Chinese feel ‘ripped off’ by phase one deal with US: China watcher

Chinese feel ‘ripped off’ by phase one deal with US: China watcher

100 thoughts on “Chinese feel ‘ripped off’ by phase one deal with US: China watcher

  1. China is not our friend. American people need to understand this. If they think they're being ripped off then we have a more fair deal then we had BEFORE TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!

  2. China- The Biggest Scam Artists on earth feeling ripped off.. make me want to PUKE. Tell them to screw off before it's too late.

  3. When you've been taking advantage of a Country for so long a reciprocal and fair trade deal probably does feel like a rip off. Get over it or we can increase tariffs.

  4. China has been ripping off multiple countries for years and now that there’s a somewhat fair deal, they feel ripped off? Oh the hypocrisy is thick.

  5. If we have a trade deal with communist china manufacturing will not be coming back to the US,instead manufacturing in the US will move to china.

  6. Ideally we don't want the Chinese to come out of this feeling ripped off. However, I'm not sure that they really feel that way. More likely, they're upset that the 'good old days' are over.

  7. The tariffs hurt USA more than it hurts China. If China doesn't like the deal,they won't sign it. China plans decades ahead. They are willing to wait a year for the new admin.

  8. At least we never gave them anything "FAKE". Unlike what they done to us. Perhaps they should never have agreed to the Policy. Do they have anything we can clone? LOL

  9. as long as people want to buy cheap good from Walmart…China has the advantage,
    and China buys more American Govt Bonds than anyone in the world, Govt. bonds are where the money comes from to support your deficit
    they have the power

  10. The Chinese feel "ripped off"? Really! China has ripped off the US for over 20 years, $1 trillion each year the Chinese stole from America! What do the Chinese think? We should de-stock all the Chinese stocks. Period.

  11. good to hear China feels they gave up too much. "Ripped off" as if they are somehow entitled to rip us off. China will never play ball straight with us. Enforcement will be difficult if not impossible, as they have proven repeatedly they cannot be trusted. The market [read Goldman Sachs, et al] should get over this one world order crap and stop being negative about the US defending itself economically when China's goals are clear and against our interests as a nation.

  12. Trump is a businessman, and a deal maker. China and Europe have been used to walking all over american presidents. Trump became president to do exactly this. Quit being used and ripped off. Trump 2020!!

  13. Soooooo,… What does this mean ? Pelosi and the Left don't need the Russians, Ukraine's or china ?
    "Nancy Pelosi Tells Democrats That Impeachment Is Important Because the Voters Can’t Be Trusted to Make the Right Decision in 2020"
    Why isn't anyone talking about this besides Me ?

  14. Why because Trump was impeached and they think their is a chance that they might get to rip off America again..not a chance

  15. Screw the Chinese equal trade is fine. No more stealing technology. Companies like Motorola semiconductor sold out our country with turning over proprietary rights

  16. China feels 'ripped off'? Let us hope so, let's hope they are defeated and broke, plus the traitors on Wall Street that support the COMMUNIST PARTY.

  17. So, it seems that they seem ripped off; and it seems that we seem ripped off. That is a definite step in the right direction. Maybe someday far, far away, we can get to a deal that feels like a win/win. That's just a pipe dream now. Today I am happy to hear that we're not getting totally fleeced for a change.

  18. If China cant be fare with doing business and want to continue shorting America.
    Then we can shop elese where and so can they…

  19. I thought this was a good video until I saw it comes from FOX . They don't tell the truth there, just dumbed-down spin for uneducated whites. moving on…

  20. The Republic of China (not the people) are enemies of freedom and our sovereign future. They are imperialistically taking over the South Pacific in an economic way. Very disturbing.

  21. Fact: one of Obambi's Federal projects, Genesis Solar Power Plant was constructed from Chicom iron. So much for putting Americans to work.
    Probably Biden related!
    I was disgusted then but elated now!

  22. Time to stop the CHINA endorsement to the Democratic party. Great to hear America making the money, not wealthy individuals in our congress.

  23. China 🇨🇳 you can’t rip of America no more America frist China ur lake a bunch of criminals lake Russia 🇷🇺 who think you can do what you want that was ok with Obama but not with trump because trump not weak lake he was the worst president ever Obama sold out America and not going to happen no more so start paying up now !!!!

  24. China 🇨🇳 copies stuff the America built lake phones 📱 cars 🚘, coke cola and anything else you get away with but no more because trump putting America frist and you got away with billions of dollars 💵 so start paying up now you bunch of rats 🐀

  25. Gordon Chang was right saying the Coming Collapse of China. China has tried many times to replace the US as the world leader, but China spectacularly and bitterly failed. As the largest foreign holder of US Treasuries-a total of over $1.2 trillion, China had been selling most of the US bonds at a fast pace over the last 2 years in attempt to disrupt the US market and cause a global financial instability, but China miserably failed because the effect was short lived and ended up damaging China more than the US. Also in 2017, testing its economic power influencing the global finance, China blatantly devalued its currency Yuan not once but 3 times, to destabilize the world economy, which China thought, could cause an economic tsunami around the world, but nothing serious happened. Only few mildly economic shifts occurred here and there, especially in those countries like Singapore that had strong economic ties with China. Sadly, China miserably failed. Now, China is trying to wage a trade war against the US, especially the American farmers. China again bitterly failed. Waging a trade war against America-the largest economy on earth is not a good idea.

  26. Did you all miss the part where part of U.S government employees and U.S military member's 401k funds are going to be used to invest in Chinese companies that contribute to Chinese military? I'm surprised no one is commenting on that. I guess you didn't watch the video.


  28. Doesn’t feel good does it. To be treated how you treat others. You tested the resolve of the President and the resolve of our people. You lose. And you will pay. You will pay dearly. Or else you will break your economy and go back to the Stone Age.

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