with onion…
[music] This is strong, but tasty and delicious!
Finally my preferred dish: cold salad of Pig’s Ears.
you can see thin thin slices of boiled Pig’s Ears, been marinated after,
lot of sesame seeds, chili and cilantro. Let me pick one piece and try it: Beautiful, it’s jelly like, but even
crunchy, sweet, sour and spicy. Can you ear me? My time to try this
natural dose of pure collagen… [Music] Spiciness and garlic as first feelings
you get this nice texture… like chewing, somebody’s ears!
What we heard from the locals about this place was completely true: fantastic meal!
A delicious dinner, perfect in terms of balance and texture: sweetness, spiciness
and savory..everything was delicious! And remember: Stay Hungry, Stay FooDish! Thank you very much for watching our video,
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5 thoughts on “Chinese Food – Street Food At Happy Restaurant Bangkok Thailand

  1. This restaurant opened in the late spring 2017 and almost immediately locals started praise the quality of the food served here. We could not then miss the chance to review it for you, fellow travelers and expats, and give you an extra dining option in Bangkok. What we heard was extremely true: all dishes are very well prepared, tasty and delicious. We had a great dinner and we will definitely add this place to our preferred Bangkok spots. You have you ever eaten offal before?

  2. I just love the way Yulia speaks. Absolutely delightful.Simon youre doing a wonde4rful job.By the way Tripe is not stomach its something much worse:)))Keep up with the videos and find more hidden gems for us foodies.Paka:)

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